Best Janome Sewing Machines in 2022


Janome is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturing company. It was founded in 1921, which makes it one of the oldest manufacturers on the market. The company focuses on quality and offers high-end models for people who sew often, but also has basic models that are affordable for newer sewers or those who don’t consider themselves to be professionals.

Since the company has been around for a long time, it has seen technological advancements, but also the impact that economy and politics can have on a manufacturer. 

Since 1979, Janome has produced electronic machines with computerized features. This advancement was beneficial because it meant that there would be no need for a dealer if maintenance was needed or if the machine broke down because they could fix it themselves. They also created smaller and lighter machines that could be used in small spaces or taken with them when they travel.

Janome machines come in a variety of weights and designs, intended for beginners to professionals.

Most of Janome sewing machines are made to resist wear and tear, as well as to be able to withstand years of use. Most models have a bobbin winder, which allows you to wind the bobbins without having to stop your machine. You can also choose the type of needles you want on each machine with Janome Sewing Machines.

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How are Janome sewing machines different from other brands?

Janome sewing machines are a fairly new brand within the sewing industry, but they have quickly made a name for themselves with designs and features that set them apart from the competition. One of their main priorities is to provide consumers with an easy-to-use machine that produces clean, professional seams. They have also taken steps to ensure that their machines are appropriate for beginners by including instructional DVD’s with each machine as well as an excellent selection of YouTube videos, which means you won’t need any prior knowledge before you get started!

Janome sewing machines are known for their simplicity, durability and ease of use.

If you’re looking for an affordable machine that can handle a variety of tasks with precision and ease, then Janome is the best choice for you. 

Best Janome Sewing Machines For Beginners

Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

The Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine has a variety of features that make this machine one of the best sewing machines on the market. The 5-piece feed dog comes with it so that your fabric is held in place and you can sew straight, without having to worry about it moving around. 

It is also heavy duty and has an extra high presser foot lift so your stitches are higher up than usual, which makes them more durable and easier to pick out because they are hidden under the fabric. The 18 stitch feature offers more variety when you’re sewing, while 6.5mm stitch width allows you to sew many types of fabric without having to change your settings.

The embroidery part of this machine is great because it is built right into the actual machine, so you don’t have to use a separate sewing machine for embroidering. It also has a variety of accessories that make sewing easier, such as a hard cover for your sewing machine and an extra spool pin.

The Janome HD 3000 Sewing Machine is easy to use and will allow you to sew in any style or method that you need. As long as the size of your fabric is the same, it can sew through cotton, canvas, denim, duck, leather and various synthetics. It also has stitch width controls and has 18 built-in stitches so that you can create more elaborate designs for your garments. It comes with a hard cover for storage and extra spool pins for when you need more than one thread used at a time.

Watch Video: A detailed review of Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

Features of Janome HD3000

  • 18 number of stitches
  • Speed of 860 SPM
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Reverse stitch lever
  • Foot pressure adjustment
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder
  • LED Light included
  • Thread Tension Adjustment
  • Carrying Case included
  • 7-piece feed dog


  • Budget friendly
  • Allow free motion sewing and quilting
  • Best for beginners
  • Highly portable and lightweight


  • Does not have LCD
  • Heavy-duty fabrics should not be used continuously

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 has the extra high presser foot lift that can adjust from 10 to 15mm. It has the maximum stitch width being 5mm and maximum stitch length 4mm. It also comes with two retractable, vertical spool pins that help in quick thread change and easy threading. It also has a 5 piece feed dog that can hold the fabric in place while sewing.

It has two available threading options Threading width 6 to 1 and Threading width 12 to 1. It also comes with a drop feed push-pull bobbin winder which helps you to wind the bobbin quickly without any tension. Two retractable, vertical spool pins help in the easy threading process. 

Free-arm helps the operator hands movement freely and provides a smooth and comfortable seam line for better viewing of the work area for better sewing performance.

A 4-Step buttonhole is pre-programmed on the machine and can be used to make beautiful buttonholes in the fabric. It comes with 12 built-in stitches. Front loading vertical oscillating hook bobbin system makes it easy to thread bobbin correctly. Special features like this help the beginners to understand the threading process easily compared to other machines.

It has a drop feed which helps to ensure smooth and even feed without any interruption while sewing or embroidery or quilting for better performance of the machine. It has smaller stitch widths for delicate fabrics which are necessary for proper handling of fine fabrics that’s why it is preferred by many professional seamstresses around the world.

