How To Remove Logo From Clothing And Shirt?

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Many times, people want to remove their logo from the clothing they are wearing. Whether it is an old shirt, an embarrassing piece of clothing, or simply a piece of clothing you regret purchasing, you don’t want your logo on your chest anyway. It is the least comfortable when it’s the only logo you can see, and this guide will help make that more comfortable for you.

Let’s face it, when you want to remove a logo from clothing, be it your “I heart my girlfriend” shirt, your high school’s sports logo, or anything else that makes you regret purchasing the shirt in the first place, nothing is more frustrating than watching your logo not disappear. This article will help you get rid of that persistent and embarrassing logo.

How does the logo print on fabric?

Before we begin, it’s important to understand how the logo you’re removing is printed onto the shirt. Basically, a “screen” of ink is applied over the entire shirt and then a similar screen of a stencil is placed on top of that. Then, the ink is applied through a mesh and onto the material below, creating an image. 

Once both screens are lifted, that image is left on the shirt. Logos are printed in a similar way, but there is one exception you need to know about.

The difference between a stencil and screen printing is important when removing logos because it changes how the ink reacts when being removed.

Before we begin, I will explain the difference between a stencil and screen printing in case you’re not familiar with how they work. A stencil is used when you have a colored image, or with the right design, you get a white outline of the image. It’s basically that black line around your logo that marks it out, like in the example above. 

Unlike screen printing, where there are no outlines and all the ink you see on your shirt is being printed just off-white, a screen print will have black lines around the image. This can make it more difficult to remove, but not impossible.

How To Remove A Logo from clothing (Step-By-Step Guide)

The easiest way to get rid of a sticker is to use an iron. An iron is simply a tool that gets hot and can quickly repair any warps created by the screen printing process. This is the most effective method to remove your logo because you only need to do it a few times and it’s easy, very cheap, and very effective.

Lay out the shirt on a flat surface

Remove the shirt from the hanger and lay it flat on a non-flammable surface like a table so that you do not accidentally iron the shirt while trying to iron out your logo.

Iron to medium heat

Turn on your iron to medium heat, and then put it about 1 inch away from where you want the logo to disappear. Tip: keep your heat setting low when removing logos because if you get too close, the logo will remain despite your efforts. If this happens, simply move your iron further away from the shirt and try again.

Do not press

Do not press the iron against your shirt. You should be keeping your iron approximately 1 inch away from the shirt.


If the logo does not disappear, turn off your iron and try it again moving your iron further away from the shirt with each attempt until you get the desired effect. It might take more than one time for it to work, but keep at it, and eventually, you’ll get it.

Remove extra ink

Once you’ve gotten rid of the logo, you’ll need to remove the ink that remains. The easiest way to do this is by using a hair dryer on low heat. Blow on the ink and watch it fade away.


If you want to get rid of any remaining residue created by the hair dryer and/or iron, soak a washcloth in warm water and dab it onto the shirt until all that remains is your shirt, not any ink residue.

Using the above steps, you should be able to remove a logo from clothing easily!

10 Ways To Remove Logo From Clothes

Here are the top 10 ways to remove a logo (monogram) from your clothes or shirt.

  1. Hairspray
  2. WD-40
  3. A hair dryer or iron 
  4. Ice cubes
  5. Rubbing alcohol
  6. Nail polish remover
  7. Adhesive remover
  8. Seam ripper and tweezer
  9. Heavy duty detergent
  10. Spot gun removal


Hairspray is a very effective way to remove your logo from clothing, but it works better on dark shirts, like dark wash jeans or dark button-up shirts. 

To use hairspray you need to apply it in small amounts each time so that none of your shirts gets covered by the spray. If you overspray the shirt it will leave some of the sprays on your shirt.

To remove your logo from clothing, spray the contact ink and then carefully rub the dye off in small circular motions over some time. You will want to make sure you are rubbing in small amounts to avoid getting your logo all over yourself.


If you have a dark-colored shirt and are having trouble getting the logo off then WD-40 can be a great tool to help get rid of your logo. 

Spray a small amount of WD-40 onto the logo and allow it to soak into the shirt for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, gently rub out the design with a lint brush or by slightly rubbing your shirt on itself. 

A hair dryer or iron

If you accidentally iron or blow dry a shirt while it is still in the clothes dryer it can leave an imprint of the iron or hair dryer in melted ink on the shirt. To remove this from your shirt, instead of ironing or blowing dry the shirt, you will want to put it in the dryer a few minutes before removing the ink. This will heat the ink and melt it away.

Ice cubes

If you’re wearing a t-shirt with a logo and then happen to put the shirt in your freezer, the logo will become more faded the longer it sits in the freezer. So if you want to remove your logo from clothing without messing up the actual shirt itself, putting it in your freezer for a while before removing it can help.

If you are having trouble removing the ink from clothing, try putting an ice cube on it for a while and then gently rubbing it off to remove the logo. 

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a great product to remove your logo from clothes. You can use alcohol in many different ways to help you remove your logo from clothing, like using it as a spray or by using it as a liquid dip. If you want to go this route, do not use rubbing alcohol as it hurts the shirt. 

One solution is to mix water with rubbing alcohol in equal parts and then dip your shirt in there for 10 minutes. You can also use a spray bottle to spray your shirt and then wipe it with a damp paper towel. 

Nail polish remover

If you get some nail polish remover and soak it in water and then dab it on your logo so that it gets removed, the logo will fade away quickly. If you want to go this route, make sure you do not use nail polish remover on your shirt.

Adhesive remover

If you want to remove your logo from clothing without damaging it or washing it, then try using some adhesive remover on it. Take a damp paper towel and wipe up any excess adhesive remover that is left on the shirt and then place the shirt in the dryer for about 5 minutes to help the logo disappear.

