How To Make Your Own Embroidery Designs in 2023?

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Embroidery designs are a type of colorwork, which is the process of stitching two or more colors to create an overall picture. This can be done on natural fabrics like wool and cotton with thread, but also on plain fabric like linen that has been dyed.

All of the embroidery designs are precisely based on many different designs which have been used for centuries. It is a style that has been widely utilized because it is not only elegant but is also very versatile and can be found in multiple media.

To create the design, you will usually use canvas or embroidery hoops or frames to stitch your fabric together and support it in place. Embroidery designs are usually worked in a “ground fabric”, or in a piece of fabric, that contrasts with the area of the design.

If you are a beginner, you may face problems with embroidery designs as they may be complicated. You need to have a basic knowledge of how to use and stitch these designs. 

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When it comes to making embroidery designs, there are many different ways for the embroiderer to make them. This article explores some of the different ways that the embroiderer can do this.

How to make your own embroidery design?

There are many different ways to make embroidery designs, embroidery designs can be made through many different mediums. The first option is to create your design by hand.

As well as these there is also machine work that is performed by an embroiderer. Machine work can include: stitching, balancing tension and assembling components with thread.

There are many different ways to create your own embroidery designs. Here are some methods through which embroidery designs can be made.

Using Commercial Designs

The most popular as well as the easier way is to use any of the commercially available embroidery designs. There are many reasons why they are more popular than other methods of creating their own embroidery designs. They are very simple and easy to use, so anyone can do them. These commercial embroidery designs usually have a wide variety of different designs for all seasons and occasions in women’s clothing, for example, roses and leaves, butterflies, birds, hearts, etc. It also creates more opportunities for embroiderers who want to work with other people in their group projects.

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There are many advantages of using commercial (pre-made) designs, such as the designs are available on the web for free for all occasions and seasons, resulting in decreased time and cost for research. Pinterest and Etsy are the best websites to find designs. The designs are easy to use. They can be easily modified according to an embroiderer’s needs or something that is not exactly in the original design.  It could also be used as a reference while they create their own designs. 

Draw Your Own Design

This may be a time-consuming process because it requires a lot of effort and time but this is the best way when you have an idea in your mind to decorate your stuff. The following steps are involved in this process:

Finding a design

When an embroiderer creates their own embroidery designs, they usually have to search for appropriate pictures on the web or any other libraries.  They construct their own designs by copying bits and pieces of these pictures and then combining them together to form one design. This method requires a lot of time and effort to do each step. It is easier for them to work with commercial designs as it saves a lot of time. there are different steps involved in this process


After the embroiderer has chosen a suitable picture, they should start sketching the design on paper. 

They first have to decide on an appropriate size of the area on which they are going to work on. Then they have to put their pattern paper or a plain piece of paper on top of it and draw their own design with a pencil. But after drawing their sketch, they should always erase all of the pencil marks because otherwise, it may affect the material during stitching.

Transferring your design onto fabric

Now comes the main part, transferring your design onto fabric. This part of the process is also very important for the outcome. It should start with cutting out the shape of your embroidery designs and then cutting them into smaller pieces. The embroidery design should be done on a size of fabric that is big enough to cover it when sewn together. 

Now you just have to pin all the pieces of your design onto your fabric and cut out all the extra pieces that are left, you can use scissors so that it is easier for you to handle fabric.


Now comes another part, stitching these pieces onto your fabric. First, you should start from the middle of your embroidery pattern and begin from the center. Then stitch it onto the fabric by using a thread that is as close to the fabric as possible. After sewing it, catch both pieces in one needle and sew them together.

Finishing touches

This is another important part that is not so easy to do but very important for your embroidery designs to look perfectly beautiful and attractive. It is necessary to do finishing touches like putting on thread or beads at certain parts of your design before you stitch it onto your fabric.

There are many other ways through which embroiderers make their own designs to use on different types of fabrics and colors.

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Using Embroidery Software | Editing & Digitizing

Another way to create and make embroidery designs is by using computer software. 

There are several types of commercial and free embroidery digitizing software available today. All of them are much easier to use than using the aforementioned method. However, they could be divided into two categories: Vectors Editing and Digitizing. Vector Editing software are type of software that helps create patterns on clothes from the images or letters on a computer, like the letters on a keyboard or any other symbol that is typed in. You can also create your own design in vector form or import an already created design and then edit that design. While Embroidery Digitizing software help you to convert your favorite image to an embroidery file format.

There are several brands available in the market that provide embroidery software for PCs, laptops, and Mac. some of them are explained here:

  1. Pixel Stitch

Pixel Stitch is an embroidery pattern generator. It is used to create embroidery designs, compose text, and edit photos. There is a free version available on the internet that can be used easily by following a few simple steps. 

A very good feature of Pixel Stitch is that it allows users to import images, add text and create photo stitching which combines images and characters into one stitched piece of fabric.

Simply upload a picture, specify the number of stitches and embroidery colors, and let pixel stitch take care of the rest. Within a few minutes, the pattern will be available for you to download and print in PDF format. It contains all the information you need to get started with your projects, such as color numbers and a legend of the embroidery pattern.

  1. Ink/Stitch

Ink/Stitch is used to create embroidery designs and create stitching designs. It can be used on any computer that has a Windows operating system or Mac. There are many features available in this software like an easy image editing tool, image import, stitched photos, animated scenes, and many more.

Another embroidery software available in the market is called Ink/Stitch. This provides users with a very easy and convenient way to compose text and create photo stitching. It converts vector artwork into embroidery designs. This software has tutorials for beginners to understand the working of the software.

  1. Embrilliance

Embrilliance is used for designing and creating embroidery designs. It comes with many features like an image editing tool, pattern generator, scanning feature, etc. It gives the user full control over their design as it allows them to edit every single pixel in their picture and make it look exactly how they want it to. 

