Best Quiet & Silent Sewing Machine in 2023 – Freshly Picked

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Through this article, I have endeavored to compile my list of the quiet and least noisy sewing machines. Undoubtedly, you have to deal with noisy sewing machines especially when you are on an industrial level. Even noise will be there if you want to start a home business. In short, machines coming for business purposes will be considered somehow noisy sewing machines. But, for home purposes, you can find the best silent sewing machine and that’s what I am going to help you to find.

Let’s explore the listings along with their maximum features, Pros, and Cons.

List of Top Quiet Sewing Machines in 2023

Do not have the time to read the complete review and want the list of best Silent Sewing Machines? Well, here is the list of those best sewing machines producing the least noise and are also worth your purchase because of their features and stitching quality.

Janome HD3000

Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine
Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

The Janome HD3000 is one of the best Janome sewing machines that has been designed for those who crave peace and quiet. It offers the features of a high-end sewing machine minus the noise! You won’t have to worry about waking up your family members or neighbors when using this model because it operates at an exceptionally low level. For more information on why this is one of the best machines on the market, read below!

The Janome HD3000 has been specifically designed for those who crave peace and quiet when they sew! It offers features that are normally found in higher-priced models minus the accompanying noise level. You’ll be able to work on any type of project without disturbing anyone around you because it operates at a low volume (52 dB).

I could mention other sewing machines by Janome here too which are silent while operating i.e., Janome 9000. But, I did not mention Janome 9000 and other Janome silent sewing machines just because they were not fulfilling the quality criteria. Janome HD3000 is a heavy-duty sewing machine and is not recommended for beginners because it is a mechanical sewing machine. But, if you love to sew with a mechanical sewing machine as a beginner then it is highly recommended for you.

Features of Janome HD3000

  • The sewing speed of 850 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • 18 built-in stitches
  • 1 single-step buttonhole
  • Manual thread tension control
  • Maximum stitch width of 6.5mm
  • Maximum stitch length of 4mm
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Reverse stitch lever


  • Affordable: It is an affordable sewing machine because of its low price as compared to other sewing machines.
  • Automatic Needle Threader: It does come with an automatic needle threader.
  • Sturdy Frame: As it is a heavy-duty sewing machine, it comes with a stronger frame.


  • Thread Cutter: There is no automatic thread cutter with Janome HD3000.
  • Manual Thread Tension Control: It does not come with an automatic thread tension control.

Elna Elnita EF1

Elna Elnite Ef1 Sewing Machine
Elna Elnite Ef1 Sewing Machine

Elna Elnita EF1 is the best silent sewing machine because it has a lot of features that make it not only quiet but also easy to use. The first thing you’ll notice when you receive your Elna Elnita EF1 is how light and compact it is. It’s also portable so you can take it with you from place to place without any hassle at all! In addition, this sewing machine comes with 10 built-in stitches including utility stitches for hems or seams as well as decorative stitches for embellishing garments. You can even use the free arm on this model which makes garment construction easier than ever before because it is a free arm sewing machine.

You can finish your projects faster because of its fast sewing speed. Most of sewing machines come with a sewing speed of 800 SPM to 1,000 SPM but it comes with a sewing speed of 1,600 SPM which makes it fast.

Features of Elna Elnita EF1

  1. High Speed: 1,600 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  2. Straight stitching
  3. Smart design
  4. Thread tension control
  5. Sturdy construction i.e., eight enclosed Ball bearings in the main shaft
  6. Bright LED Navigation keys
  7. Auto bobbin winder
  8. Needle up/down
  9. Reverse Button
  10. Built-in Needle threader


  1. Its high speed makes it an efficient and perfect sewing partner for large projects
  2. Its bobbin is capable of holding 1.4 times more thread than a regular bobbin
  3. Its side-loading jumbo bobbin offers a very convenient access
  4. LED is very bright and navigation keys are obvious to use
  5. It comes up with a very vast range of standard and optional accessories
  6. Reduces vibration to your machine
  7. Helps reduce noise
  8. The sewing mat is 1/4″ thick
  9. Lightweight :32 lbs
  10. It has a speed control feature


  1. Its maximum stitch length is not optimal. Some machines come up with a maximum stitch length of up to 9mm.
  2. Thread tension control is manual instead of automatic
  3. Doesn’t include an embroidery feature

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine
Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is a sewing machine that has the highest rating in quietness and ease of use. It has an automatic threading system, which makes it easier for the user to handle different types of fabrics without worry about getting tangled. The machine also has a one-step buttonhole, making it simpler than ever to make beautiful buttonholes with minimal effort.

