Does Silk Shrink? (How To Shrink and Unshrink It)

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If you love the way silk feels and fits on your body, don’t worry about fading or shrinking – it won’t. Silk is a natural fiber with some amazing properties, as long as you take proper care of it. Silk is an animal fiber; so when subjected to heat or friction then fibers can break down over time and cause unwanted fading. 

To answer your question, on average silk can shrink as low as 5% as high as 15% on its first wash. It is a strong and durable material, but like many other fabrics, it can shrink if it is not properly cared for. The exact amount of shrinkage will depend on the type of silk, the way it is washed, and the conditions it is exposed to. For example, after its first wash silk usually become quite resistant to shrinkage unless it comes in contact with extreme conditions, like very hot water or drying using heat settings in the dryer, etc.

As silk is a pretty delicate fabric, that’s why it is advisable to use water at normal temperatures for silk fabrics. Furthermore, you should read the instructions about how to wash silk fabric on its tag and act accordingly. If it says to handwash then don’t put it in the washing machine as it might damage your silk fabric. Also, it is important to know if it is recommended to dry clean or can be wet cleaned. Acting according to this instruction, will save you a lot if trouble as silk is a very expensive and delicate fabric, so it is best to not do any experiments with it.

All textiles are prone to shrink with time and wear. This can be especially problematic with delicate fabrics like silk which loses its shape when it shrinks. Silk has been known for centuries as the fabric that breathes, but one might assume that it must also shrink under certain circumstances.

Why is it important to wash your clothes on a gentle cycle instead of a normal cycle? Regular washing results in bacteria growth and over time can cause discoloration in fabrics. When you wash your silk garments on a gentle cycle, the water penetrates the fabric and doesn’t allow for bacteria growth, thus keeping your garment looking fresh for longer.

In this article, you will learn how to keep your favorite silk garments looking bright, crisp, and new for a long time.

What Is Silk?

Silk is a natural protein fiber obtained from the insect known as the moth. Silk comes in two basic varieties: plain silk and viscose. Except for minor differences in appearance, these two varieties will work in most of the same ways as each other.

Viscose silk can be made artificially, sometimes also called rayon. This process produces a soft fabric that will not cause your skin to itch or irritate it. It is often used for baby clothing because it is easy to put on and take off without causing any discomfort to a baby’s tender skin. Also, it is a cheap alternative to silk.

Silk is the world’s most luxurious fabric. It drapes incredibly well and can be used in thin, light, or soft dresses. While silk is prized for its vibrant colors, it also comes in over a hundred shades and you can find a shade that will be perfect for your skin tone.

While original silk is very durable if it is cared for properly and may last you a lifetime justifying its price. However, even without extra care, you can keep your silk dress, looking good for many years to come. If you take care of your silk clothes and keep them clean, they will last for years even if you wear them frequently.

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Does Silk Shrink?

I’ve had a silk shirt for years. I no longer wear it because it has shrunk so much that I can’t wear it anymore. The same thing happened to a silk scarf that was very expensive and a silk sweater I purchased 20 years ago. The main cause of these problems is heat!

Silk shrinks in the dryer, when you wash and iron the fabric, and during the production process. The fibers of the silk are heated to a temperature that changes them into yarn and then woven together to form the fabric. As mentioned above, adding heat causes the fibers to pull closer together which makes them shrink in size.

In addition to heat, silk shrinks when exposed to water. This is because of the chemical structure of silk fibers. The protein chains in silk are made up of some amino acids which are held together by hydrogen bonds. When your garment is washed, the hydrogen bonds break and reform in different places as the silk tries to return to its natural state. This causes the fabric to shrink further and become even smaller than before it was washed!

You can reduce silk shrinkage by taking care when you wash your garment. Never use hot water and avoid washing silk with other fabrics that may contain a lot of chemicals that will transfer over during washing.

How Much Does Silk Shrink?

The amount of shrinkage will vary from garment to garment since the type of silk will affect how it reacts to different temperatures and moisture. On average silk, the shrink rate is as low as 5% and on highest 15% if you wash it at the temperature of 60F. The most that it could shrink is 20% but this is unlikely to happen.