This software has a simple interface that allows users to use the software without any problem. There are many tutorials available on the internet which can help you understand the working of this software easily. This software has different modules if you want to create advanced designs then you can purchase its modules for updates.

  1. Pic2Pat

Pic2Pat is a cross stitch pattern maker that has features like importing pictures and converting them into embroideries, saving and retrieving picture files, etc. The best thing about this software is that it can be used for creating all types of patterns where the user can define the shape and size of their images. 

The program allows users to change pictures into beautiful embroidery designs. The program allows you to choose the thread brand, the number of stitches per inch, the pattern size, and the color scheme. It also has a graphical user interface (GUI).

  1. My Editor

My Editor is embroidery software that lets users edit pictures. This can be used for creating simple or complex designs on a computer. It has a free version available on the internet which can be downloaded and installed easily. 

The best thing about this software is that it can be used to create embroideries with photographs easily as it has features like naming, animation, and type conversion of images very easily. Using it, you’ll be able to see your designs in real thread colors, edit them, and add information to them. Moreover, it offers tools for better production and material management, as well as browsing and saving capabilities.

  1. Stitchboard

Stitchboard is used to design and create embroideries on a computer. It has many powerful features like the ability to import pictures and edit them with any shape and size, or even combine several pictures into one design. This is one of the best embroidery software programs available today.

Non-members can upload and edit .jpg or .gif images using Stitchboard, and customize the stitch type, color palette, and stitch number.

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How to make a custom embroidery design?

There are two methods to design and make an embroidery design. The first is to have your picture and designs digitally on the computer. Then, use the software, whether it’s a pattern generator or image generator, to put the pictures together. 

The other method is by using your computer to draw a pattern that you would like to embroider onto your projects using scissors, needles, and thread. After drawing out the design on a piece of paper you can then cut out that paper and insert it into your machine. While stitching you will be able to bring up the digital picture of the image on your computer screen.

How to make embroidery designs on the computer?

Different kinds of embroidery software are available which gives a very good experience to the users to create designs on the computer. These embroidery software help the users to create and design their own stitching designs with the help of features like image editing and creating photo stitching. With these software, you can create custom designs as per your requirements easily without any trouble.

If you want to learn how to make embroidery designs on the computer, then follow the steps below.

  • You must have embroiderer software (no need to use photoshop, images can be made directly from the computer)
  • Choose a picture from your own or other sources and open it in the software
  • Change the size and color as you wish or use factory settings for your stitching design
  • Save it with a name that is shown on the screen in the software (you could also add words and graphics) if you wish so that it can be used again in future projects 
  • Print and cut out the pattern of your design
  • Use it on your projects.

How to make 3D embroidery designs?

3D embroidery designs are made in the same way as normal embroidery designs. The only difference is the size, color, and design of the stitching used. The 3D design uses special stitches which help users to create a 3d effect on their projects. This is one good feature that makes it different from others.

How to make a machine embroidery design?

To make machine embroidery designs you will need a computer, a printer, and an embroidery machine

The process to make a design is basically the same as making any other design except that you’ll be making one specifically for an embroidery machine instead of creating it on paper or some other medium. The steps to follow are:

  • Get an idea of what the design will be and create something in your mind.
  • Make the design in embroidery software.
  • Print out the design on an A4 sheet of paper or size as per your requirement.
  • Make sure that the pattern you are making is large enough to allow some slight changes as it is not easy to make the exact design on such a big machine.
  • Save and cut out the picture that is printed out on the computer.
  • Stick it onto the machine with the help of tape and start stitching.

How to digitize your own embroidery designs?

Embroidery design software can have a huge impact on the final outcome of your embroidery, whether you are making small or large scale designs. There are a number of programs available, so finding one that suits you and your style should not be too stressful. But, before you try out the software, it is important to know how to digitize your own embroidery designs.

There are a few ways you can create your designs:

  1. Use Auto-digitizing tools to hand draw your design from scratch to transfer the design into the embroidery software. This is usually how beginner sewers start because it does not require any real skill and can be done with pencils and paper. Auto digitizing gives you a rough draft of the finished design and allows you to create more complex designs later using the manual digitizing option.  This method offers great freedom in choosing colors as they are not restricted by the software’s drawing tools.
  2. Using an embroidery design software to digitize the picture from a photo or file
  3. Using the drawing tools in the embroidery design software, manually digitizing your design, and adding more details
  4. Create a draft of your design and then transfer it to the embroidery software and use the design tools to edit and refine the embroidery
  5. The last method is probably the best way to go about transferring your designs into embroidery software. Using this method, you can give your designs a realistic look, by adjusting the colors, size, shape, and placement of each stitch. This method is especially good for those who want to increase their final product’s value as you can improve potential future sales.

There are so many different programs available on the market but finding the best one is probably not a good idea when starting out because it takes time to learn how it works before really understanding what it can do.

Can you make your own design or pattern of embroidery stitches?

Yes, you can make your own design or pattern of embroidery stitches. Just follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to a website that provides an online embroidery pattern generator.
  • Choose shapes and designs that you would like to use and include it in your own embroidery pattern 
  • Change the size and color as you wish or use factory settings for your stitching design
  • Print and cut out the pattern of your design
  • Use it on your projects.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of software and tools available to those who wish to make their own designs, whether they are simple or complicated. It’s up to the user to choose the one they like best. These embroidery programs are available at very affordable rates, especially since you only have to pay for what you use and if you don’t need one, simply don’t buy it. Just play around with them and decide what fits your needs best, at the price that you can afford.

Whether it’s just making a few little things for yourself or doing some custom embroidery work for others, this is a great way to bring your creative side out.


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