This machine is perfect for sewing projects that require silence, such as quilting or garment construction. It is the best choice for beginners and seasoned sewers alike because it has a computerized system with lots of easy-to-use features. This means you will spend less time trying to figure out how to use your new machine and more time sewing!

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is the perfect machine for any sewers. It has a number of features that make it easier to use and quieter than other machines of Singer on the market. It makes crafting quick, simple, and enjoyable in every way possible.

I will recommend this sewing machine if you are a beginner and want the best choice sewing machine from Singer. It is the most recommended sewing machine of all time by the advanced sewers and experts in the market.

Features of Singer 9960

  1. Sewing Speed of 850 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  2. 600 plus stitch applications including letters
  3. Extension table and hard dust cover included
  4. Consistent buttonholes with 13 one-step buttonhole styles
  5. Comes up with Singer Class 15 transparent bobbins
  6. Convenient stitch selector with stitch style/width/length preview
  7. Needle up/down feature
  8. Inbuilt speed control feature
  9. Thread trimmer button for cutting the top and bottom thread once you are done
  10. Top Drop-in Bobbin
  11. Tie–off button to tie off the stitch and stop sewing
  12. Adjustable stitch width from left to right
  13. LCD screen
  14. Thread tension control
  15. Heavy-duty metal frame


  1. Expandable workspace
  2. 600 decorative scripts
  3. Includes five fonts
  4. Includes hard protective case
  5. Being a computerized machine, it displays some enormously helpful features especially, when dealing with large-scale projects. For example, speed control and stitch selector.
  6. Less noisy
  7. Easy threading system and some versions come pre-threaded
  8. Very lightweight: 17.8 lbs.
  9. Wide range of accessories which also include 24 presser feet.
  10. On-Board Storage


  1. No memory storage to save sequences of decorative stitches/characters
  2. No automatic bobbin winding
  3. Thread tension control is manual
  4. No great portability
  5. Expensive for a home sewing machine

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine
Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is a workhorse of a machine that excels in all areas. It has an impressive number of stitches and built-in stitch functions, which makes it perfect for quilters. But the best part about this silent sewing machine is its noise level – it’s so quiet you can barely hear it!

For those who live in apartment buildings or have nosy neighbors, the Brother CS6000i will be your savior. You won’t disturb anyone with this model because you can barely hear it when it’s running. It operates at almost 50 decibels which is quite low as compared to other Brother sewing machines.

The Brother CS6000i is a great sewing machine. The features and convenience of this model make it the best choice for many people, from beginners to experts. I love that there are 60 different stitches on this device. That’s more than any other brand. It also has an LCD screen with helpful built-in instructions so you can get started right away without having to worry about whether or not you’re using the correct foot pedal. It would be hard to use one incorrectly with this help in your face when needed most. This really is a quality piece of work that will become my favorite go-to sewing machine for years to come.

I loved all these amazing features found on the Brother CS6000i but what made me decide to purchase this model over the other Brother sewing machines was its size. It’s so compact! The CS6000i is a great choice for those who need more portability and convenience which their bulky machine provides.

I personally have used this sewing machine and I am in love with it because of its low noise level, compact size and stitches quality. Want an overview of this sewing machine? Well, check here below.

Features of Brother CS6000i

  • Sewing Speed of 850 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • 60 built-in stitches
  • 7 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes
  • Automatic Needle threader
  • Bobbin Winding system
  • Electronic variable speed control
  • Built-in stitch selector
  • LCD display
  • Broad workspace
  • LED-Lit throat space
  • Oversized table for larger projects
  • Built-in free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves


  • As per its Amazon Listing gives it 4.5 stars out of 5. This means there are 17000+ positive customer reviews on this product.
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable price range
  • Comes with a well-defined manual
  • Includes a great package of accessories
  • Oversized table coupled with already larger work throat space makes it super beneficial for larger projects
  • A wide range of stitch options
  • Both; LCD and LED features
  • Quick change presser feet
  • Stitch width is good i.e., 7mm


  • Stitch length is very ordinary i.e., 5mm
  • Threading the bobbin is sometimes difficult
  • Foot Pedal is overly sensitive
  • Not so good with thick fabric e.g., Denim
  • No Automatic tension

Brother GX37

Brother GX37 Sewing Machine
Brother GX37 Sewing Machine

The Brother GX37 sewing machine is one of the best and most affordable silent sewing machines on the market. It offers many features that make it a great fit for any sewist, whether they are new to this hobby or have been at it for years.

