Melco Amaya Bravo X Review (16-Needle Professional Embroidery Machine)

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Melco Amaya Bravo X is a 16-needle embroidery machine that can fulfill your embroidery needs on a commercial scale. It is a great choice to consider if you want to start an embroidery business. Although Embroidery Business has a good earning potential but requires a lot of attention too i.e., you need a trusted embroidery machine. You can earn $100,000+ in just a single month from your embroidery business if you are skilled and have a trusted machine as a partner.

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And, I think you can take Melco Amaya Bravo X seriously for your embroidery needs because of its features and stitch quality. Melco Amaya Bravo X is a complete computerized embroidery machine that can be used to embroider Hats, Shoes, Pants, Shirts, Caps, Fleece, Hoodies, and other related stuff. Bravo X Embroidery Machine by Melco comes with three variants and here are these listed below.

Did not you notice that the names of all of these variants are the same but the DesignShop variant is different for all of these?

Well, let’s discuss each variant in detail along with its DesignShop version.

Melco Amaya Bravo X- DesignShop Sizer (Lite Version)

Melco Bravo X Embroidery Machine
Melco Bravo X Embroidery Machine

This variant comes with the least features as compared to other variants and of course, costs less too. You will get DesignShop Sizer V11 with this embroidery machine which is also available to download for FREE right here. DesignShop Sizer version is capable of,

  • Sizing
  • Rotating
  • Color Changing
  • Existing Designs Editing (*Very basic)

Is it all that you are going to get? Yes, you will get very basic features like Resizing, Rotating, Moving & Color Changing your designs with the DesignShop Sizer version because it is available for FREE. And, the embroidery machine that you are going to get also does not provide you with so smooth experience. Melco Amaya Bravo X with Sizer DesignShop version has an embroidery speed of 1000 SPM (Stitches per Minute).

Melco Amaya Bravo X- DesignShop Editor (Intermediate Version)

This is an upper and upgraded variant of Melco Amaya Bravo X- DesignShop Sizer and you will get a lot of commendable features with this version. But, the embroidery machine will offer you the same embroidery speed that you get in the Melco Bravo X Lite version (1,000 SPM).

Digitizer software that comes with this variant is capable of the following features,

  • Resizing
  • Rotating
  • Color Change
  • 175+ Fonts and some Monogram designs
  • 1000 Stock Embroidery Designs
  • Auto Underlay and Density
  • Custom Design Checker
  • Trim between letters, words, or only when specified
  • TrueType Font TTF Support
  • OpenType Font OTF Support
  • Realistic 3D rendering of the design
  • Manual Digitizing
  • Wireframe or Stitch Editing
  • Multiple stitch directions within an element
  • Selectable Character list for Fonts
  • Automatic Fabric Adjustment via Styles
  • Alignment Tools
  • Custom Shapes and Designs Library
  • Batch Conversion

So, this is the complete list that you will get as features in DesignShop Editor if you buy the intermediate variant of Melco Amaya Bravo X. This variant can fulfill all of your embroidery needs but if you want to go to the extreme and have high hopes from the embroidery business then you need to consider its Professional variant.

Melco Amaya Bravo X- DesignShop Vector (Professional Version)

This is the recommended embroidery machine by me as it comes with almost everything that you need to start an embroidery business or if you want to go on a commercial scale. Although the above-listed two variants also come with the same embroidery machine, there is a difference between Embroidery Speed and DesignShop. In this variant, you will get an advanced and full professional form of DesignShop and it is called DesignShop Vector.

Here are the complete features that DesignShop Vector offers you.

  • Resizing
  • Rotating
  • Color Change
  • 175+ Fonts and some Monogram designs
  • 1000 Stock Embroidery Designs
  • Auto Underlay and Density
  • Custom Design Checker
  • Trim between letters, words, or only when specified
  • TrueType Font TTF Support
  • OpenType Font OTF Support
  • Realistic 3D rendering of the design
  • Manual Digitizing
  • Wireframe or Stitch Editing
  • Multiple stitch directions within an element
  • Selectable Character list for Fonts
  • Automatic Fabric Adjustment via Styles
  • Alignment Tools
  • Custom Shapes and Designs Library
  • Batch Conversion
  • Open Custom Design
  • Insert Custom Design
  • Create New Design
  • Export and Save Design in vector
  • Stitch Graphic Region
  • Graphic Conversion Assistant

Have you read finished reading the whole long list of features offered by DesignShop Vector? Well, it offers a complete solution to your embroidery design creation and editing, that’s the reason I am recommending this version.

