Handi Quilter Amara Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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Handi Quilter Amara longarm machine is a marvelous production in the world of quilting possibilities having experience quality and precision. This longarm machine is the perfect fit for quilting from baby quilts to king-size for your style of quilting. The HQ Amara longarm machine is a 20-inch longarm machine that comes with a 10-foot or 12-foot HQ Studio2 Frame.

You can start stand-up quilting anywhere you want, at home, cabin, studio, and make quilts of any size, small, or king because you can quilt up to King size on the Little Foot Frame. This machine has 20 inches of brightly lit throat space. Because it has the Menu-controlled QuiltMaster LED Lighting Package. Its bobbins and needle bar are also brightly lit. Moreover, the pinpoint needle laser ensures accurate needle placement from the start to the end of the quilt design.

The seven inches touchscreen controls the machine from the back and it helps to set the machine the way you want. Hence its rear soft textured and easy gripped Handlebars have programmable buttons and are easy to install. These handlebars can be adjusted and turned at any angle that you need to make a minute design on your quilt.

Furthermore, the two great ways to quilt from the back with the help of Pantograph and Groovy boards. These two amazing features allow you to edge patterns.

This quilter machine is optionally providing a Pro-Stitcher system, Quilt from the Back Kit: rear handlebars, laser light, and pantograph, Groovy Board stylus, HQ Glide foot, HQ Steady-Fit Ruler Base, Horizontal Spool Pin, and HQ Couching Feet, HQ Echo Feet, and HQ Sure-Foot.

Watch Video: Working of HQ Amara with PRO Stitcher

Have a look at the official introductory video from Handi Quilter about the brand new Amara.

Features of Handi Quilter Amara

Handi Quilter Amara Longarm Quilting Machine
Handi Quilter Amara Longarm Quilting Machine
  • Stitching Speed of 2,500 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • Throat Space of 20 inches
  • Pinpoint Needle Laser
  • Easy-Set Tension
  • 7-inch Color Touchscreen
  • Compatibility with Pro-Stitcher
  • Adjustable Front Handlebar
  • Offers perfect stitches every time by QuiltMaster servo-controlled stitch regulation
  • Programmable handlebar buttons
  • It has consistent stitch quality from 4-24 stitches per inch
  • Two modes of stitch regulation are Precision or Cruise
  • This machine has Five convenient built-in tie-off stitches
  • High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin
  • Manual mode is available with three customizable preset speeds
  • All necessary cabling is pre-installed inside for the Pro-Stitcher
  • Ruler foot and open-toe foot is compatible with Handi Feet
  • An on-screen handwheel is available
  • Magnetic Tool Minder Collar help to hold things like scissors etc
  • Estimation of the number of turns by Bobbin-use estimator
  • Front power switch
  • Useful Thread-break sensor and alarm
  • It can count the number of stitches through the Stitch counter
  • The needle can be easily changed
  • Needle control like stop, up, and down control
  • Providing Five different basting stitches


  • This longarm quilter machine is providing 20″ throat space brightly lit which allows easy and comfortable quilting.
  • The 7″ touch screen helps you to operate the machine according to your requirements
  • The pinpoint needle laser ensures accurate needle placement
  • The stitching speed is more than 2500 stitches per minute
  • You can also control the machine with the help of handwheels
  • The adjustable handlebars can turn at any angle and ensures a minute design pattern
  • The handlebars’ programmable buttons are very useful
  • This machine is apt for a tight space to stand able quilting machine
  • This HQ quilter can stitch 4 to 24 stitches per inch in two modes
  • Most importantly it has two stitching modes like pantograph and groove boards. Pantographs are paper templates that can be drawn using laser light. Similarly, groove boards are plastic templates that are traced with a groove board stylus.
  • The HQ quilter provides ten years of warranty against defective material, five years on electrical components and mechanical failure, and ninety days for free parts and labor.  


  • Before quilting, you have to make sure that our tension is correct in our bobbin tension.
  • It is a bit more expensive than other quilter machines.
Watch Video: Loading a Quilt with Handi Quilter Amara

Handi Quilter Amara VS King Quilter II Elite VS Handi Quilter Moxie

Handi Quilter AmaraIn-Depth ReviewKing Quilter II EliteIn-Depth ReviewHandi Quilter MoxieIn-Depth Review
Stitching Speed2,500 SPM2,200 SPM1,800 SPM
Throat Space20 Inches18 Inches15 Inches
Quilting Frame Size5-Foot included (10-Foot or 12-Foot optional)Not Included (But optional)8-Foot included (10-Foot optional)
Rear HandlebarsCompatible (But optional)IncludedCompatible (But optional)
Presser Feet in the box222
Display ScreenTouchscreen LCDTouchscreen LCDTouchscreen LCD
LCD Screen Size7 Inches7 Inches
Stitch Quality (Stitches Per Inch – SPI)4-24 Stitches4-22 Stitches4-18 Stitches
Handlebar ButtonsProgrammableProgrammable
LED LightYesYesYes
Warranty10 Years10 years10 Years
Our Rating4.80/54.95/54.90/5
Price$11,799 (Buy here)$6,299 (Buy here)$4,995 (Buy here)

User Reviews

I found 5 total verified reviews by the owners of Handi Quilter Amara on various platforms. The average rating for Handi Quilter Amara is 4.75 which is not bad at all if we compare it with other best long arm quilting machines.

SourceUser ReviewNo. of Reviews
Handi Quilter5.0 out of 51
Google Reviews4.5 out of 54

FAQs about Handi Quilter Amara

What is the price of Handi Quilter Amara?

Handi Quilter Amara is one of the best long-arm quilting machines for only serious quilters and not for beginners. So, it comes with a high price that a beginner usually can not afford as per his/her budget. The price of the Handi Quilter Amara- 20 Inches Long-Arm Quilting Machine is under $11,500. You can check its latest price with a discount on SewingMachinesPlus now.

Which quilting frame is included with Handi Quilter Amara?

Handi Quilter Amara- Long-Arm Quilting Machine comes with a 5-Foot Studio2 Frame and this quilting frame is included in the box. You can use other quilting frames i.e., 10-Foot and 12-Foot. Both of these quilting frames are optional and you have to buy them separately if you want these.

Is there any Quilting System for Handi Quilter Amara?

Well, Pro-Stitcher is a Quilting System compatible with your Handi Quilter Amara but it costs almost as much as your Handi Quilter Amara does. It is a bit pricy but worth it if you are a serious quilter and want to work on bigger and more complicated projects.

Is there any best alternative Handi Quilter Amara with a low price?

Yes, there are other options available too if you are a beginner or just can not afford Handi Quilter Amara. Obviously, you have to compromise over some features such as Stitching Speed, LCD Screen, and Other stuff. You can consider Handi Quilter Moxie and Baby Lock Gallant if you have a low budget. But there is also a perfect alternative with low price than Amara but a bit higher than Moxie and Gallant which is King Quilter II Elite.

Does the Handi Quilter Amara come with any software?

Yes, the Handi Quilter Amara comes with Pro-Stitcher, which is a software program that allows you to create and edit quilting designs on your computer and then transfer them to the machine for quilting. Pro-Stitcher also features a variety of pre-loaded designs and patterns for you to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own custom designs.

Final Thoughts

As for the best quilting is required, the Handi Quilter Amara is an excellent invention for a baby quilt to king size quilt. It can stitch up to 2500 stitches per minute. It is easy, durable, and more reliable. This machine is easily adjustable in tightly spaced areas. By adding a pro stitching system more features in dream quilting will be possible. Hence it is highly recommended under all these considerations.



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