Watch Video: A short review of Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Features of Janome 2212

  • 12 stitches
  • Presser feet snap into place
  • Dog food – 5 pieces
  • Drop feed-Push-pull winder
  • 1 four-step buttonhole
  • Foot presser with extra high lift
  • Stitch selection dial


  • Easy to use
  • No complex features
  • Inexpensive machine


  • Not for heavy materials

Janome MC6500P Sewing Machine

Janome MC6500p has the extra high presser foot lift that can adjust from 10 to 15mm. It has the maximum stitch width being 5mm and maximum stitch length 4mm. It also comes with two retractable, vertical spool pins that help in quick thread change and easy threading. It also has a 5 piece feed dog that can hold the fabric in place while sewing.

It also comes with a drop feed push-pull bobbin winder which helps you to wind the bobbin quickly without any tension. Two retractable, vertical spool pins help in the easy threading process. Free-arm helps the operator hands movement freely and provides a smooth and comfortable seam line for better viewing of the work area for better sewing performance.

It has 135 built in stitches which include utility stitches, decorative stitches, heirloom stitches, stretch stitches etc. This will help you to perform a wide variety of sewing projects easily within a limited time period. It also has 7 one-step buttonholes that helps you to make beautiful buttonholes in the fabric faster than previous models with less effort needed on your part.

Watch Video: A detailed demo of Janome MC6500P Sewing Machine

Features of Janome MC6500P

  • Stitches built-in: 135
  • Seven buttonholes in one step
  • Control of thread tension automatically
  • Needle threader built-in
  • 5-piece feed dog
  • Automated thread cutter 
  • Button to lock stitch
  • Reverse button for easy use


  • Large Bobbin sizes
  • Large workspace
  • Knee lifter helps in large projects

Janome 3160QDC Sewing Machine

The Janome 3160QDC is a mid-range, easy-to-use machine that comes with plenty of features for an excellent price.

Janome 3160QDC is the machine to feature a free arm where you can easily access the armhole of your garment, allowing you to sew and finish a garment faster. You will appreciate how smoothly the fabric feeds through, making sewing easier and more enjoyable. Combine this machine with a memory card*, included with select models, to transfer and store up to 100 of your own stitch patterns. No more hours sifting through patterns or storing hundreds of generic designs. You have the freedom to choose your own unique style and motifs.

The Janome 3160QDC features a unique bobbin winder, which allows you to stop at any point while sewing, and resume sewing where you left off. This is a great feature for those beginners who need to leave the machine in order to grab an item from the store shelf. Just place your work on the motor, press a release button and start again where you left off. All you have to do is change the bobbin when it is time for new fabric. 

The Janome 3160QDC provides a quiet operation so that you can gently and precisely sew multiple layers of fabric if necessary. The Janome 3160QDC has enough power to sew through thick materials like denim, leather, and nylons. Also, the built-in stitch length is adjustable so you can produce your own custom stitches.

Features of Janome 3160QDC

  • Adjustment of foot pressure
  • 60 Built-in stitches 
  • Featuring 6 One-Step buttonholes
  • Rotating bobbins with full hookups at the top
  • An easy-to-use needle threader
  • Thread tension can be adjusted manually
  • Presser feet that snap into place
  • Up/down needle memorized
  • 7-piece feed dog system


  • Best for quilting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Work well on heavy fabrics


  • Does not contain knee lifter

Best Janome Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome C30 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome C30 is a computerized sewing machine, it includes 30 built in stitches, which are great to make most home sewing things. It has an automatic needle threader, the auto threader is very useful when we don’t want to waste time threading the machine needle by hand. 

It also has 4 snap-on presser feet and it is free arm capable, which makes it even more versatile and ideal for hemming pants or sleeves. It has a top loading drop in the bobbin and you can adjust the thread tension, which is another great feature of this machine. The maximum speed on this Janome sewing machine is 820 spm. Overall, it is a great computerized sewing machine for beginners.

In today’s post, I’ll be talking all about Janome’s C30 Computerized Sewing Machine, which makes sewing easier than ever with automatic presser foot drop, one-touch buttonholes, needle threader and more.

The Janome C30 is a perfect machine for beginners who want to learn to sew because it’s so easy to use! It has a learning function that allows you to teach the machine what types of stitches you want to do, and each step in the sewing process is clearly outlined.

There are different sewing patterns available, which are  part of the automatic stitch selection and copy function.

