Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine Review

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If you are looking for a new professional embroidery machine or replacing an old one, then checking Brother Entrepreneur PR680W should be at the top of your list. Especially if you’re planning on starting your own embroidery business. The Brother Entrepreneur PR680W, with its six needles, will get the job done more quickly than a single-needle machine. In addition, the free arm makes it possible to embroider on a larger variety of clothes than is possible with single-needle versions.

The new Brother Entrepreneur PR680W has improved functionality compared to its predecessor (PR670E), including as crosshair placement, updated designs, more fonts, and WIFI connectivity. The Brother’s PR series of embroidery machines can be compared with that used in factories. Brother Entrepreneur PR680W machine goes from 0 to 1000 stitches per minute in under 7 seconds. That results in approximately 10% less time spent embroidering, which in turn implies increased productivity, turnover, and revenue.

Brother is an established brand that manufactures a variety of high-quality equipment for professional and domestic tailoring. Features of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W blend their knowledge and experience in these two fields.

The finished product is a high-end embroidery machine with features like automated needle threading and an LED pointer for locating the exact location of your design. The high-definition, full-color display, and integrated assistance system contribute to the product’s user-friendliness. This winning combination is great for both classroom and home-based business applications.

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Features of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine

There are the following features of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine:

  • The Embroidery speed of 1000 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • 100 Built-in Embroidery Designs
  • 140 Frame Pattern Combinations
  • 18 Monogramming Font Styles
  • 50 Lettering Fonts
  • Proficiency with 6 Needles
  • 4 Embroidery Hoops
  • On-Screen Editing
  • DropLight Leser Crosshair Embroidery
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • Advance Frame Sensor
  • Color Management and Color Sort
  • Feature of Shortcut Key and Lock Mode
  • An ever-expanding library of built-in tutorials
  • Large Embroidery Area of 8” x 12”
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Touch color screen of 10.1 inches
  • Automatic Feed Thread

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I will explain some salient features of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W in detail so that you may not have any doubts about any of its available features. Here you go,

High Speed Embroidery

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine has a speed of 1,000 SPM. Even, it can do 6 needles simultaneously, so the speed is extremely faster than that of any other embroidery machine of the same range.

Proficiency with 6 Needles

Each needle has adjustable settings for speed and color lock, and now needle threader detachment comes in handy when using a tiny needle.  Furthermore, Thread Tension Range Expansion generates a wide range of tension settings, making it simpler to embroider with precise tension on challenging fabrics without distorting or wrinkling the cloth.

The Brother PR680W is equipped with six needles for precise embroidery. You can make business logos, monograms, ornamental motifs, and more may all be embroidered on a wide variety of headwear, outerwear, linens, and washcloths.

Built-in Embroidery Designs

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine has 100 built-in embroidery designs which are suitable for different sleeves, hats and also logos, etc. There are 140 frame pattern combinations to make your own design. In addition, there is 18 monogramming fonts style to make your own letters on the clothes. 

In addition, Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine has 50 writing fonts, 50 built-in utility stitch designs, and 10 buttonhole styles in three sizes, you may create new items or add a charming upcycling touch.

4 Embroidery Hoops

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine comes with four different-sized embroidery hoops given as follows:

  • 1.5″ x 2″ 
  • 8″ x 12″ 
  • 5″ x 7″
  • 4″ x 4″

Automatic Threader Sensor

Threading the needle has never been so easy than with our innovative automatic needle threader. Simply pull on the thread through the eye of the needle and start embroidering. In addition, thread tension can be manually checked and adjusted. The automatic thread sensor detects when a bobbin thread is low, alerting you that it’s time to change bobbins. This helps avoid costly sewing errors in terms of misalignment or skipped stitches.

On Screen Editing

The backlit Touch screen is a large 10.1 inch. Due to the large touchscreen, which is an improvement over the PR670 model, you can see your works in sharp, vivid color and navigate with ease thanks to the scrolling menu and big, intuitive symbols. In addition to the screen’s brightness control, the display’s color palette includes more than 16.7 million hues.