However, if you are looking for a silk shirt or dress that fits perfectly dry, clean it at the same temperature as a normal detergent or washing machine cycle size.

Always follow the care instructions that came with your garment when washing and drying, and you should be fine. Do not use water-based or liquid detergents on silk. It could cause damage to your silk which could result in permanent staining and descending of all the items that you have made from your silk fabric.

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Does Silk Shrink During The Making Process?

Yes! Silk is transformed into yarn before it can be woven into fabric. This transformation requires heat, which causes the silk fibers to get closer together, thus reducing their size slightly. You can prevent this from happening by using cool water in your wash with silk or taking care not to wash your silk too often.

While silk has a natural crimp, this is removed by the manufacturer during the weaving process. The crimp is one of the characteristics that makes silk unique. In addition, with repeated washes and washer-dry cycles, the silk fibers get increasingly slick and less flexible.

As mentioned above, these two factors cause your silk garments to begin to wrinkle when they are first washed. However, if you take great care with your clothing or you wash it at very low temperatures, this is not a problem for most people.

Does Silk Shrink When Washed?

Think twice before washing your silk clothes! Silk can shrink several inches after each washing due to the natural properties of the fabric. The amount of shrinkage depends on how often you wash your silk garments, what temperature was used, and where in your country you live.

Silk garments can shrink when washed. Silk fibers have a natural crimp that can be removed by washing in warm water. This causes the fabric to become more flexible and less prone to wrinkling.

When the garment is first washed, it shrinks slightly as the crimp is removed. The garment will then continue to lose more crimp with each subsequent laundering cycle until it is completely smooth and loses its original shape. You can prevent this from happening by using cool water in your wash with silk or taking care to avoid washing your silk too often.

Does Silk Shrink In The Dryer?

Silk shrinks in the dryer because heat causes the fabric to shrink when it is exposed. Some people wash their silk clothes in hot water, but if you hang them to dry then the process is the same. When you put your silk garment into a drying machine, it will shrink slightly. This is not a design flaw or an indication that your garment was poorly made; it’s just a fact of life with this particular material. Try to take special care with your clothes so they last as long as they can.

You can reduce silk shrinkage by taking care when you wash your garment. Never use hot water and avoid washing silk with other fabrics that may contain a lot of chemicals that will transfer over during washing.

If you’re worried about the heat in the dryer, there are some things you can do to reduce it. Don’t put silk in the dryer until it is very warm and completely dry. When putting silk in the dryer, find a temperature setting that is just below that temperature and leave the fabric in for about ten minutes at a time to give it time to cool before re-entering the dryer for another cycle.

How To Prevent Silk Shrinkage

If possible, avoid washing your silks in hot water or mixing different fabrics. If you choose to wash your silk with other fabrics this can cause them to stick to each other and increase the weight of your garments which can lead to some kind of damage over time.

Don’t overload your washing machine, it can cause friction between garments, and this can lead to ripping. Also, make sure that you sort your clothes by color as well to prevent colors from bleeding into each other.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to use the hand-wash cycle or a gentle detergent in the machine when cleaning silk to prevent any damage or shrinkage. They will likely come out clean on their own with regular gentle use of non-silk laundry products. If you have trouble getting stains out, then washing them by hand with a great deal of care and using dress soap is preferable to using harsh detergents which could cause damage over time.

8 Tips To Wash Silk Clothing To Avoid Shrinkage

  1. Use a Garment Bag

Never put silk clothing in the dryer. Dryers are notorious for shrinking and damaging delicate fabrics like silk, which is why it’s important to keep your clothes out of there. If you hang your clothes on a hanger and drip them dry, they will not shrink nearly as much as if you put them in the dryer.

  1. Pick a Mild Detergent

Always use a mild detergent and avoid washing silk clothing in hot water. Over time, heat tends to cause the fibers to break down and shrink. Heat is a natural enemy of most fibers, so taking precautions against it is important. If you must use hot water, then consider using an extra rinse cycle or adding an amount of fabric softener to your wash cycle that’s slightly higher than normal.