Features of Melco Amaya Bravo X Embroidery Machine

Here is the complete list of features of Melco Amaya Bravo X- (Professional Version)

  • Embroidery Speed of 1100 SPM (Stitches per Minute)
  • Multi-Needle (16 Needles)
  • Create Network of up to 4 Machines
  • 4 Round Hoops (3.5″, 4.68″, 5.85″, 14.25″ x 11.75″)
  • 1000 Embroidery Designs
  • 175+ Fonts & Monograms
  • TTF Fonts Support
  • OTF Fonts Support
  • 3D rendering of Embroidery Designs
  • DesignShop (Sizer, Editor & Vector version)
  • Bravo OS (Operating System)
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Thread Blockage Detection
  • Auto Thread Cutter
  • Power Cord, Ethernet Crossover Cable
  • Cold Bright LED
  • Weight 210.3 lbs. (95.4 Kg)
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Classroom training for a machine of 2 days

I will explain some salient features of Melco Amaya Bravo X in detail so that you may not have any doubt about any of its available features. Here you go,

Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

It comes with 16 needles and I do not think that you need more than 16 needles on a single head to work fast. For basic projects, you can consider a single needle embroidery machine but if you want to do an embroidery business then this is not your way to go. A single needle machine will take a lot more time than a multi-needle machine to finish the same project.

You have to change the thread as per your design color again and again. It will make you frustrated if your design contains more than one color.

Embroidery Speed

No one would like to have a slow embroidery machine that takes longer to finish the project. You might see on the list that it is offering 1100 SPM as an embroidery speed, what does that mean? Well, Sewing or Embroidery Speed is calculated as stitches per minute, and in this regard, Melco Amaya Bravo X will cover your back. Usually, you get an embroidery speed of 700-900 SPM for embroidery machines except for professional embroidery machines.

Finishing your embroidery projects faster is the priority of everyone either one is starting a home embroidery business or wants to go on a commercial scale. So, 1100 SPM embroidery speed is enough to make your projects finished with less time.

4 Different Hoops

Embroidery Machine Hoops are really important especially when you want to go on a commercial level. You will have to deal with different kinds of projects from small size objects to large ones. And, you need different kinds of hoops available for each project. Although you can buy a hoop of your own choice, you also need to consider whether your machine is going to support it or not. Some embroidery machines can not go along with a hoop larger than 4″ x 4″ but this is not the case with Melco Amaya Bravo X.

You will get four different kinds of hoops that can be used for almost any type of object from small ones to larger stuff. Here below are the hoops that come with your Melco Amaya Bravo X.

  • 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • 4.68 x 4.68 inches
  • 5.85 x 5.85 inches
  • 14.25 x 11.75 inches

You can embroider small stuff like Sleeves or Shirt Pockets with a 3.5″ hoop and can use the largest hoop available (14.25″ x 11.75″) if you want to create large patches.

Networking Feature

Yes, you can create a network of four Melco Amaya Bravo X in a single place if you have a lot of the same projects to finish. You can create a network by joining up to 4 Bravo.

Thread Sensor

It comes with thread sensors that help you in case of thread blockage inside the needle or your machine. If a thread blockage is detected, it will automatically stop working to prevent any kind of damage. This is a common feature that you get with many affordable embroidery machines too.

Auto Thread Cutter

You don’t need to cut the thread when your design is finished because Melco Bravo comes with Auto Thread Cutter feature. Although, it does not take much time to cut the needle threads manually after an embroidery design is completed but still it is a great choice for automation.

Built-in Embroidery Fonts & Designs

Sometimes you do not need a complex design to machine embroidery the stuff. So, fonts can be proved as a great way to simply embroidery some names or minimal logos. This Melco Embroidery Machine comes with more than 175 Fonts and Monograms. You do not need to spend some hours editing or creating the designs as long as you need a simple and minimal design.

Are not you satisfied with these fonts and monograms? Well, there are 1000 more embroidery designs available right in your DesignShop digitizer software if you buy Melco Amaya Bravo X- Professional Version.