The first thing you will notice about this machine is how quiet it is. In fact, some people cannot even tell when the machine is actually on. This means you can work in peace without worrying about bothering your family members or roommates. You can also work late into the night if needed without causing disruptions to others who might be sleeping nearby.

The GX37 also has a low vibration level. This makes it easier to hold onto and sew for long periods of time without getting tired or developing carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be hard on your wrists when you are trying to work with a sewing machine that is constantly shaking in your hands which can lead to hand cramps, so it is good to know that this won’t be an issue.

Another thing that people appreciate about this machine is the speed adjustment feature which allows you to slow it down or bring the speed back up as needed when sewing different types of projects. It also features a heavy-duty motor and steel gears, ensuring durability for years to come even if you sew for long periods of time and projects that are more difficult.

Features of Brother GX37

  • Sewing Speed of 850 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • 37 built-in stitches
  • Free arm
  • Automatic Needle threaded
  • Quick set bobbin
  • Reverse sewing lever
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Tension control dial
  • One-step buttonhole stitching
  • Come up with a wide range of accessories
  • LED-lit workspace
  • Jam–resistant drop-in top bobbin


  • Assures quality construction
  • Lightweight:10.14 pounds
  • Portable design
  • Handy thread cutter
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with a good number of stitch options
  • Printed stitches feasible
  • Affordable price range
  • Amazing speed:850 stitches per minute
  • Simple to use without extra features
  • Noise -friendly


  • No Start /Stop button
  • No speed controls
  • No automatic threader
  • Worktable is not wide enough

Singer Start 1304

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine
Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

The Singer Start 1304 sewing machine is the most silent sewing machine on the market. It’s also one of the cheapest at a price point less than $200. The noise level for this machine is only 58 decibels, which means that you can sew and talk on the phone without any problem. If you want to take your hobby to the next level or just need an inexpensive way to fix clothes, then this might be what you’re looking for.

Although it does not provide so many features as you can find in other sewing machines on the list but do consider its price while comparing. Its sewing speed of 400 SPM is very low on a side and is more than enough on the other side when I checked its price. So, you can say it is the best choice for beginners but if you do have a budget then consider the other best silent sewing machine by the Singer which is Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.

Features of Singer Start 1304

  • Sewing Speed of 400 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • Comes up with 57 stitching applications
  • Four-step buttonhole
  • Zipper and buttonhole feet included
  • Uses Singer Class 15 transparent bobbins
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • LED-Lit Workspace
  • Reverse Lever
  • Stitch selection dial
  • Free Arm
  • Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter


  • Very lightweight:11.5 lbs.
  • Comes up with six types of inbuilt stitches
  • Three interchangeable Presser Feet
  • Quick Start guide
  • Dual spool pins
  • Automatic tension adjustment
  • Free Arm
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Competitive price
  • Reduces noise


  • Maximum stitching speed is low i.e., 350 stitches per minute
  • Susceptible to jamming
  • Limited stitch options
  • Limited speed control
  • The instruction manual is not elaborate

Juki HZL F300

Juki HZL F300 Sewing Machine
Juki HZL F300 Sewing Machine

If you are a quilter, then you know how important it is to have a sewing machine that can be used without being disruptive. The Juki HZL F300 sewing machine has been designed with this in mind. It is one of the quietest sewing machines on the market and has an impressive range of features for its price point.

The Juki HZL F300 is the best sewing machine for those who want a silent machine. It’s so quiet that you can have it running in your living room without bothering anyone! This sewing machine has an oil-free lubrication system, which means there are no annoying sounds of gears clanking together. The foot pedal also doesn’t make any noise when pressed down to sew, unlike other machines on the market.

The Juki HZL F300 is a high-quality sewing machine that’s perfect for quilters. It offers features like an extra push button on the side of the arm to control stitch width and length without having to stop sewing, which can be very useful when working with layers. The bobbin winder accessory makes it easier than ever to switch between thread colors while sewing.