  1. Use a Gentle Cycle

If you have the option, use a gentle cycle. The washing machine at many hotels has options that can usually be set to “delicate” or “gentle”. If you don’t have this option available, use the lowest spin speed that’ll get your clothing clean. High-speed agitation is a bad idea for any of your clothing, but especially silk.

  1. Sort By Color

Don’t wash all your silk clothing in the same load. You’ll find that some clothing is more susceptible to fading or shrinking than others, so it’s important to wash dark-colored clothing separately from lighter-colored clothing.

  1. Turn Your Garment Inside Out

To prevent staining, turn your garment inside out before putting it in the washer. Turning your garments inside-out also helps reduce pilling, since the fabric against the washer drum is on the outside of the garment and therefore gets a little more protection during washing.

  1. Shrinkage

Be aware of any changes in the fit of your silk garment after washing. Silk is a natural fiber, with microscopic scales on its surface which provide the texture. It is normal for these scales to fall off when you wash your silk clothing, so if your clothing no longer fits as well as it did before washing, it’s probably shrinking. To avoid this, use a light detergent that’s safe for silk and wash your garments in cold water.

  1. Dry

Dry clothes sooner rather than later. If you can hang them to drip dry, do so. If not, select a low-spin cycle. Avoid high-speed drying because it breaks down the fibers of your silk clothing and causes shrinkage. Use a low-heat dryer and avoid using an iron.

  1. Enjoy

The last thing you can do is enjoy your new piece of clothing!

To keep your silk garments looking fresh for a long time, consider the care and maintenance that goes into washing them. Silk tends to be the go-to fabric for those who want their clothes to be soft and breathable while still being durable.

Does Silk Wrinkle?

More than other fabrics, silk wrinkles when exposed to heat and humidity. If your silk garment is hanging in your closet and you’ve forgotten about it for a few days, it might have some wrinkles in it. The first thing you can do to reduce the number of these wrinkles is to hang your garment up as soon as possible after wearing it.

There are things you can do to reduce silk wrinkles. The first is to clean your garment before it gets too dirty. If possible, use water and a little vinegar to remove any stains before the silk becomes completely dirty or wrinkled. You can also take care not to wear your garment when it is too humid or hot outside due to its lack of ability to lock moisture. Also, keep your silk in a cool, dry place if you don’t plan on using it for a while.

In addition, while steam or ironing might get a few of these wrinkles out. However, please keep caution doing so because this can damage the fibers in your silk and make the whole garment look lifeless and dull. Instead, try using a steamer or hang your dress with a hanger that has fabric softener sheets attached to prevent more wrinkling.

Does Silk Shrink When Dried?

When it comes to drying, silk is like most other fabrics. It will shrink slightly the first time you dry it, but then it will return to its original size. You can prevent the first shrinkage by using a lower heat setting or rewashing the garment after drying.

The second time you dry your silk garment, if you are worried about shrinkage, use a lower heat setting and avoid placing your garment next to other fabrics with which it could rub and cause even more shrinking. Try putting some fabric softener sheets in with your clothes to reduce friction and add some softness when you take them out of the dryer.

Does Silk Tear Easily?

First, do not overload your washing machine. Even though it’s a small coin of information, when you have multiple garments in there at the same time, you can create friction and this will cause them to stick to one another and possibly rip. 

Never overload your washing machine. It could also be that you have an older washing machine where the drum isn’t getting clean as well as it should be. At any rate, take care when adding your clothing to the machine so that they can all be properly cleaned without tearing or ripping anywhere.

Secondly, silk is very delicate alone if you try to use even a mild soap like Ivory or another mild detergent. Silk should be hand-washed or with a delicate fragrance-free fabric softener that specifically helps reduce static in delicate fabrics. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, or any other detergents when washing silk to avoid damage to the fibers, which can result in permanent staining and shrinking of the garment.

Finally, you must dry your silk garment in a cool place away from direct sunlight and warm temperatures. If possible, hang dry all of your clothes whenever possible to prevent stretching and wrinkling. reasonably gentle detergent with it.

Keep in mind that if you feel the urge to use soap, only use a shampoo that is very mild and fragrance-free. If you dislike using this type of shampoo on your hair, it’s probably best to wash your hair before washing your clothes. Using a mild soap could cause damage to your silk which could result in permanent staining and shrinking of all the items that you have made from your silk fabric.