Here is the short video from SewingMachinesPlus describing its features on YouTube,


Here are some points that make it the first choice over other industrial embroidery machines.

  • 16-Needle Embroidery Machine
  • High Embroidery Speed
  • Large Hoop Size
  • Dedicated Digitizer Software
  • 4K Screen Display

16-Needle Embroidery Machine

This is the best thing that you get with this Melco Embroidery Machine. No doubt, multi-needle embroidery machines are a better choice than single embroidery machines for commercial purposes but think about a 16-needle embroidery machine. Generally, your embroidery design contains somewhere 3-6 colors in it. So, having an embroidery machine with more than 8 needles on one head will be enough to embroidery most of the designs without changing the thread as color changes.

12-needle embroidery machines are also a great option to consider but this one comes with 16 needles on one head which makes it to embroidery any kind of design without changing thread.

High Embroidery Speed

It offers you the embroidery speed of 1100 SPM which is really a great speed as compared to another machine. You will not get such high embroidery speed in a machine in the price range where Melco Bravo comes.

Speed is the key factor in any business because your time is money when you are working on the projects. So, it saves your time while you embroider the stuff with this Melco Embroidery Machine. You might say that there is no much difference between 1000 SPM and 1100 SPM but do remember that this is a great difference when you are on a commercial level and working on the projects in bulk.

Large Hoop Size

This Melco Professional Embroidery Machine provides you a larger hoop containing a size of 14.25 x 11.75 inches. You do not get so large Hoop in other embroidery machines in its price range. By having this, you can work on large projects and create large patches too that are not possible in machines having small embroidery areas.

You have to deal with different kinds of stuff while working in the embroidery business. You have to embroidery very small pockets and very large bags too. So, make sure that your selected machine provides you a large embroidery area.

Dedicated Digitizer Software

As I mentioned above that it comes with its own digitizer software which is called DesignShop. And, further DesignShop offers you three different variants i.e., Sizer, Editor, and Vector. The Vector version of DesignShop is the most advance and upper version of all others. You do not need to edit your designs on any other vector editing software first and then importing the design to your machine because DesignShop provides you the facility to edit your vector designs.

Did you like any design over the internet? Well, just import its image in the DesignShop and start editing it as per your choice and then easily import it in embroidery design format. There are other machines that come with the same price tag like Juki Tajima Sai and SWF Mass but none of these machines offers you dedicated digitizer software.

4K Screen Display

You can edit your embroidery designs under a high-resolution screen display because DesignShop supports 4K resolution. Although it does not come with its own LCD display yet it supports a 4K display which is a plus point.


I would avoid this machine if I have the following requirements because these are the things where Melco Bravo lags off.

  • LCD Display
  • Too Heavy
  • Lack of Features (*Lite Version)

Lack of LCD Display

It does not come with a dedicated LCD display. I think this is the biggest factor to avoid this machine if you are a lover of a dedicated display in an embroidery machine. You can not control or manage your embroidery designs right from your machine because it does not come with a screen display. If you want to use your own embroidery designs then you must have a dedicated Laptop or PC with it.

If it does not with an LCD Screen then how can you control it? Well, you have to have a dedicated PC or Laptop that meets the basic requirements of DesignShop. DesignShop is a professional vector editing software and requires a professional laptop too. You can check PC/Laptop requirements for Melco Amaya Bravo X right here.

Too Heavy

It is a heavy embroidery machine as compared to other machines. If you shift your machine often from one place to another then this might not be the best choice for you. Its 210.3 lbs. (95.4 Kg) weight is not allowing to call it a portable embroidery machine. And, I also want to add that weight should not be the reason to avoid this machine because heavy-duty machines always are heavier.

Lite Version

I personally have many problems with its lite version. Melco Amaya Bravo X Lite version does not offer your design editing control and high speed. Its lite version comes with an embroidery speed of 1000 SPM which is lower than the Professional one. Although its price is much lower than upper variants it is worth adding some more money and buy its Professional version.

You can only do some basic edits to your embroidery designs like Resizing, Moving, Color-changing, and some others. Such basic editing features can also be found in an embroidery machine for under $1000.

