How to thread a Janome sewing machine?

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It is important that you learn how to thread a Janome sewing machine properly if you have one, otherwise, your machine and all the materials in it will be damaged. By learning how to thread a sewing machine, you can avoid potential problems. Threading a sewing machine is not hard or difficult. It just needs some determination and care for a little effort by the sewers.

Janome is also a well-known brand for producing some of the most beginner-friendly sewing machines and that’s why it would not be so difficult to thread a Janome sewing machine.

I was also passionate about sewing and as a beginner bought a Janome 3125 machine to do sewing in my spare time. I was so confused about the working and threading of the machine properly but after some tricks, I am now able to do all the functions by myself. So I decided to explain the different important things needed for the proper working of a sewing machine. I took my Janome 3125 for a tutorial but you can use these steps for most Janome machines. Without further ado let’s take a look at the threading and adjustments of Janome Sewing Machines!

How to thread a Janome sewing machine?

Janome sewing machine is a great sewing machine. It is not too hard to thread a Janome sewing machine, by going through the instructions that you get in the manual of your Janome sewing machines.

  • To start the threading process you need to set the needle point, you have 2 options: Pull out the thread from the take-up lever, then pull out the thread from the knob on top of the presser foot to make sure it is correctly set as a loose needle. 
  • Rotate the needle lever so that it is facing down, then insert your thread into the knob. The needle should be at a right angle to your finger when you look at it through a magnifying glass.
  • To draw the thread from the spool, pull out the thread from the take-up lever, then pull out the thread from the knob on top of the presser foot to make sure it is correctly set as a loose needle.
  • To arrange your sewing machine for sewing,
    • you need to push in and back until the tip of your presser foot touches a tab where you want it to go. To do this, reach across with one hand and grasp one end of the presser foot lever or take-up lever.
    • With your other hand, pull up on that side of that lever.
    • Hold it with your hand and then push down on the opposite side until the pointer (the little metal thing on top of the presser foot lever) is lined up with the guide (the arrow or tab) where you want the presser foot to go.
    • You have to repeat this for both sides so that both pointers line up with their corresponding guides.
  • Connect the thread to the thread guide by drawing it from the spool. Pull the thread along the thread guide.
  • As you draw the thread up, make sure you follow the guide plate’s bottom.
  • When you go up, leave a little thread in the channel so you can tie the two ends together later.
  • Pull out the thread from the spool and pass it over one of the notches on the thread guide plate.
  • Pass the needle through this loop and back down again, then pull out all of your slack until there is no more left on either side of the plate. 
  • As you draw the thread from right to left, ensure that it goes securely over the thread take-up lever and down into the lever eye. Pull out the thread from the take-up lever and pass it over one of the notches on the thread guide plate.
  • Use a needle threader or pass the thread through the eye of the needle from the front.

How to thread a Janome HD1000 sewing machine?

Threading a Janome HD1000 is not more different than any other Janome sewing machine but I have seen a lot of people are interested to know about threading a Janome HD1000 sewing machine as it is a quite popular sewing machine. So, follow all the steps given below to thread your Janome HD1000 sewing machine in the easiest way.

  • To make sure the presser foot is in the right place, you should use your finger to line up the needle with the big needle slot on one side of the presser foot. Push up on the lever to make sure it is still there and won’t fall out.
  • Once that is done, pull out some thread from your spool and pass it under this little tab on one side of the presser foot (the ones meant for your fingers). Then slide it all the way right until it just touches another tab. Pull up this end of the thread, and then follow through by cutting off any extra slack in front of where you want to sew.
  • Thread the needle
  • Pass the thread over the metal eye of your presser foot lever one more time, then pass it through the metal eye at the top of your machine on the right side (there are two little holes there). Go under, back up and over to get out any excess thread all in one step.
  • Then pass it through another metal tab on top of your machine and push it all the way down, then pull out all of this extra slack in front of where you want to sew.
  • Pull out a small amount of thread from your spool again, and then pass it over this little tab on one side of the presser foot (the ones meant for your fingers). Then slide it all the way right until it just touches another tab. 
  • Thread your needle and go through the bottom metal eye and back out through the top metal eye, as in step 4 above. Then pull out any extra slack from both sides.
  • Carefully draw the thread out of the second little slot in the tip of your presser foot. Go around this little tab, then through this other one, and back out to the bottom. Pull out any excess thread from both sides.

How to wind a bobbin in a Janome Sewing Machine?

Despite being one of the easier tasks, winding a bobbin is a very important aspect of the stitching process. To get the best stitching results, all of Janome’s top-loading sewing machines require a clear plastic bobbin. Using a metal bobbin will cause the magnetic hook system to malfunction. Also, make sure the thread is of the highest quality!

Step 1:

Start by inserting the thread through the bobbin’s hole, from the inside towards the outside, so that a loop is formed at the end.