However, there are many more functions that you’ll be able to master with time and practice. For example, if you’re new to hand-sewing, you’ll find that this machine can do it for you automatically.

Watch Video: An overview of Janome C30 Sewing Machine

Features of Janome C30

  • Maximum stitching speed of 820 SPM
  • Drop-in bobbins for top loading
  • 30  built in stitches
  • Thread tension could be adjusted
  • Needle threader built-in
  • Four snap-on feet are included
  • Up/down needle memorized
  • 4-Piece feed dog


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Noisy 
  • Less number of built-in stitches than other models

Janome JW8100 Computerized Sewing Machine 

Janome not only manufactures quality machines but also provides an incredible variety of choices to suit every budget and skill level. The JW8100 Janome Computerized Sewing Machine is no exception. It is one of the most capable machines on the market for $300 and works great for both beginners and professionals alike.

The JW8100 is a top of the line computerized sewing machine, which allows you to do countless things with one machine. The built-in stitches can be used for everything from long dressmaking pieces to light sewing of patches. The auto-tracing has many different styles, including stretch stitch and inverted stretch stitch. This allows very fine or generic stitching. In addition, there is an automatic needle threader. It is actually a carbon-filament motor that silently glides the needle through the work piece and pulls it out of the bobbin case and back into the machine!

It comes with a clear instruction manual in English and French and two bobbins (one for each option). The memory function allows you to store up to 30 different stitches in the machine without any hassle. Moreover, it has the capability to have blind hemming which is definitely a plus for anyone who sews jeans. The speed control is also an added feature that makes it easier to do intricate sewing by hand.

I found that the JW8100 was very easy to use but took me a little while to figure out how they’d set up the pattern selection and sequence of sewing patterns. Of course, I had the instruction manual with me so I could get passed this minor learning curve.

Watch Video: An overview of Janome JW8100 Sewing Machine

Features of Janome JW8100

  • Built-in Stitches: 100
  • 7 One-Step Buttonholes
  • Control of thread tension manually
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Backlit LCD Screen with Easy Navigation
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7mm


  • Full speed control
  • Extension table for large projects
  • Simple and easy


  • Not good for heavy materials

Janome 49360 Computerized Sewing Machine

Automatic thread cutter with reverse and retractable blade  The Janome 49360 Sewing Machine is a computerized sewing machine that instantly converts to a free arm and does drop feed, as well as other stitches! The machine comes with a total of 60 built in stitches on the dial, and each stitch is displayed. 

The machine is computerized, so it allows you to adjust your stitch length and width on the fly. The free arm is easy to use because the extension can be easily removed by removing a screw and then lifted right off. The 49360 sewing machine also has an automatic thread cutter that is built in and will cut your thread when you are finished with your seam. The automatic thread cutter has a retractable blade so you won’t accidentally cut yourself. The machine also has an automatic needle threader for your convenience so that you don’t have to take the time to thread the needle manually. 

When using this machine as a free arm sewing machine, there is a convenient drop feed lever that you can slide from side to side so you can drop the feed dogs away from the material, then pull them back towards you to do some top-stitching. The lower feed dog can be removed by removing a screw.

There is an extended needle plate with a 7-piece feed dog for beginning seamstresses or kids who like playing around with fabrics and sewing projects. The machine has a standard foot pedal that is easy to use and control, and when you are doing free arm sewing and not using the drop feed feature, there is a pressure adjustment and an extra-high sewing speed. When it comes to the actual stitch quality of this Janome 49360 Sewing Machine, you will find that it sews very well. The motor is strong in this machine and has many built in stitches that you can use for your projects. It is quiet during operation and upholding the name of Janome when it comes to the best quiet and less-noisy sewing machines.

Features of Janome 49360

  • Six automatic buttonholes are included in the 60 stitches
  • Auto-memorized thread cutter
  • Zigzag stitch maximum of 7mm
  • Adjustment of foot pressure
  • Feed dog system for superior plus with 7 pieces
  • Drop feed dog with lever
  • A needle plate that extend


  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up


  • Not enough light
  • Speed reduce on heavy materials

Janome Sewist 780DC Computerized Sewing Machine

New sewing machines are being created all the time, but most of them are just electronic advancements on outdated and inconvenient designs. The Janome Sewist 780DC computerized sewing machine is different. It has a unique design that’s tailored to sewers’ needs, so you can spend more time sewing and less time trying to figure out how your machine works. Threading it couldn’t be simpler with the built-in thread cutter on the spool holder, and if you want something fancier than a straight stitch this model also offers decorative stitches.