Another great feature of the Juki HZL F300 is that it can sew in both regular and free-motion modes, which means you’ll never have problems with tension again! The machine also comes with a foot pedal accessory for more precise control over your stitches. It is perfect for quilters who want their stitches to be as small and even as possible.

Features of Juki HZL F300

  • Sewing Speed of 900 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • A large variety of patterns and stitches
  • Up to 70 patterns can be saved for easy recall
  • Large LCD display
  • Maximum stitch width of 7mm and stitch length of 5mm
  • High-speed sewing up to 900 SPM
  • Automatic thread trimming by push button
  • Large, Wide workspace (It has four times larger workspace than an average household machine)
  • Exclusive Bobbin winder
  • LED illumination
  • Durable quilting foot
  • One finger, automatic needle threading
  • 16 types of industrial style buttonholes
  • Precise needle stop


  • Fairly easy to set up and use
  • Large throat area
  • Manual is detailed
  • Comes up with a large range of accessories.
  • Detailed Manual
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Sturdy body
  • Stitches look great and neat
  • Noise reduction properties included


  • Quite hefty; weighs 21.6 lbs.
  • Automatic needle threader sometimes gets stuck
  • No knee lift included
  • In some instances, Bobbin winder got stuck

Better act than talk: Quiet your Noisy Sewing Machine

You may have listened to new cool stuff: “I am picking up good vibrations or I am picking up bad vibrations” etc. You may have believed in good vibrations unless and until your sewing machine sends those cringing noisy vibration sounds, they may arise from uneven work surfaces or your tools are to be seriously blamed!

While searching for the most silent sewing machines, we have to encounter the same brand competition where every user thinks he is using the quietest brand. However, some experts have issued their rankings of the quietest machines. For instance, the Janome 9000 is claimed to be the least noisy by some experts. To learn a way out of noisy situations and to explore whether an innocent and quiet sewing machine really exists on this planet, just swim through this article.

You may follow the steps given below to reduce the noise in your sewing machine. So, follow each step so that you may have a quiet sewing machine.

  • Dismantle the needle bar and make sure it is free from lint or other debris. Replace any parts if necessary.
  • Lubricate your sewing machine regularly with a quality lubricant such as WD-40 or sewing machine oil. The key is to use enough of it so that only one drop remains after five seconds, which ensures proper coverage and penetration.
  • Remove all sources of friction where possible by greasing threads, installing a nylon washer on metal screws/bolts, etc.
  • Replace worn-out moving parts like belts with ones that are still in good condition.
  • Install a low noise motor and/or pulley to reduce the vibrations that make up much of sewing machine’s sound.
  • Replace metal parts with plastic ones or rubber if possible since they are quieter than metal on contact. Remove any taps or sharp edges where fabric can catch on them during operation for similar reasons.
  • If there are metal parts that can’t be replaced, try to make a rubber gasket or o-ring for them so they will have less contact with the fabric surface and also reduce vibration.

Please follow our guide related to “How to quiet a noisy sewing machine” if your sewing machine is noisy and you do not know how to quiet it.

Does a quiet Sewing Machine exist?

Can we really have a sewing machine that can be kept close to a TV set or stereo and you never have to shut your doors while sewing? Can we have it at competitive prices? Fortunately, sewing machine makers are learning that noisy machines are never ever wanted by home sewers.

To be very honest, it is very difficult to silence the motors and metal parts of a machine even when you properly oil it. The touchstone for testing the silence of a machine is to compare the noise levels of all models before finally purchasing anyone because advertisement cherry picks at other features only; noise is not discussed.

Computerized VS Household Machine: Which one is quieter?

It is a well-accomplished fact that computerized machines are far quieter than the regular household versions. But the other side of the coin is: They are quite expensive. Alternatively, many of us would try brands making different models. Some of the brands have made strides in recent years and have come up with quite improved models like Bernina, Janome, Singer, Brother are a few names in this regard.

To sprinkle a bit of physics upon the problem; Sound is relative and owning a noisy machine as compared to owning a very noisy machine already in your house is quiet for you at least. The bottom line is again to take your mate with you to the shop and double-check the noise level.