It makes it very comfortable for you to set the design and control the machine with it. The display shows all the information nicely for you without any confusion. 

Droplight Laser Crosshair Embroidery 

With the Crosshair Embroidery Droplight Laser, you can get precise accuracy placement and see where the needle will drop on your cloth for all of your projects. The crosshair pointer may be used to predict exactly where the needle will land. Incredibly straightforward LCD controls make precise pattern placement a breeze. Makes it possible to set work locations more quickly and precisely than ever before.

With materials up to 1 MM thick, accuracy is 1 mm from the needle drop. The new laser crosshair has a larger horizontal axis, which makes positioning highly exact – even if you hoop your pieces incorrectly.

WIFI Connectivity

Because of your wireless connection, you may continue to exert authority no matter where you happen to be. Use the My Stitch Monitor app on your mobile device to keep tabs on your needlework even while you’re on the go. Using Design Database Transfer, plans may be transferred wirelessly from your computer to the PR680W. (Windows desktop devices only). Furthermore, automated machine upgrades are available.

Advance Frame Sensor

The Brother Entrepreneur PR680W new frame sensors make it possible to employ a wider variety of frames, including the new magnetic round frame kit and the clamp frame kits. The clamp frame kits enable the embroidery of many items, including footwear, football boots, inside pockets, cuffs, gloves, bags, and more. Only in the Brother PR line will you find the innovative magnetic frame hoops.

My Stitch Monitor App

You may create your own unique graphics and add writing using the in-app editor, which comes equipped with fifty different font options. This machine allows you to stitch embroidered patterns that you get from the internet. The PR680 has a 10″ HD LCD screen where you can examine your patterns from a USB memory stick before sewing them. Baseball caps and other headwear, like sneakers, may now be personalized with embroidery.

Color Management and Color Sort

The design’s whole thread color sequence may be pre-programmed thanks to the automated color-changing function. Produce high-quality work with minimal effort and a minimal footprint. Shirts, coats, trousers, totes, towels, and more may all be embroidered with anything from company logos to school names to monograms to ornamental patterns. When a thread runs out, the machine will cut it and thread the needles for you.

In addition, color grouping features also allows many regions to be selected at once for color editing; simple Color Management for quick design modification; and Color Sort, which helps to reduce thread changes when merging designs, are all features of the PR680W.

Large Work Area (8” x 12”)

The PR680W offers a large 8″ by 12″ embroidery space that can accommodate almost any size project. You may brighten your work with 4 built-in LED lights to view colors clearly and with nearly no shadows with strong, customized illumination! To find your perfect level, adjust the light brightness between 5 levels, including ‘off’ mode.

Feature of Shortcut Key and Lock Mode

With a quick-cut key that allows the user to move immediately to the embroidery screen from numerous displays, the PR680W can accommodate a busy embroidery company. The new Security Lock Modes enable a company owner to provide distinct roles and access to machine operations, assisting in the security of vital business designs and keeping the machine operator focused on critical duties.

An ever-expanding library of built-in tutorials

The PR680W HD courses make it simple to learn! View 24 tutorial movies, ranging from fundamental operations to embroidery functions, straight on the high-definition LCD display.

Accessories of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine

Additionally, the PR680 can adapt to your changing needs thanks to the availability of a number of popular accessories, including Brother digitizing software, a baseball cap frame, and a cylinder frame. The heavy-duty stand with wheels and space for hoops, etc., is also a popular option. There is the list of the following accessories:

  • Needle Sets
  • Touch Pen (Stylus)
  • Pre-Wound Bobbins
  • Cap Frame
  • Cylinder Frame
  • Scissors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Spool Mats, Nets, and Caps
  • USB Cable
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Embroidery Sheet Grids


There are the following pros of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W embroidery machine:

  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Large Touchscreen LCD Color Display For On-Screen Editing
  • Built-In Tutorials
  • Automatic Needle Threading 
  • Rapid And Adjustable Embroidery Speed

Easy To Use Interface

The embroidery machine has a newly updated user interface, which is easy to use. The LCD screen is very big and easy to read. It has simple symbols that are self-explanatory. Some of them are Easy Setup, Easy Load Bobbin, Embroidery Mode, Machine Options, Language Settings, and Foot Controller Setting. 

