Where Are Singer Sewing Machines Made?

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The singer is equivalent to sewing machines for many domestic and professional sewers alike. You might recall your mother or grandmother using a vintage Singer machine when you were a child, or perhaps you even also have a current Singer model now! 

Even today, modern homes are full of Singer sewing machines. These fine makers continue to provide immense value for home sewers. The company’s most popular models are also still available on the market today!

This collection of vintage Singer sewing machines includes a wide range of models and prices. It includes some vintage machines that have been restored and others that are ready to be used in your next fanciest home sewing project.

History of Singer Sewing Machine

Singer sewing machines have been a staple in the home of consumers for over 160 years due to their affordability and durability. The Singer model company began as Isaac Merritt Singer’s personal venture, which was formed in 1850. In order to do so, he purchased a patent from Elias Howe from Providence, Rhode Island. At the time of purchase, he made some minor modifications to the design and created his first machine for sale.

The real journey of the Singer Sewing Machine Company actually started in 1851 when Isaac Merritt Singer (1808 – 1875) established a company I.M.Singer to sell sewing machines. Soon after it starts operations the company began to build and sell sewing machines, it become a huge hit with its customers.

Isaac Merritt Singer did not restrict the distribution of his machines to America, but he also sent its machines as far as Europe and Asia. In 1856, Isaac was able to obtain a patent on the “Singer Single-roller” sewing machine which was an improvement over the other sewing machines available in the market at that time.

The business was constantly growing and by the year 1859, it was valued at $1 million. By 1861, Singer had added two new models to its collection which were called “Triple Treadle” and “Traveller”. Later in 1863, the company opened new factories in New Jersey. In 1860, Isaac Merritt Singer step down from his own company due to scandals. The company continued to sell sewing machines without any hiccups or setbacks even after Isaac’s step down.

Where Are Singer Sewing Machines Manufactured Now?

The Singer Sewing Machine Company, now known as the Singer Company, was formed in 1851 and has been a leading manufacturer of sewing machines since then. Its headquarters are located in New York City.

Singer sewing machines are now made in SVP Worldwide’s manufacturing factory in China. However, the brand started in a small machine shop in Boston in 1850. Then after three years, Singer’s factory transferred to New York, and the company was called the Singer Manufacturing Company.

It’s worth noting that Singer’s sewing machine business was very successful and had about 2,000 employees by 1873. It was in this year that the brand started to produce sewing machines for the public.

Singer Sewing Machine Company operated at its peak from 1876 to 1891, when it produced and sold over 5000 machines a day. In fact, at one time it employed 8,000 people! Previous to 1929, nearly all sewing machines were made by hand.

It was in 1938 that Singer was formally incorporated as a manufacturer of sewing machines. In 1964, the company’s name was changed again to the Singer Manufacturing Company.

The singer brought out a new range of sewing machines in 1963 with the models 617, 616, and 620. All these were designed by a young man named Isidor Marx who also designed other Singer sewing machines that are still sold today as some of them have been manufactured for over 70 years. This is why they are known as ‘The Granddads’ and some of them can still sew on 100 year old machines! 

The Singer Company produces hand-operated and electric models with the basic features of a drop-in bobbin, one or two fixed needles, stitch selection, automatic thread winding, automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin setter, and a single or double machine base.”

The singer is among the brands under SVP Worldwide, which means the sewing machines are made in China. In particular, SVP Worldwide has its sewing machine factory in Shanghai, China. The company’s global headquarters is also located in the US, and they have various locations in Italy, Mexico, and Australia.

Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In the UK?

Yes, Singer sewing machines are made in the UK. The sewing machines that were made in the Singer factory in New York were not enough to meet the demands of the customers. In 1867, Singer sewing machines were started to be manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland. The company assumed the title of being the first overseas company in the world.

This factory was one of the biggest and most technologically advanced factories for sewing machines worldwide. The factory produces millions of high-quality sewing machines. However, with the expansion of Singer sewing machines into other countries, production was moved to other locations around the world.

The singer had been producing its sewing machines in Britain for over one and half century however now the singer has transferred its major manufacturing unit to China. However, the company still operates a distribution center for Singer sewing machines and other accessories in Scotland.

Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In the USA?

No, singer sewing machines are not made in the USA. Even though, the Singer Company itself is based in Lavergne, Tennessee (where the product is warehoused after it is received from being manufactured in Vietnam, China, or Japan). Gone are the good old days, when Singers were made in the USA.

It’s worth noting that Singer’s sewing machines were originally made in the USA, but like other sewing machines that are still manufactured there, the move was attributed to rising labor costs.

Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In Germany?

No, Singer sewing machines are not made in Germany. The company had two centers in Germany and was responsible for the manufacture of a range of sewing machines called ‘The V series, the sewing machines contain the v serial number. Germany also produced some high-end embroidery machines until 2002 when all manufacturing operations ceased.

If you are looking for a good deal for your Singer sewing machine, then it’s worth looking at a sewing machine from Germany. Other brands like Janome or Brother may come at a lower price but they don’t have the same quality and Singer is still one of the best brands in the industry.

Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In China?

Electronic singer sewing machines are among the best-selling brands in the world. With a wide variety of models on offer, there is no question that Singer offers one of the best machines available today.

Most Singer sewing machines have been made in the USA, but due to price wars, the decision was made to outsource the production of all Singer products to overseas markets.

As of the end of December 2017, the Singer brand was manufactured in China by a subsidiary of SVP Worldwide. The subsidiary is called Singer Manufacturing Co. (SMC). The main products manufactured in China are Singer sewing machines, embroidery machines, and hardware products with separate production for each product range. They also produce manual and electric sewing machines under brand names like Holiday and Kanvas under license from SVP Worldwide.

The company has manufacturing facilities in the Qingsong province of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, and Zhongshan City.

Are Sewing Machines From China Bad?

Sewing machines from China aren’t bad as a lot of people would like you to believe, but it does depend on how well you look after them.

The quality of the machine will depend on how it was constructed, and how much money you put into its maintenance. If you want to make sure that the sewing machine you buy is of great quality, then the best thing to do is find out what its build looks like, and if it has any expert reviews.

Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In Thailand?

No, Singer sewing machines are not made in Thailand. However, they have large manufacturing units in China, Vietnam, and Japan.

FAQ about Where are Singer Sewing Machines Made?

Are Vintage Singers Sewing Machines Expensive?

Vintage Singers are an affordable way to bring a piece of history into your own home sewing room. There is no way around it – vintage sewing machines are actually quite expensive. This is especially true when you want something that has actually been restored and is in excellent condition.

Where Do Singer Sewing Machine Parts Come From?

The answer to where Singer’s sewing machine parts come from is China. The Singer subsidiary, SVP Global Technology (or SVP GT), is the manufacturer of all of the company’s products in China.

Who Owns Singer Sewing Machines Now?

The answer is Singer sewing machines are owned by an international company SVP. It’s worth noting that Singer is not the only sewing machine brand under SVP Worldwide. There are two other sewing machine brands also which are made public officially under SVP which are Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff.

Who Makes Singer Sewing Machines?

A singer sewing machine is manufactured by SVP Worldwide, a multinational brand company operating worldwide, including the USA, China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

What Singer Sewing Machine Materials Are Made Of?

In the beginning, the singer sewing machines were made from metal bodies which were quite heavy and not portable at all. Nowadays Singer sewing machine parts are made of plastic due to their lightweight and shockproof properties.

Who Makes Singer Sewing Machines? 

Singer’s manufacturing location is in China. Singer also has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Mexico, and Australia.

Where Are Singer Sewing Machine Parts Made?

The answer to where are singer sewing machines made is in China. SVP makes the parts of the sewing machines majorly in France. The main manufacturer of the sewing machine is SVP Worldwide, which makes the sewing machines and their parts in Shanghai, China.

Where Are Singer Sewing Machines Manufactured Mainly?

The main manufacturers of this brand are SVP Worldwide in China. There are other factories in Taiwan and Vietnam also where Singer sewing machines are manufactured. They are no more produced in Japan.

What Are Singer Sewing Machine Brands?

The answer to what Singer sewing machine brands are made of is in China, which we also discuss in this article above. Even if your sewing machine needs repairs or a new one, the brand will let you know where it’s made. If you want to know more about this company, read that article.

What Is the Singer Sewing Machine Warranty?

The warranty on all types of Singer sewing machines is limited to twenty years instead of the usual ten years.

Where to get the SVP Sewing Machines?

SPV products are sold across a network of sewing machine dealers, mass retailers (e.g., Costco, Walmart, Lidl, MediaMarkt, Carrefour), specialty retailers (e.g., Joann, Michaels), online retailers (e.g., Amazon, Tmall), distributors, and through the company’s ~200 internally operated retail stores.   

How Do I Know If My Singer Sewing Machine Is Antique?

If your Singer sewing machine is a little over hundred years old then it is an antique sewing machine and if its age is less than a hundred years not an antique sewing machine but a vintage sewing machine.

Final Thoughts

Like other major sewing machine manufacturers, Singer is no longer made in the USA. Singer sewing machines are now made in Asia and last updated on 2016, the company has been manufactured in China.

The singer has been around for over 140 years now, and since its inception, Singer sewing machines have been recognized for their quality and performance.

With a wide variety of models on offer, there is no question that Singer offers one of the best machines available today. Whether you’re looking for quilting, embroidery or general home-use machines you will find what you’re looking for at a great price from this trusted brand.

Singer sewing machine company has been a leader in the sewing industry for over 140 years and since its inception, Singer sewing machines have been recognized for their quality and performance.

In fact, electronic singer sewing machines are among the best-selling brands in the world. With a wide variety of models on offer, there is no question that Singer offers one of the best machines available today.

Most Singer sewing machines have been made in the USA, but due to price wars, the decision was made to outsource the production of all Singer products to overseas markets. 



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