Manufactured in the USA

Do you guys know that Melco embroidery machines are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA? It is a plus point for those who always want to have a USA-made sewing machine or embroidery machine. There are many other embroidery machine brands i.e., Brother, Janome, Juki, and Bernina, etc but all of these brands do not manufacture machines in the United States. Some of the brands even have their production plants in Asian countries just to avoid some extra expense which causes the machine quality low.

So, if you are a lover of “Made in USA” sewing machines, you are good to go. Melco has its production plant in the USA and does not even import the parts to assemble here like other brands.

Melco Amaya Bravo X vs Melco EMT16X

As there are three variants of the Melco Amaya Bravo X embroidery machine so I am going to compare the upper variant (Professional version) with Melco EMT16x.

FeaturesMelco Bravo X – 16-Needle Embroidery MachineMelco EMT16X – 16-Needle Embroidery Machine
Stitching Speed1,100 SPM1,500 SPM
Machine TypeMulti-Needle (16 Needles)Multi-Needle (16 Needles)
Thread CutterAutomatic
Machines in Network44
LCD Screen DisplayNoNo
Connection with Laptop/PCYesYes
Cylindrical ShapeYesYes
Digitizing SoftwareMelco DesignShop ProMelco DesignShop Pro
Advanced EditingYesYes
Vector EditingYesYes
Automatic Tie-InNoYes
Automatic Tie-OffNoYes
Our Rating4.8/54.9/5
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FAQs about Melco Amaya Bravo X

What is the price of Melco Amaya Bravo X Embroidery Machine?

This Melco Embroidery Machine comes in three variants and each has its own price. Lite Version will cost you under $10,000, Intermediate Version will cost you under $11,000 and Professional Version of Melco Amaya Bravo X comes with a price under $14,000. Check the latest price with the discount of Melco Amaya Bravo X at SewingMachinesPlus. Melco Amaya Bravo X comes at a very reasonable price as compared to other embroidery machines. The features it provides are worth its price.

How much does Melco Embroidery Machine cost?

As I mentioned earlier the Professional Version of Melco Amaya Bravo X can cost you up to $14000 and the other Melco Embroidery Machines- Melco EMT16X- can cost you up to $15000. Both Melco Embroidery Machines are great options to start an embroidery business at your home or even if you want to go on a commercial level.

What can I embroider with Melco Amaya Bravo X Embroidery Machine?

If you are looking for Hats, Caps, Shirts or Hoodies Embroidery Machine for professional purposes then Melco Amaya Bravo might be the right fit for you. Pants, Hats, Caps, Jeans, Shirts, Shoes, Leather, Bags, Socks, and other related stuff can be machine embroidered with Melco Amaya Bravo X. It is an industrial embroidery machine and you can embroidery any kind of stuff from small ones to larger ones with this Melco Embroidery Machine.

Is it worth buying Melco Amaya Bravo X?

Well, there are other options available too in the market. But, most of the features that you are going to get in Melco Amaya Bravo X- Embroidery Machine will not be available in the other embroidery machines with the same price tag. Its small Cylindrical Lower Arm makes it easy to embroider Small Pockets, Sleeves, Socks, and Hats where Flatbed Embroidery Machines can not perform well.

Is Melco Amaya Bravo X easy to use for beginners?

If you are quite a beginner in the embroidery business then Melco Amaya Bravo X is not recommended for you. It is a complete Professional Embroidery Machine and requires prior experience in sewing or embroidery. You can choose other easy-to-use embroidery machines at the start instead of investing a lot of money in them.

Are Melco Embroidery Machines good?

Well, Melco is a renowned brand in Embroidery Machines and has a whole history of providing great quality embroidery machines at a very reasonable price. Melco always looks one step ahead of the currently available embroidery machines and provides you with quality instead of quantity. It is a great embroidery machine brand but still, only two embroidery machine models are out up till now because they believe in quality instead of quantity.

Final Thoughts

So, the complete and in-depth review of the Melco Amaya Bravo X Embroidery Machine ends here. And, in this section, I would conclude by giving my own suggestion too. If you do not have any prior embroidery experience or you are completely a newbie in this field then I would not recommend Melco Embroidery Machine to you. But, if you are serious about your embroidery business or want to expand your home embroidery business to an industrial scale then still it a great choice to make a start.



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