There are 5 different levels of light to choose from so that you can experiment with the level of brightness you like best without interfering with the visibility of your project design onscreen or the thread colors on your hoop or frame.

Large Touchscreen LCD Color Display For On-Screen Editing

The huge 10.1″ built-in high-definition LCD display with prominent icons and a scrolling menu facilitates on-screen editing and letter entry for the best users. Largely defined icons, a thumbnail size selection, color navigation, a scrolling menu, swipe functionality, and the opportunity to inspect your design properties in ‘Preview’ mode are all available. Onscreen editing and letter entry are a breeze.

Built-In Tutorials

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W offers built-in tutorials for its users which makes the new features and technology very easy for the user to learn.

Automatic Needle Threading 

The automatic needle threading feature of Brother PR680W Embroidery Machine is a time-saver because it allows the machine to do it for you. You don’t have to manually thread your machine, which wastes so much of your precious time. The automatic needle threader is like an assistant, which saves you a lot of time in the end. 

When the machine runs out of a particular color or thread, it will automatically take out all needles and wind the corresponding thread on all needles before continuing to sew new threads on it.

Rapid And Adjustable Embroidery Speed

For the optional cap and cylinder frame, the speed can be decreased to 400 SPM in the Brother PR680W embroidery machine and then increased up to 1000 SPM without stopping the work. This produces better outcomes, especially when using specialty threads.


There are the following cons of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W embroidery machine:

  • A bit high priced
  • High Maintainance
  • Sensitive Touch Screen

A bit high priced

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W is quite expensive for the beginner as the price is quite high. However, it is quite good for intermediate and expert embroiders and small business owners.

All in all, if you have the budget it is definitely the best multi-needle embroidery machine from Brother.

High Maintenance

Although the casing of Brother PR680W has a new design and can withstand the pressure, but still it needs good care, as well as its features like the switch, power button, and other common parts, need to be taken care of properly. This will prevent any kind of damage to the machine.

Sensitive Touchscreen

The touch screen is very sensitive, so if you should be cautious about accidentally touching your fingernails. However, on the other hand, it makes it easy to edit your design quickly.

Customer Reviews

SourceUser ReviewNo. of Reviews
Brother USA4.1 out of 510

FAQ about Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine

Is Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine Made In The USA?

No, Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine is not made in the USA as Brothers is a Japanese Company and all their manufacturing units are in Asia.

Does Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine Offer On-Screen Editing?

Yes, Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine has 10.1 inches large LCD that offers on-screen editing. You can draw, edit and view the design on the LCD of Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine. They also give 100% zoom options to see the details of the design.

Is It Worth Buying Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine?

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W is a good machine as it has a good price and offers many features. However, you might have to buy spool settings and accessories which can be expensive.

Is Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine Fully Automatic?

Brother Entrepreneur PR680W is fully automatic with all the functions of the machine including the back feeding, threading, knotting, etc. The machine does all of it for you. It will embroider your design if you do not need to touch anything.

Who Should Buy Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine?

The intermediate or expert embroiders who work professionally need a reliable and heavy-duty machine to create beautiful embroideries at a very fast speed with 100% accuracy. However, small business owners can also invest in this machine. 

What Can You Embroider With Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine?

You can embroider shirts, coats, trousers, totes, towels, and more may all be embroidered with anything from company logos to school names to monograms to ornamental patterns with Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine.

Final Thoughts

The Brother Entrepreneur PR680W Embroidery Machine is simply one of the best embroidery machines for the professional. It comes with many features and technologies that make it easy to use. The price is quite high but it is definitely worth your money. The features in Brother PR680W are a treat for people who work professionally with the embroidery machine. 

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