If possible, avoid using any kind of fabric softener or dryer sheets with silk. They can contain perfumes and other chemicals that can be absorbed by your garment and cause damage over time.

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Does Silk Shrink After A Washing Machine Cycle?

Although silk may shrink slightly due to the hot water while it’s being cleaned in the washer, if you choose to dry clean your silk clothing this will cause far greater shrinkage. If you have a silk shirt or dress that fits perfectly at home, do not dry clean them in the machine. Instead, you should use low-temperature drying instructions such as those that come with using a low-temperature tumble or hand wash cycle when washing your clothes.

In addition, we would suggest that if you wish to get a perfect fit at home using two different size washers and two separate baskets in each of them.

Does Raw Silk Shrink?

While silk has a natural crimp that is removed during the making process, there are no special measures to take to prevent it from shrinking after washing. Avoid washing your silk garments in hot water or hanging them in the dryer.

Silk is more expensive than other fabrics, but this is only because it requires more care and attention than any other material. If you don’t take great care with your silk clothes and they get ruined, they are not very useful if you want them to last a long time. This can be avoided by taking a few extra precautions with your silk garments when you wash them.

Does Silk Cotton Shrink?

Most silk garments that are dry-cleaned are made from silk and cotton blends. While cotton does not have a natural crimp like silk, it has similar properties. When the fabric is washed, this can cause some shrinkage due to the blending of the fabrics.

The first time you wash your garment, you will notice a small amount of shrinkage. Keep in mind that the stretch factor of your garment will be reduced slightly as well, and this is not considered an issue. Some people might think that this is too much shrinkage, but it isn’t since you can avoid getting these types of issues by taking special precautions when washing your silk clothing.

Does Silk Shrink After First Wash?

As mentioned above, most silk garments are made from a combination of silk and cotton. Cotton naturally shrinks when exposed to heat, dryer temperatures can reduce the stretch factor, and some types of fabric softener sheets can reduce friction between the fibers. Because these factors combine to cause a small amount of shrinkage after each wash cycle, you will start noticing this shrinking right away if you are washing your silk garment in hot water.

Avoid washing your silk garment in hot water as much as possible, or use cool water instead. If this starts to cause serious shrinkage problems (i.e. your pants are too short) you can switch to tepid water or you can use a gentle detergent that doesn’t require you to use hot water at all. If this is not an option, try keeping your garment out of the wash for a few days if possible. This way, the fibers do not shrink as much when they get wet again, and some of the wrinkles will disappear on their own.

Even though it is possible to avoid most shrinkage problems when washing your silk garments in warm or cool water, there are still issues that can arise from time to time. In addition to shrinking, silk can also wrinkle at times when heat and humidity are involved.

How Do You Wash Silk?

The process of washing and caring for silk is a bit different from other fabrics because of the way that silk is made. Silk is woven from a natural protein called sericin, which causes the material to become less flexible with time and with exposure to heat. Wash your silk garments when they are dirty, but be sure to clean them gently so you don’t lose the shape and feel of your clothing after just one wash cycle.

Use Cold Water

Always use cool water when washing and rinsing your silk garments. Close all zippers before putting your clothes into a machine or if you hand-wash them, make sure any hooks or fasteners are locked tight so they don’t get caught on anything else in the process.

Avoid Chemicals

Avoid any type of fabric softener, dryer sheet, or other chemicals that can damage your silk. Silk is delicate and prone to wrinkling and shrinking if it comes into contact with chemicals, so avoid these items at all costs.

Fabric softeners can cause your clothing to lose the tightness you’ve worked so hard to achieve in those new silk items. Rubbing alcohol can also damage some types of silk, including shirred goods like lingerie and pantyhose, which means only use it if necessary.


Sterilization is the best way to make sure that your silk garments don’t come into contact with anything that could cause damage or shrinkage. The process for this varies from one type of silk to another, but you can still use regular soap and hot water to clean your clothing if you like.

The best option is a full sterilization process where you wash your garment in a special solution multiple times. You can also use your garment in the dryer on a low heat setting instead of using the high heat setting, and pay particular attention to any lint or sneeze guards on each item.