Comparison of Best Quiet Sewing Machines

FeaturesJanome HD3000Elna Elnita EF1Singer 9960Brother CS6000iBrother GX37Singer Start 1304Juki HZL F300
Sewing speed (SPM)8501,600850850850400900
Built-in Stitches1860060376106
Automatic Thread CutterNoYesYesYesYesNoYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Thread Tension ControlManualManualManualManualManualAutomaticAutomatic/
Sewing speed controlNoYesYesYesNoLimited
Automatic bobbin winderNoYesNoNoNoNoExclusive
Max. Stitch Length (mm)44554-5
Max. Stitch Width (mm)6.56777-7
Warranty (Years)2525252525255
Our rating (out of 5.0)

FAQ about Quiet Sewing Machines

What should be the noise level of a standard sewing machine?

There is no definitive answer to this as every sewing machine comes with different working and features. But, according to the STAC UK report, a standard sewing machine comes with a noise level of 60 dBA. As per a report, a noise level lower than 70 dBA is feasible for human hearing but a level higher than 85 may damage your hearing ability especially if you are an aged person.

What is the quietest Sewing Machine manufacturing brand?

Every sewing machine brand knows the science to keep the noise level lower but they also have to provide some great features that make the machines heavy-duty. So, there is no brand present that only produces the quietest sewing machine but does produce certain models. If still, you want to have a clear winner, consider Janome brand to buy a sewing machine because it knows well to keep the noise of every sewing machine as low as possible. I have mentioned Janome HD3000 as a quieter heavy-duty sewing machine by Janome. Although, Janome 9000 is the quietest but it does not qualify for quality criteria.

Which one is the Quietest Sewing Machine under $500?

You can consider Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 if you want a really quiet sewing machine under $500. It is the best sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine for home purposes considering the noise level as a factor. Moreover, if you do have more budget to spend you can check some of the best sewing machines under $1,000.

What is the Quietest Singer Sewing Machine?

Singer Sewing Machines keep quiet while sewing your stuff as long as you are not working with a heavy-duty sewing machine. Heavy Duty sewing machines are meant for commercial purposes mostly and noise is not considered a factor while considering these machines. So, always look for a non-commercial Singer sewing machine if you want a silent sewing machine.
And, after spending hours checking different Singer sewing machines I can say that Singer Start 1304 is the quietest Singer Sewing Machine available on the market. And, if you want a mixup of least noisy and high quality then Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is the least noisy (silent) yet most powerful sewing machine by Singer.

What is the Quietest Brother Sewing Machine?

Brother Sewing Machines are also of great quality along with their smoothness and quietness. If you are an advanced sewer and want an advanced Brother Silent Sewing Machine packed with great features then you are on the wrong way. Silent Sewing Machines can not be used for heavy work and are not considered heavy-duty machines. That’s why I found Brother GX37 the quietest Brother sewing machine available. Do not you trust me? Well, go and check its reviews, you will find the same thing that I mentioned earlier.
Brother CS6000i is the second option available if you want quality also along with quietness.

What causes noise in sewing machines?

Sewing machines typically make a humming noise due to the motor and other moving parts. The sound of the machine sewing can also be loud, depending on many factors including fabric type and thickness, as well as how tightly you are pulling your fabric through the feed dogs (adjustable little metal teeth). A mechanical malfunction such as broken gears or a loose screw can also cause the sewing machine to make an annoying noise.

Are computerized sewing machines quieter than mechanical ones?

Yes, computerized sewing machines tend to be quieter than mechanical ones. They use a different type of motor that is designed to operate more smoothly, and they also have additional features that reduce noise levels.

How can I compare the noise levels of different sewing machines?

You can compare the noise levels of different sewing machines by checking their decibel (dB) ratings. Manufacturers may include this information in the machine’s specifications or user manual. You can also check online reviews or watch video demonstrations to get an idea of how loud the machine is.

Final Thoughts

While quite affordable for some of us, many people still find it hard to buy a computerized sewing machine due to its price. Other than prices, ideally, a silent machine is hard to find out. Sound can’t be removed but only can be lessened so the most plausible option for all of us is to pick the machine which is quietest among the displayed models in the shop.

You also have to keep an eye on if parts of the machines are properly oiled or are there any possible technical faults. Last but not least, check whether your machine is leveled on an even surface or not.



I have been working as a seamstress since I was 12 years old, and I would be happy to teach you what I know. I, along with the rest of my team, investigate numerous sewing, quilting, embroidery, and fabric related how-to guides, and present our findings to you.

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