Our Review Process

We have a team of authors who love to write about Sewing Machines and also have taken sewing as their job.

Our authors are instructed to adhere to our CEO’s strict guidelines for reviewing sewing machines and to only offer their viewpoint if they have ever used the machine being reviewed.

It is almost hard for us (also for any other – we believe) to acquire every released sewing machine of every brand and review it after experiencing it in real life. I know how nice they may be yet it seems difficult to cover their costs to buy them. So in this scenario, all of our writers are directed to undertake comprehensive research about a sewing machine i.e., reading reviews online, verifying characteristics of the machine, and viewing videos, etc.

Even I attempt to interact with folks who are using the machine to gain real-world experience via various venues. I do my best when writing evaluations and want to give you high-quality material. Although you can obtain this information elsewhere on the Internet, it will not be identical. Let me explain; our reviews contain information from actual users of the gadget, gathered from numerous Social Media platforms. Straight and unambiguous end results, and an evaluation from the writer’s (advanced sewer) perspective.

We do not review based on a selected brand or any other particular bias, but solely on what we as real-world sewers have found out. We are not affiliated with any sewing machine brand or seller and don’t accept payments whatsoever to offer favorable reviews.

We earn income from affiliates who pay us for directing visitors to their website if you click the links found in the review and buy a sewing machine. The more quality content our writers create, the more you will find new articles of interest to you when browsing CraftYolo.com.

That’s another way we choose to keep Craftyolo free to its growing number of followers. There are no banner ads here at Craftyolo up till now. It is our role to provide you with only top-notch hints, ideas, and original content that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Hopefully, this helps explain how we produce reviews for you. There is a proper mechanism of content creation at Affinity Ventures LLC. But, if you want to meet us, find our contact information now.