Best Sewing Subscription Boxes in 2023

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Are you a beginner at sewing who is looking for an easy way to improve your skills? If that’s the case, then a subscription box may be just what you need. A monthly sewing subscription box will send new fabrics and patterns each month to help you learn and hone your skills. This article discusses some of the best subscription boxes out there, as well as why they are worth buying in more detail.

Sewing subscription boxes are a great way to improve your sewing skills. There are a lot of subscription boxes available out there and you can choose one as per your own taste. For beginners, the subscription boxes are easy to use. The monthly box will have a new fabric or pattern that you can sew with and which is perfect for your skill level as well as some sewing tools and accessories. This way, it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert seamstress who wants something challenging or if you’re just starting out you’ll always have a new project to enjoy.

The best sewing subscription boxes are worth buying for the variety of materials they provide and because you never know what you’ll get in each month’s box-you might find that one fabric or pattern is your favorite! Some give instructions on how to sew with them, too so it’s not just about getting new materials.

Before getting into details I would like to say if you do not have a sewing machine or want to upgrade one, consider the Juki TL-2000Qi sewing machine or you can rent a sewing machine.

There are many sewing subscriptions boxes out there, and each one is unique. If you’re looking to get a monthly package that includes different materials so you can make some new things then continue reading till I am sharing the list of best sewing subscription boxes.

List of Best Sewing Subscription Boxes in 2023

If you do not have enough time to read the whole detailed article, you may just check the list of best sewing subscription boxes. Here below is the complete list of the best sewing subscription boxes that have been providing something quality and are expected to provide so in the future.

Note: I have moved MadamSew Sew Happy Sewing Subscription Box to the top because of its continuous satisfaction with its users. I will be updating the list over time.

MadamSew Sew Happy Sewing Subscription Box

If you’re new to sewing, have a little stash of fabric collecting dust in the closet, or are itching for another creative outlet but don’t know where to start- then MadamSew Sew Happy is perfect for you. The monthly subscription service sends subscribers more than $50 worth of handpicked sewing supplies from around the world and includes projects that beginners and experts can tackle together. This subscription box is the perfect gift for your mom, significant other, or friend who wants to start sewing but just doesn’t know where to start!

The MadamSew Sew Happy team handpicks both new and old projects that are designed with all levels of sewers in mind- from a beginner’s introduction on how to use their machine to more complex patterns like making a quilt. The instructions are clear enough for any skill level so subscribers even get bonus tips and tricks along the way. With this subscription service you’ll always have fresh ideas at your fingertips whether you’re looking for something easy or want an extra challenge; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by fabric choices, don’t worry because they include the perfect fabric selection for each project.

There are about two types of subscription boxes and they called them Box #3 and Box #4. Let’s have details about what they include.

What is included?

Following is the stuff included in Box #3.

  • Full-Size Paper Pattern for a super fun pullover sweater by Paper Theory Patterns
  • High-Quality Fabric: 1.6 Yards of About Blue Fabrics French Terry.
  • Matching Thread: Metrosene Universal Thread by Mettler
  • Featured Designer Fabric: a Jay-Cyn Design
  • Scrap Busting Pattern: a cute apron by Sedef Imer
  • 5 Super-Handy Sewing Tools.

And, here is the list of stuff that comes with Box #4.

  • A full-size pattern & instructions for the romantic Victoria Blouse by FibreMood. For sewers that are up for a little challenge!
  • The pattern & tutorial to make some easy fabric baskets, designed by Rekha
  • 2.2 yards of originally striped About Blue Viscose Crêpe Fabric
  • 1 Fat quarter Wildflowers 100% organic cotton, designed by Charlie Harper
  • 1 Spool of Mettler polyester thread (ocre)
  • A canvas tote Bag “I rescue fabric, I’m not a hoarder, I’m a hero”, bobbin clamps and sewing clips 
  • A sewing postcard: “Sewers gonna sew”


MadamSew Sew Happy Box costs you $44.99 a month and it renews your subscription every month automatically. You may also cancel your subscription from your account easily.

The price mentioned here is in USD.

My Opinion

Obviously, I will recommend this subscription box just because of the stuff quality that comes with it. I have mentioned some other boxes above too which are recommended for beginners but MadamSew Sew Happy Box is for sewers who are not complete newbies. The thing I liked about their subscription box is their price, this is the most affordable box I have ever seen. You will get high-quality stuff at a very affordable price. So, it is “yes” from my side and I recommend this box too. Now, it depends upon your taste whether you would like like this one or choose another one from the list.

IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box

Start sewing more! Get a monthly subscription box of clothing sewing patterns by indie designers right to your doorstep. All kits include the digital PDF download, printed pattern pieces, 2-3 yards of fabric, and all notions for the project – plus bonus DIY tools! Each box is in your pick from sizes XXS to Plus 3X and features patterns like cardigans, joggers, skirts & tops. No experience is necessary with these indie projects as well; just choose your own fabrics each month for solid neutrals or fun fabric selections.

What is included?

  • Patterns via PDF Downloads
  • Printed Pattern Pieces
  • Materials Supplies (2-3 Yards of Fabric + All Needles/Hooks)
  • Bonus Sewing Tools (Optional)
  • Access to the monthly sew along and private IndieStitch community

IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box Unboxing (April 2023)


IndieStitch sewing subscription box price may vary from time to time due to some promotions and seasonal discounts. On average, the price of an IndieStitch sewing subscription box is $59.95 per month (USD 59.95/Month). And, this price is applicable to all orders coming from the United States. If you want these boxes to ship to any other country, prices may be changed.

My Opinion

In my opinion, I think IndieStitch sewing subscription box is worth the money. They always send high-quality and hard-to-find items in their boxes which makes it easier for crafters such as myself. Plus they come with a great variety of all types of projects that are easy enough even if you’re new at sewing. The prices are also worth it considering that you get great quality materials which will last a long time with a lot of use in them! Plus the price is comparable to what you would find in any store where those types of items can be found.

I would recommend this subscription box to anyone who is looking for a new sewing project or just wants some crafting items in general. It’s one of the best out there and it will always come with something different so you never get bored.

The only downside I can think of about the IndieStitch sewing subscription box is that they are only available for people in the US. I really wish they would start to ship internationally because it’s a shame that all this great stuff is just available to Americans. One other thing, you have to order at least one IndieStitch sewing subscription box per month which can make it hard if you’re not sure about what project you want to do.

Needle Sharp Sewing Subscription Box

Needle Sharp is the subscription box of choice for novice and expert sewers alike. The company has been around since 2017, but they’ve really stepped up their game over the past year or so by offering an unending variety of cool sewing projects. Needle Sharp offers a wide selection that caters to both beginner and intermediate levels on every project. You already know what is going to be the part of your subscription box because they mentioned it already. Some people might lose the excitement because they already know what is going to be included. Anyways, it is up to you what do you like about a subscription box.

Below-mentioned is the lis of available subscription boxes by Needle Sharp.

  • Classic Sew Confident Box
  • Classic Sew Curvy Box
  • Classic Sew Fearless Box
  • Classic Sew Indulgent Box
  • Sew Confident Box
  • Sew Curvy Box
  • Sew Fearless Box
  • Sew Indulgent Box

What is included?

I have included almost 8 sewing subscription boxes above and every box has something different in it. Every box from Needle Sharp includes special and custom stuff. So, I have not included all of that included stuff right here just to make the length of the article as short as possible.

Needle Sharp Sewing Subscription Box Unboxing


As I already mentioned earlier that there are 8 subscription boxes available by Sharp Needle and prices are different for every box. Here below are the prices of every box.

  • Classic Sew Confident Box – $75
  • Classic Sew Curvy Box – $95
  • Classic Sew Fearless Box – $55
  • Classic Sew Indulgent Box – $115
  • Sew Confident Box – $75
  • Sew Curvy Box – $95
  • Sew Fearless Box – $55
  • Sew Indulgent Box – $115

*All prices mentioned here are in USD.

My Opinion

I think Needle Sharp sewing subscription box is worth buying, for a few reasons. First of all, you know the stuff that you are going to get in your box. Second, they have tons of different items in their store and are willing to work with customers on custom requests (although I haven’t tried this). Thirdly, the customer service has been great every time I’ve talked to them via email or phone call. Finally, my package arrived quickly and included everything that was promised.

And, I searched over the internet about their boxes, and from all the reviews that are on the internet, everyone seems to be having an amazing experience. One person mentioned how clear their instructions were which made her feel confident in starting new projects. Another one said she felt like she was being guided through each step without feeling overwhelmed by too many steps at once (which we know happens sometimes to everyone). And these two people aren’t alone as there are tons of other happy customers who say they were pleased with how easy it was to put together projects after using Needle Sharp.

Darn Good Yarn Sewing Subscription Box

Do you want high-quality fabric every month? Or, just want the handmade skirt delivered right to your doorstep? Well, Darn Good Yarn provides you three different kinds of subscription boxes which come with different stuff in them. Here below are those four subscription boxes.

  • Yarn of the Month Club
  • Darn Good Beads
  • Darn Good Fabric of the Month
  • Mystery Skirt of the Month

What is included?

Each box comes with different kinds of stuff and each box is worth buying as long as it is in the area of your choice. Check here below what is included in the box so that you may have an idea before ordering it.

Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box Unboxing

Yarn of the Month Club
  • 1 handspun skein of Darn Good Yarn
  • Access to live sessions
  • Access to the community of like-minded crafters
Darn Good Beads
  • Beautiful and curative beads
Darn Good Fabric of the Month
  • 4 curated fat quarters of fabric
  • 1 5 yard x 2.5” sample card
Mystery Skirt of the Month
  • Sari wrap Skirt


Here below is the price of every subscription box provided by Darn Good Yarn.

  • Yarn of the Month Club – $10
  • Darn Good Beads – $20
  • Darn Good Fabric of the Month – $20
  • Mystery Skirt of the Month – $30

*All prices mentioned here are in USD.

My Opinion

A Darn Good Yarn subscription box is worth it because of the price, content, and shipping. The monthly cost for a Darn Good Yarn Monthly Fabric is $20.

The contents in this sewing subscription box are enough to make one project each month. Lastly, every order gets free US Shipping with no additional fee added on top of what you paid originally. I believe that these benefits outweigh any cons that could come up later such as having a limited range of options when it comes to the projects.

If you want something related to yarn or want to work on skirt projects then you can consider this one otherwise it is not recommended. If you want a box with pure sewing accessories then this is not for you, look for other subscriptions that I mentioned on the list.

Sew Beautiful Sewing Subscription Box (Austraila)

Sew Beautiful is a subscription box for sewing enthusiasts that sends you curated, high-quality supplies to help keep your project on track. It’s perfect for people who are just starting out and want access to the essentials they need along with some more advanced items like interfacing, zippers, etc so everything can be in one place! In addition, it’s perfect for beginners because the box also comes with a handbook that has step-by-step tutorials on how to do everything from different stitches and techniques, common sewing mistakes, and more.

Sew Beautiful is an amazing subscription service for people who are just starting out in sewing or want access to high-quality supplies at home without having to purchase them all separately. The boxes come curated with tailor-made items based on your needs which can be anything from basic tools like needles and pins up to some more advanced things like interfacing, zippers, etc. In addition, they provide access to their monthly newsletter so you get regular tips about what’s new in fashion, design trends as well as advice about how best to utilize the materials provided.

What is included?

  • A piece of fabric
  • Designed pattern
  • Beginner friendly instructions
  • Private Facebook group and monthly sew along
  • Free starter kit

So, this is all that you get with your Sew Beautiful sewing subscription box.


As I already mentioned over the title that it is only shipped in Australia and you can not subscribe to their boxes if you are outside of Australia. So, the price is also in AUD not in USD.

Sew Beautiful subscriptions cost you $33.25 a month (33.25 AUD).

My Opinion

Sew Beautiful subscription box is recommended only if you are from Australia and I will recommend it for sure if you are a beginner and want to work on different kinds of projects.

Sew What Sewing Subscription Box

Sew What is a monthly sewing subscription box for beginners who are just starting to get into the hobby of DIY and crafts. It’s perfect because it includes everything that you need to make your own project, including all of the materials! Every month they have new projects, so if you want something different than what was included in last month’s kit then this is perfect. The kits themselves come with easy-to-understand instructions on how to actually assemble the project as well as an overview of which skills were used while making said product (which can be helpful for someone just getting started).

The only downside about Sew What sewing subscriptions is that there aren’t any customization options available – but at least you don’t have to worry about having to figure out what pattern or fabric you need.

What is included?

  • A pre-cut sewing project kit
  • Tutorial videos
  • Every material and notions that are required to complete projects
  • New tips, tricks and tidbits included every month
Watch Video: Sew What Subscription Box Unboxing


Sew What sewing subscription box costs you $37.59 per month and the subscriptions will be renewed every month automatically. You can cancel that automatic renewal by visiting your billing setting.

The above-mentioned price is in USD.

My Opinion

I personally think that Sew What sewing subscription box is a great investment for beginners who just got started in the world of sewing.

It’s not too expensive, and it comes with pretty much everything you need to get started on your own projects! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, which makes this an ideal gift for someone who is just starting to sew.

This is a great subscription box for beginners, but it’s also very useful to people who have been sewing for some time. The patterns are easy and anyone can make them with the instructions given in Sew What sewing subscription box! They also come with all of the supplies you need to get started on your projects.

I would highly recommend Sew What sewing subscription box to anyone who likes arts and crafts.

ThreadCrate Sewing Subscription Box(Discontinued)

Note: ThreadCrate official website is no longer maintained. Their website is showing a 403 status code which states that their server (where the website is hosted) is denying the request due to the non-availability of HTTPS and misconfiguration.

ThreadCrate is a monthly sewing subscription box that sends out all of the materials needed to create your very own handmade projects. The boxes are curated by professional sewists and come with everything you need, from patterns to fabrics to notions.