The Janome Sewist 780DC is a computerized sewing machine that allows you to sew a variety of fabrics with the utmost precision. It comes with an 80-stitch built-in memory and three one-step buttonholes. Along with a snap-on foot, it allows you to sew quilt seams, hems and stitches.

It also has a removable free arm for sewing cuffs, sleeves and pant legs or drapes or for clearing out underlays and other mending jobs. You can enjoy high quality performance whenever you are in need of it.

This sewing machine is integrated with an needle threader and you can comfortably sew with over-sized materials. It also features a one-hand needle threader, allowing you to just drop the thread through the eye of the needle.

You can even adjust the tension with the presser foot lifter and a height adjustment lever. The stitch length selector dial lets you customize your own stitch length so that it is tailored to your exact requirements.

The Janome Sewist 780DC comes equipped with 7 feed dogs, enabling you to choose between free motion or vertical stitches; all at different speeds, so that you can sew at your desired speed depending on the fabric whether it be light or heavy, smooth or stretchy.

Watch Video: An overview of Janome Sewist 780DC Sewing Machine

Features of Janome Sewist 780DC

  • Built-in stitches of 80
  • Three one-step buttonholes
  • Control of thread tension manually
  • Needle threader built into the machine
  • Default needle setting 
  • 7-piece feed dog


  • Best for advanced sewers


  • Some customers complaint about stitches quality

Best Janome Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

The Janome HD1000 is a heavy duty sewing machine for the creative sewer. It is equipped with 14 built in stitches, a four step buttonhole, automatic needle threader and an easy to read stitch selection dial. The HD1000 features an extra high presser foot lift for smooth operation when sewing thick fabrics. There is also a heavy duty spool cap for use with extra wide bobbins. The top drop in bobbin allows the user to quickly change threads and the ample storage space is great for holding supplies. The user-friendly features on the Janome HD1000 are great for beginners and experienced users alike.

The HD1000 features 14 built-in stitches which includes 4 one-step buttonholes, stitch length and width controls, monogramming stitches, a stretch stitch and a quilting guide. The automatic needle threader on the HD1000 is a great time saver when it comes to threading the needle, this feature makes it possible to get started sewing faster than ever. There is also a snap-on presser feet storage compartment located next to the bobbin winder making it easy to change out the feet without any hassle.

The four step buttonhole can be used for functional buttonholes or decorative buttonholes by simply adjusting the size of the buttonhole. This feature is great for finishing work such as binding, decorative stitching and other embroidery techniques. The stitch selection dial on the HD1000 allows the user to easily select any of the 14 built-in stitches with just a few clicks using a simple slide action. The stitch selection dial also displays information such as stitch type, stitch length and width.

The Janome HD1000 features a removable built in needle threader which makes it possible to thread the machine without any hassle. The extra high presser foot lift is useful when sewing thicker fabrics or materials.

Watch Video: An overview of Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

Features of Janome HD1000

  • Built in stitches :14 
  • Buttonholes: 4
  • Feed Dog: 3
  • Stitching Speed: 860
  • Control of thread tension manually
  • Needle threader built-in
  • Dial for selecting stitches
  • Extra-high presser foot lift


  • Good Front loading bobbin machine
  • Good for beginners


  • Weak motor
  • Reverse function does not work well for heavy fabrics

Janome HD3000: Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Janome HD3000 Heavy sewing machine is perfect for quilters and those looking for a heavy-duty machine to do their work. This is a 5-piece feed dog, free arm, and extra high presser foot lift. The stitch width on this machine is 6.5mm with 18 stitches available as well as hard cover included with the package. The stitch length on this machine varies by thread type.

This machine has a heavy-duty frame and is great for machine quilting with up to 10 layers of high density fabrics. It has 18 built-in stitches including utility stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches, satin stitch and an automatic buttonhole.

This machine has a drop feed that allows you to sew with multiple layers of fabric without having the layers bunch up. The extra high presser foot lift allows for easy placement of different types of feet and quilting add-ons.

The ability to mimic the look of hand embroidery using the built in decorative stitches is one of the most exciting features on this machine. The decorative stitching feature gives you beautiful embroidered designs by simply pressing a button.

This machine comes with a hard cover for the storage and protection of your machine. The package also includes an accessory kit with screwdrivers, seam ripper, needle set, bobbins, and notions.