Hand Water

If you do not want to hand-wash each item in a special solution, you can soak your silk product in a tub of water without detergent or fabric softener. You can also use a homemade version of this while it is possible. Also, avoid treating it with bleach, vinegar or any harsh chemicals in the cleaning process as it might result in the discoloration of silk fabric. When you are done with the process, rinse your silk garment well until the water runs clear and it’s completely dry.

How To Save Silk Shrunk In Washing Machines?

Now you may ask me how I save my silk item that was shrunk in the washing machine. First of all, please DO NOT take it out again from that machine. You can use the following available techniques to save your item.

  1. Immediately Use hot water to wash it with hot water and then hang them up to dry and use more hot water until your item is back to its original shape.
  2. Remind those who shrink your clothes not to shrink them again in the washing machine, please let them know that if it happens again that this is not the best thing for your item.
  3. You can use a steam iron to do what they call a “steaming” process. But first, you have to unwrinkle the item (use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles) and then place it on the ironing board and cover it with a towel. Turn on the steam function of your iron, not the regular setting but also not too hot. Don’t touch anything while it’s steaming as this may either burn you or spoil everything!

How Do You Unshrink Silk?

There are a few solutions that you can use to unshrink a silk garment. One of the easiest and least invasive methods is to pour warm water on it and then remove it from the warm water. From there, you should hang your silk item up to dry so that it has air circulation and will relax back into its original shape.

There are also products that you can use as well, some of which are found at most drugstores or specialty stores. Some of these products include enzyme-based enzymes and citric acid solutions that can be used to get your silk garments back into shape after you’ve washed them.

Can You Shrink Silk Clothes?

Shrinking your clothes is a method often implemented by people who want to make their old clothing items fit them again.

For this process, you will need hot water and any other cleaning solution that you want to use in combination with hot water. Normally, the water has to be hot and not just warm before you can successfully shrink your clothing. The size of the clothes is two important factors to take note of when you are shrinking your clothes because some clothes cannot handle being placed into too much hot water at once.

Shrinking silk clothes is not as easy as it would seem and there are a few things that you should not do. A lot of people tend to run their clothes through the dryer for a few minutes after they have washed them because this dries out your clothes faster, but you should never run your clothes through a dryer because this will normally ruin your silk clothes. 

You should also never try to iron your clothes after you have washed and dried them because some people tend to iron their clothes using high temperatures, which can ruin the silk in your clothes.

How To Iron Silk?

Satin and silk fabrics are very delicate and can easily be damaged by ironing. If you iron fabric that is too hot, you may damage your item, especially if it is a silk garment.

Here are a couple of things to try to prevent damage to your item while ironing:

  1. Try to reduce the heat of the iron before placing your item on it – this will help keep your fabric from ripping or getting damaged while ironing. Hot steam is not recommended when ironing either, as it can cause damage to delicate items such as silk fabrics.
  2. Iron horizontally, not vertically – with the silk side down. Never put a hot iron on any fabric that is not recommended for hot steam, and make sure that you are not holding the iron on your item for too long as this can also cause damage to your clothing.
  3. Iron with a pressing cloth when possible – some fabrics cannot be damaged by heat, and these can protect items such as silk during the ironing process.
  4. Never use a spray starch while ironing a silk garment – this can ruin the texture of your item and make it appear stiff or brittle.

Can You Machine Wash 100% Silk?

Hand-washing silk items are the recommended method to clean your garments. It is highly advised to only use shampoos that are specifically designed for cleaning silk.

This can make a world of difference in the quality of your silk item and the way it will feel after you wash it. Be sure to check the label of your fabric and follow any instructions listed on it before you start washing your garment.

  1. Fill a tub or sink with cool water, as warm or hot water may cause shrinkage if you accidentally place your item in it.
  2. Add a small amount of shampoo to the water and gently swish the garment around it until you have removed all dirt from the garment.
  3. Place your item in the water and gently swish it around to remove any excess.
  4. Next, squeeze out the remaining water from your item by removing it from the water and allowing it to hang dry on a towel.
  5. Once you have allowed your item to completely dry, you can then hand wash with a small amount of mild soap or a soft synthetic detergent and warm water in a gentle setting. Be sure not to use fabric softener as this can make fibers weak.
  6. Dry your item with a towel, ensuring that it is completely dry to avoid any wrinkling.