Seam ripper and tweezer

If you get a shirt with a logo printed on the tag and want to remove it, then you can use direct contact with a seam ripper to help remove the logo. You will want to gently remove the thread around the logo and then take tweezers and pull away the fibers left behind by your seam ripper.

If you want to remove your logo from clothing without damaging the actual shirt, then simply removing its tag will help you avoid damaging the shirt itself. This is a very simple process that can be done using a seam ripper and tweezers.

Heavy duty detergent

If you’re having trouble removing your logo from clothing, then try using a heavy duty detergent. After washing, apply a few drops of detergent around the logo and wash it a second time in the washing machine. This should get rid of the logo for you and won’t damage your clothing.

Spot gun removal

If you are having trouble removing your logo from clothing and have already tried a lot of other methods, then try spot gun removal. Use a small amount of spot gun removal on a damp paper towel to rub out the logo so that it’s not there anymore. 

How To Remove The Embroidery Logo From The Clothing And Shirt?

If the embroidery logo is ironed, no way. If your iron is too hot, the color of the iron could damage a delicate embroidery motif.

If the embroidery logo is not so important, try to use tea as a scrub. Or you can get an ultra-fine adhesive or paste for removing it, but don’t use starch or any kind of glue to do that because you might damage it.

Removing the embroidery logo from the shirt is common among Pinoy tailors, who are used to doing embroidery. It is done using an electric machine that cuts the fabric with a blade or needle, and then cuts the embroidery’s threads. It is kind of like a sewing machine and it works very fast. 

I have seen good tailors remove logos in 30 seconds, so if you are getting a custom-made shirt that has the logo you don’t want, just ask your tailor to remove it.

How Do You Remove A Screen Printed Tape Transfer Or Printout?

You can’t. You have to peel all that crap back off, destroying it in the process, and pray that there is no residue left over from the tape.

If there is residue, you could try something like Goof-Off or even WD-40 to dissolve the adhesive backing, but you’ll have sticky hands, and the shirt will be ruined. There’s no point in trying, because I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work.

If you do this method with a laser printer don’t use that low-quality paper! If you use low-quality paper, you will get a very fuzzy image that makes removing any logos from clothing very difficult.

How Do You Remove The Logo From Any Fabric?

Removing logos from t-shirts is pretty easy, but removing logos from any other type of fabric can be an intimidating and frustrating process. There are products, however, that will help you remove all types of ink from most fabrics.

For t-shirts and other more delicate fabrics that can’t simply be ironed or steam cleaned, an all-purpose stain remover will remove most technical inks, as well as printing ink if the garment is not bleached.

If you accidentally get the ink on a shirt from a textile printer, the best method is also to soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and utilize that to remove any ink that’s left.

If you are removing something like paint from fabric, then you will want to buy an all-purpose stain remover. If it’s not designed for use on materials other than your clothing, it will be difficult to remove any ink without ruining or discoloring your garment.

How To Remove Painted Logo From Clothing and Shirt?

If you are trying to remove a painted-on logo from clothing, the easiest way is to just put some rubbing alcohol on the shirt and put it through a wash cycle. The rubbing alcohol will help break down the paint so that it can be washed out.

You could also try putting some laundry detergent on the paint and then washing it with hot water. Make sure you don’t let this concoction sit for too long though, because if you do then you could end up washing more dye out of the shirt than you intended.

How To Remove Plastic/Rubber Logo From T-Shirt?

The best way to remove a rubber or plastic logo from clothing is to use WD-40. How does WD-40 remove the logo from clothing? You can’t just spray WD-40 on your shirt and then wipe it off. First, apply WD-40 or whatever you want to use as an adhesive remover onto the back of the logo, and then rub it in using your fingers. 

You will see that the logo is starting to rub off, and then once it’s completely rubbed off, there will be a thin layer of adhesive remover left behind. Next, you can help remove the remaining ink from your shirt by adjusting the water level in your wash cycle. You can start by lowering the temperature and adding less soap next time.

FAQ about Removing Logo From Clothing

How to remove screen printed logos from the shirt?

This is not recommended for the reason that only the logo on the shirt will be removed, leaving the ink on your shirt behind. If you cannot remove the entire logo, rubbing alcohol will help.

How can I remove a logo from my t-shirt?

This step is simple, apply pressure on the iron. Don’t touch the logo with the iron; use it to press down on top of the logo. Pressing down on the logo will flatten out some of the ink and slowly but surely your image will become less and less distinct until it’s gone.

To remove a heat press logo, first, you need to put the shirt into the freezer and allow it to freeze overnight. Once the shirt is frozen and is no longer wet, you can take it out of the freezer, take a pair of scissors and cut away at the logo. This will not damage your shirt but will get rid of all ink that was on the clothing.

How do you remove vinyl logos from clothes?

For either type of logo, usually, the best way to remove it is to apply a mixture of water and white vinegar to the area and gently rub it in. If you don’t have any white vinegar on hand, dish soap can be used in the same way. The logo will come off after you soak and wash the area with a mild detergent.

How do you remove a sticker from an outfit?

There are many ways that you can remove stickers from your clothes. You can try soaking the clothing with rubbing alcohol and then sticking them with a piece of Scotch tape or duct tape. You could also try using Goo Gone as well as baby wipes or paper towels.

How do you remove the print from polyester?

To remove ink from polyester, take a few drops of lavender oil and rub on the glue. With a little dab of fabric softener, you should be able to scrub it all off.

Final Thoughts

If you are wearing a logo that you think is ugly, you probably want to remove it from your shirt. The good news is that logos can be removed from clothing with relative ease. I hope this article is helpful to you.

If this article is helpful and you think the information should be published on our website, we would welcome your support by writing a comment below. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with removing the logo from clothing.


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