ThreadCrate ships packages every month, so you can look forward to a monthly box of goodies. The company sends out sewing patterns and materials that are specifically selected for the individual projects in each shipment. So, if you want to learn how to sew an infinity scarf but don’t know where to start with all those pesky fabric types or needle sizes, ThreadCrate can help. These three different kinds of crates which are,

  • Women’s Crate
  • Men’s Crate
  • Kid’s Crate

What is included?

Each crate will come with the following stuff included,

  • 3 Yards of Fabric (Knits or Wovens)
  • Coordinating Thread & Notions
  • Sewing Machine Needle
  • Sewing Clips/Pins
  • Size Inclusive Printed & Digital Pattern
  • 2-3 Sewing goodies & extra’s
  • Occasional Scrap Busters
Watch Video: Thread Crate Garments Subscription Box Unboxing


The price of each ThreadCrate monthly subscription box is given below.

  • Women’s Crate – $39.50
  • Men’s Crate – $34.50
  • Kid’s Crate – $45.50

The prices included here are in USD and each subscription price is for one month.

My Opinion

These are the most recommended sewing subscription boxes by me and these are the best subscription boxes in real words. As a sewist myself, I always like to see what’s new in the sewing market. ThreadCrate is one of those boxes that caught my attention because it offers an exclusive selection of high-quality professional tools and supplies for any project you could think of. It also includes top-quality fabric items from well-known designers. You will never find a selection like this anywhere else.

ThreadCrate is sourced from the US; they send you monthly boxes of fabric and supplies to make your own sewing projects each month with professional quality materials for $34.50/month (shipping included). The company has a passion for what it does and it is not just a business for them, they love what they do and are proud of the items that come in their boxes.

The company has been doing this for years now so you don’t have to worry about quality or customer service because ThreadCrate takes care of all that. I would recommend the ThreadCrate sewing subscription box if you want to be creative and make your own projects or if you are a beginner who is not sure what sewing supplies you need.

FAQ about Sewing Subscription Boxes

What are sewing subscription boxes?

A sewing subscription box is a monthly or quarterly parcel that contains hand-picked materials to help sewers get started with their hobby. Materials may include fabric, patterns, and instruction manuals for beginner projects. The idea behind it is to encourage the person on the receiving end of these boxes to actually do something with them rather than just getting frustrated by not being able to find what they need locally in stores.

What kind of items can I expect to receive in a sewing subscription box?

The items you can expect to receive in a sewing subscription box will vary depending on the specific subscription service you choose. Some boxes may focus on a particular type of sewing, such as quilting or garment making, while others may provide a mix of materials and patterns for various types of projects.
Generally, you can expect to receive a selection of high-quality fabrics, thread, patterns, and tools, along with instructions or inspiration for creating your projects.

Why choose a sewing subscription box when you can buy everything separately?

It’s often difficult for people who have never sewn before but want to start learning how because many shops don’t stock items such as thread and needles and it can be harder for beginners without an established network of friends willing (or able) to share their materials. With a sewing subscription box, the person receiving it only has to worry about getting started with simple projects and not having all the necessary tools – everything’s already there!

Why should I get a sewing subscription box?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about sewing but don’t know where to start, this may be the right option for you. The sewing subscription box includes teaching guides with instructional videos and many other materials designed specifically for beginners. All tools come neatly packaged so they’re ready when you need them – it’s like having your own sewing kit delivered to your door.

How much does a sewing subscription box cost?

A sewing subscription box costs anywhere between $30-100 per month or quarterly depending on what you’re interested in: beginner, intermediate, expert. You can pay for one-off boxes too if you just want one when something specific is released (e.g., Valentine’s Day). There are no contracts so people who don’t like it can cancel at any time without penalty.

What is the best Sewing Subscription Box in the United States – USA?

I have mentioned a complete list of the best sewing subscription boxes available online right now. But, ThreadCrate Box and IndieStitch Box are the most recommended by me. Both of these sewing subscription boxes have been providing quality stuff to their subscribers with the very least issues even in the crisis of COVID-19.

What is the best Sewing Subscription Box in Canada?

Sewers Club provides the best sewing subscription box in Canada starting from $31.99. They are providing high-quality stuff in the box which is good to work on by beginners and advanced sewers also. Some sewing subscription box sellers cost the shipping fee separately even in the USA but Sewers Club is a Canada base setup that provides completely free shipping to the USA, Canada, and the UK.


So, that’s all about the sewing subscription boxes and I hope you liked this detailed review of some of the best boxes available in the market right now. There are other boxes available too but I did not include them just because they do not meet the quality criteria and should work hard enough to provide something worthy to their subscribers. I have only included the best sewing subscription boxes here and written a detailed review of each too.

If you are still confused and do not know which box is suitable for you then you can contact us or leave a comment here below.



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