A few months ago, I found out about the Janome HD3000 sewing machine. I was amazed by the features, accessories and thought it was going to be the best sewing machine available. On my birthday, my mom bought me a new Janome HD3000 and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The first time using this sewing machine was an awful experience, I never knew that I could sew with such handiwork as this.

Watch Video: A detailed review of Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

Features of Janome HD3000

  • 18 number of stitches
  • Speed of 860 SPM
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Reverse stitch lever
  • Foot pressure adjustment
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder
  • LED Light included
  • Thread Tension Adjustment
  • Carrying Case included
  • 7-piece feed dog
  • Free Arm configuration


  • Excellent quality stitch
  • Best for all fabrics
  • Strong body


  • Needle threader sometimes does not work well.

Janome MOD-8933 Serger with Lay-in Threading

The Janome MOD-8933 serger is a powerful and versatile machine that can handle a wide variety of projects. It has feed dogs on both sides, allowing you to use it alongside a sewing machine, or just to produce delicate top stitching when you need precision. And with its modern design and functional features, the MOD-8933 is more than just an attractive addition to your sewing room; it’s also easy to set up and use once it does arrive.

The MOD-8933 is an entry level serger that will appeal to sewers who are just getting started with their serging adventures, but also to seasoned sewers looking for a modern and reliable machine. The MOD-8933 is a wide feed serger with a capacity of 6mm, but it also comes with an even thinner 3mm stitch that’s ideal for finishing knits and lightweight fabrics.

The MOD-8933 also has a loop trimming system and differential feed which allows you to create professional serged hems and other special finishes. And if you’re using the MOD-8933 with another sewing machine, the built in lay-in threading makes it easy to change between machines.

The MOD-8933 even comes in an attractive, modern and contemporary silver design, with a serging foot made of plastic and a computer interface. 

Watch Video: A detailed review of Janome MOD 8933

Features of Janome MOD 8933

  • 3 and 4 Thread Convertible
  • Easy Lay-in Tension Dials
  • Threading Chart
  • Color-Coded Thread Guides
  • Tension Release Lever
  • Easily Accessible Lower Looper
  • Maximum Speed: 1,300 SPM


  • Superb build quality
  • Top rack stitch capabilities
  • Versatile options


  • Expensive
  • Limited space on the knee lift rods

Janome MyLock 634D Overlock Serger

The MyLock 634D combines both an overlock and a side-seam serger into one convenient machine, making it very easy to handle difficult fabrics that may require both processes. Janome’s sergers are among the most reliable on the market, thanks to their precision engineering and quality construction. Features include: 6mm stitch length stitches in both directions Automatic 4-3-2 thread overlock with differential feed Quickly change from 4 threads to 3 or 2 threads.

Automatic needle threader Automatic cloth fold edge 1300 SPM when using thick fabrics Adjustable cutting width 3.1mm to 7.3mm; six stretch stitches.

The MyLock 634D serger offers all of the features of the best-selling overlock machines in one easy-to-use package. Its combination of advanced features and simplicity makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of projects at home or in the sewing studio. The MyLock 634D combines Janome’s reliable mechanical construction with modern innovations like an automatic needle threader, automatic cloth fold, and color-coded thread guides.

The serger features a differential feed with adjustments from 0.5 to 2.25, making it perfect for fine fabrics or multiple layers, as well as thick materials such as denim or leather.

Watch Video: A detailed review of Janome MyLock 634D

Features of Janome MyLock

  • Cuts at different widths 
  • Stitching speed of 1300 SPM
  • Stitch length can be adjusted 
  • Sergers with 2, 3, or 4 threads
  • Tension-regulating lay-in threads
  • Chart of threads 
  • The thread guide is color-coded


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all fabrics

Best Janome Embroidery Machines

Janome Memory Craft 9850 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Speaking of embroidery, the Janome MC 9850 is also equipped with a function called “stitch on buttonholes” which you can use to sew decorative stitches onto the edges of buttonholes and other topstitching.

The Janome MC 9850 is a hybrid machine with the features of an embroidery machine and a sewing machine. It is an all-in-one machine that has both sewing and embroidery features in one machine.

The Janome MC 9850 is a complete, quality full-featured machine for embroidery, and stitching projects. With its top-loading bobbin, built-in needle threader, one-step buttonhole function, and LCD screen it offers effortless stitch selection from the 200 stitches to 6 one-step buttonholes.

The built-in needle threader makes it easy for the user to attach the machine to any project without the need for extra accessories.