Step 2:

In order to wind the bobbin, you must place it on the bobbin winder spindle, and you must move it to the right.

Step 3:

When the motor speed is set to medium, the bobbin thread can be wound evenly; and the thread will not stretch as much as it might if the motor speed is set to ultra-fast.

You will need to hold the free end of the thread while pressing the foot control (or pressing the start button) in your hand

It is imperative that you stop the machine after the machine has made several turns and cut the thread tail close to the hole in the bobbin.

Step 4:

Once you have fully wound the bobbin, it will automatically stop when the winding is completed. If the winding is not cylindrical, or if the bobbin overfills or underfills, then adjustment needs to be made. The thread should be wound evenly on the bobbin, and if the winding is not cylindrical, then an adjustment needs to be made.

How to thread a bobbin Janome sewing machine?

The bobbin thread is the most important aspect of your sewing, so it is very important that you know how to thread a bobbin in a Janome sewing machine correctly.

Follow the steps given below to know about threading a bobbin of a Janome sewing machine.

  • The Bobbin should be inserted into the bobbin holder with a small amount of slack. This will be used for tacking the two ends together.
  • Insert the spool into your sewing machine and start reeling in the thread until you have at least 6-7″ left on top of the thread spool.
  • The thread reel should be adjusted so that it’s comfortable for winding and unwinding threads. You can adjust it by raising or lowering it at any time you want. Always keep a firm grip on the thread reel as you wind and unwind.
  • Make sure that there is no tension on the bobbin; you need to let up some tension so that the bobbin can easily slide down into place as soon as it reaches its destination.
  • Once the bobbin is set, your bobbin thread should be just hanging from the hole found at the bottom of the spool.
  • Once you are satisfied that all of the thread is on top of the pins, secure it by pushing down gently on each side of the thread guide rail.
  • A good way to test the thread is to hold the two threads together and run them through an over-and-under needle. This test should show you whether or not you have threaded your bobbin correctly.

How to adjust thread tension on a Janome sewing machine?

Another very important aspect of sewing is adjusting the tension on your machine. This is a very simple procedure and will help if your sewing machine is not running smoothly or if you are experiencing problems with thread sticking.

You can simply follow the given steps to easily thread your sewing machine.

Step 1:

First, turn your presser foot lever so that the pressure plate is facing down. Place the foot that needs to be adjusted in front of the presser plate, with the edge of the sole toward you. Gently push down on it, making sure that your other hand holds the presser bar still on its way to rise.

Step 2:

If the thread is loose, adjust the upper threading tension. To do this, turn the top-loading knob to the right. Your goal is to increase tension, but not too much until it causes your stitches to become rough.

Step 3:

If your stitch appears to be too tight or is puckering, then you will need to lower your upper threading tension. Turn the top-loading knob counterclockwise and repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary.

FAQs About Threading A Janome Sewing Machine

What is the best thread for Janome sewing machines?

Quality counts and with it will come better sewing. You want to make sure that you are using a good quality thread, as this can impact the look of your garment. There are many threads out there and you can select threads of any brand. I personally preferred Gutermann Sew-All Thread to use for my projects. 

How to use a Janome sewing machine automatic thread cutter?

Many of Janome sewing machines come with an automatic thread cutter which can be used when you want to change thread colors. Just wind a new spool and place it in the machine, then turn the thread guide lever at the back of your machine until your old thread disappears. This will cut the old threads, making them easy to remove from your sewing machine.

What to do when the Janome sewing machine is not picking up bobbin thread?

If the needle is dropping your thread, but the spool seems to be working fine, then the bobbin might be feeding too fast. Adjusting the bobbin speed can resolve this problem. Just adjust the knob on your machine according to the thickness of your fabric.

Your needle thread and bobbin thread may not be in sync, causing your bobbin thread to not catch all of the time. Getting your sewing machine checked by a qualified technician is a good idea. 

Once you have checked all these details and reviewed other important aspects of sewing machines, you should be able to put together a good quality project. The important part is patience as it will take some time for you to get used to how your machine runs.

How to change the needle in a Janome sewing machine?

It is not difficult to change a needle. In order to remove the old needle, it is simply a matter of turning off the machine and loosening the clamp screw. After that, it is a simple matter of screwing the new needle in place and tightening the clamp screw. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you some good tips on how to thread a Janome sewing machine. You can also use these tips on any other type of sewing machine you may already have. The best way to learn is through repetition, and the more you practice, the easier it will become for you to operate your sewing machine without trouble. 

A Janome sewing machine is one of the best choices for a person who wants to sew and has little time and patience to learn how to sew. 

Make sure that you get the best and most functioning sewing machine so you can make your projects perfect. 

Now you have learned the basic feature of a Janome sewing machine and how to use it properly. Also, now you can make your sewing projects more beautiful, colorful and elegant with a Janome sewing machine.



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