How To Wash Silk Dresses?

People are always asking if you can wash silk dresses in the washing machine and if you can put them in the dryer – yes, you can! but you need to be careful and follow a few simple rules.

  1. If the item is labeled “dry clean only” or “detergent only,” you must always use the appropriate method. Never use hot water to wash silk garments because it will weaken your garment’s fibers and affect how it looks.
  2. Always use cool water, never hot water due to shrinkage.
  3. NEVER put anything other than a delicate, gentle wool wash in your washing machine. Silk is an extremely fragile material and should not be treated with harsh cleaners.
  4. NEVER place your garment in the dryer to remove wrinkles or creases. It will result in permanent damage to your garment and will also make it lose shape over time as well as discolor it.
  5. After washing, you must hang the item on a drying rack to prevent shrinkage or puckering of the fabric. You can also iron your item if you do not want the wrinkles to go back into place after you dry it on a towel for hanging.

How Can You Tell If Silk Is Ruined?

Stains in your silk garments, especially if it is a new garment purchased at a store, should be taken seriously and handled as soon as possible. Even if the stain is only on one layer of the fabric, it could still ruin the entire thing. The appearance of your garment will turn out to be entirely different as well if you don’t treat it immediately.

If you are lucky enough to find that the stain was only on the fabric and not on your skin, then there are some simple ways to get rid of it:

  1. Wash the area of fabric that was stained with a laundry stain remover like Tide or Oxi-Clean.
  2. If you are worried about the stain not coming out, then you can try to wash and dry the item in a garment bag. This will prevent any moisture from getting in your product while you are washing it and it will help keep the fibers of your silk clothing from shrinking or looking different.
  3. Another simple method is to use a dry cleaning solvent specifically designed for silk fabrics which can be purchased at most department stores that carry dry cleaners.

FAQ about “Does Silk Shrink?”

Does Silk Shrink In Hot Water?

Washing your silk garments in warm or hot water can cause the fabric to shrink. This is because the fibers of your garment will get closer together when you expose them to heat. The purpose of this post-processing step is to transform your silk into yarn before it can be woven into fabric. This requires heat, which causes the fibers of your silk fiber to become smaller and less flexible. If you notice that your silk starts shrinking after one or two washings, it’s probably time for a trip back to the dry cleaner since you will not be able to get around this problem any other way.

Does Silk Shrink On Burning?

There are some associations between the burning of silk and shrinkage. When silk burns, it shrinks to a certain extent while the fire could become a bigger problem than you bargained for. However, burning silk is not going to cause shrinkage.

Does Silk Shrink In Cold Water?

As mentioned above, silk can shrink when exposed to water. However, the effect of cold water on silk is minimal and shouldn’t be a problem. Simply avoid washing your garment in hot water or wash it in cold water instead of hot to reduce shrinkage.

Can You Wash Silk Tops?

Many people love to wear silk tops and dresses because they feel soft and look elegant. While these tops may be easy to wear, they are also very delicate and must be washed with care. If you are wondering whether or not you can wash your silk top in the washing machine, the answer is no. It will ruin your garment if you do so. Silk tops that are labeled dry clean only should always be dry cleaned. If your garment is not labeled as dry clean only, you can hand wash your product with mild soap or a special detergent in lukewarm water. You may use a very gentle wool wash in a cold water setting if your garment has wool in it as well.

Does Silk Shrink When Dry Cleaned?

Some people are concerned that their silk clothing shrinks when they dry clean it. While this is true, the shrinkage is not enough to warrant any special measures. Simply avoid using the dry cleaners if possible, and you will be fine.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s best to handle silk with care. Silk does require special care and it’s not recommended for a beginner to start with. Overall, I think silk is a luxurious niche of clothing that can make a woman feel like a princess. It can be great for special occasions but at the same time a bit more costly than standard textiles.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments let me know in the comment section below! As always, thank you for reading!


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