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The goal of CraftYolo.com is to assist individuals all over the world in purchasing high-quality sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines and other sewing-related supplies. To help you find the best tools for the job, CraftYolo provides reviews, how-to tutorials, and free support. Do you want to know more about CraftYolo? Well, continue reading…

My Story | Maria Howard, Content Manager at CraftYolo

Choosing my first sewing machine was a daunting and stressful experience for me. When looking for the best sewing machine under $400, I did a lot of research online but came up empty. I made the mistake of buying without doing sufficient research, despite the fact that it functioned flawlessly for nearly six years without a hitch. That is what occurs when you take someone else’s advice and buy a sewing machine without first determining whether or not it meets your needs.

But I made up my mind to not leave people hanging because of questionable sewing machine reviews, and instead, I hope to give you in-depth, impartial evaluations.

(Maria Howard – Content Manager at CraftYolo)

Our Startup

In 2019, Our founder (Jane) had the concept to create CraftYolo, but she was unable to make it a reality owing to a number of factors and technological challenges.

In contrast, our endeavor kicked off in 2021 with an unrivaled zeal and a wish to educate the people so that they can learn sewing, quilting, and embroidery in the most straightforward manner possible.

Our Goal

We like nothing more than advising customers on how to find the right machine that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, as well as ours. Our mission at CraftYolo is straightforward: to provide honest product reviews so that our readers can make an informed decision about whatever tool they choose to use.

Why Affiliate Programs?

We have a dedicated page for CraftYolo Affiliate Disclosure which explains our joining of some affiliate programs. We already mentioned that we do not buy machines for review but still there are a lot of expenditures to bear for the continuation of this platform.

To bear the expenditures of this platform to run, you may see some affiliate links while reading the review. If you click on that link, they will redirect you to buy the product on the same page where it is located i.e., Amazon. We will get a small commission after the successful purchase of that products and that tiny amount helps us to keep running this platform.

Also, keep in mind that we get all those commissions at no extra cost to you. You have to pay the same amount whether you directly or from our affiliated link. It is like a win-to-win situation, if you still have a question you may contact us directly.

FREE Support

All of our writers (advance sewers) and some other members are available for you to answer your questions via our phone number. It is quite simple to contact us via the contact form or social media. Visit the Contact Us page and fill up the form over there to send a message to us.

Is it all for FREE? Does not it look like something fishy? Well, this is all for FREE and we already described that we are a part of some affiliate programs and earn some bucks by putting the affiliate links on our website.

We manage all of our costs to run this platform from those affiliate programs.

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