Janome’s MC 9850 Embroidery Machine is a cost-efficient machine with a variety of features that offer versatility and quality stitching performance. The combination of its built-in stitches with the easy-to-use LCD screen and automatic needle position makes it easier than ever to embroider on your favorite projects. With 200 built-in stitches, it offers maximum control over embroidered designs while maintaining quality stitching performance.

The buttonholes are fully customizable and can be made in one step for convenience.

The vertical oscillating hook bobbin is a well-known feature of Janome machines that ensures smooth, consistent thread tension to optimize the stitch quality.

The machine also includes an automatic thread tension function which is ideal for beginners who have little experience with embroidery machines. The Janome Memory Craft – MC 9850 also featured a USB port on the front of the machine which allows you to transfer your designs from your computer directly onto your machine through the USB cable.

The machine does not come with an accessory tray, but it does have an onboard storage compartment for all of your sewing tools and needles, plus a built-in handle to make carrying it around easy and breezy.

Watch Video: A detailed review of Janome Memory Craft 9850

Features of Janome MC 9850

  • Bobbins with top loading
  • 200 Built-in stitches
  • 6 One-step buttonholes
  • Tension automatically adjusted
  • Needle threader built-in
  • Touchscreen LCD full-color 
  • Adjustment of foot pressure
  • Embroidery size: 6.7″ x 7.9″ 
  • USB System for Linear Motion Embroidery
  • Stitching speed for embroidery: 800 SPM


  • Value for money
  • Easy to set up


  • Difficult to find a straight stitch needle plate

Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

This embroidery machine is perfect for every level of embroidery enthusiasts, from beginners to the more seasoned. It has been designed with ease of use in mind, which means that you will not have any trouble putting it to good use. It has 160 built-in stitches, which means that you will be able to perform all sorts of embroidery jobs at home or in your workplace.

The Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine is one of the machines that are known for their durability, their quality, and their effectiveness. 

This professional and top-of-the-line machine can be used for all sorts of different embroidery projects, from kits and t-shirt patches to traditional household items and fabric pillows.

The Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine is a product that you will be able to use for the rest of your life, which is why quality is so important. It has an automatic threading system that guides the thread through the machine at its first use – this means that it will not get tangled or jammed, which can be dangerous and upsetting for many people who are not used to machines.

It also has an easy-to-use LCD touch screen system – which you can use to adjust any of the parameters on your embroidery machine. It has an embroidery area size of  7.9” x 11”.

Watch Video: A short review of Janome Memory Craft 500E

Features of Janome MC 500E

  • Built-in designs: 160
  • Fonts for Monogramming
  • Embroidery Sewing Speed: 860 SPM


  • Best features and high quality
  • Easy to use


  • Does not come with a digitizing software

FAQs About Janome Sewing Machines

Where are Janome sewing machines made?

Janome is a Japanese company that produces sewing machines, embroidery, and sergers built in Japan. Janome specializes in industrial sewing machines, which are used in industries all over the world. Janome is a privately held company that has been making high-end industrial sewing machines for over 50 years.

Where to buy Janome sewing machines?

You can buy Janome sewing machines through retailers or online stores. If you want to buy Janome sewing machines online, you can shop directly from Janome authorized dealers. You can check the information about any Janome sewing machine on their official website. If you want to buy Janome sewing machines locally, you can check out your local retailers or you can also purchase Janome sewing machines on or Amazon.

Is Janome’s sewing machine reliable?

Yes, Janome is known for its quality and durability. They are built to last over the years and provide their owners with professional quality stitching experience a day in and day out.

What is the best Janome embroidery machine?

According to reviews, the Janome HCM 9850 is considered to be the best chance for those new to embroidery. It has 160 built-in stitches and a great LCD display, which makes it easy for any user to get acquainted with their sewing machine.

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And that, in a nutshell, is what we have to say here. There are plenty of different choices when it comes to selecting the best  Janome sewing machine for beginners and advanced users. Of course, you will want to get yourself the best sewing machine out there if you are an advanced user, but if you are a beginner, then you need to find something that will be easy for you to use – otherwise, you can become frustrated with the process and give up quite early on.

Janome is one of the most respected names in the world of sewing machines. If you want one of the best machines out there, then a Janome could be it. 

The Janome sewing machine has a wide variety of products for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are an expert seamstress or a complete novice, there is a Janome that will suit your needs.

What’s more, with their many features and the different price points, they are very cost-effective machines with lots of bang for your buck.


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