How to Remove Screen Printing? (Top 8 Ways)

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Does the screen printing on your hoodies, bags, or tea shirts come off? Are you trying to give a new look to your daily accessories by removing cracked and outdated screen printing? Screen printing removal is easy but needs more care and attention if you don’t want your fabric quality damaged. Different fabrics need a certain level of care and attention during screen printing removal.

Screen printing might be difficult for some people to remove. Screen printing removal can take more time and energy if you don’t know the right way to remove it. If you are searching for easy tips and tricks to remove screen printing, then you are at the right blog. Here I am with a complete solution for your problem of screen printing removal.

In this blog, I will be discussing some guaranteed ways to remove screen printing from clothing. And how to remove screen printing from different types of fabrics.

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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is an ancient technique of printing on fabric. During the screen printing process, ink is forced through the screen that holds an image to form ink lines on the fabric. 

Using screen printing for printing is a lovely way to get more profit. The more designs you put on the screen, the more payoff you get from it. You can do this by putting some designs on your clothing and having them printed. Then you have to place an order there in this process.

Screen printing offers many benefits for all kinds of levels of entrepreneurs. Screen printing is a very cheap method of printing. For example, a single-color shirt can be printed for $0.29, while mass-produced shirts have a sticker price of around $3.00 per shirt.

Screen printing is not a new technology, but its popularity has increased over the last few years due to its simplicity and versatility, unlike other methods of manufacture, such as digital or embroidery, which require complex tools and rare equipment.

How is Screen Printing done?

In the first step of screen printing, the print technician needs to create a “screen” out of mesh stretched tightly across a wooden frame. Next, the fabric is placed on the screen to transfer the logo and art designs to the kimono. As the last step, the customer can get their screen-printed kimono after careful drying and heat treatment.

How is Screen Printing Done by Hand?

The ink is deposited on the surface of cloth or paper with a pattern corresponding to what will be printed, and this transfer of ink at once becomes an image of that pattern. The printer develops patterns on such materials as cloth, paper, or canvas by successive over layings.

It then pulls away portions of the fabric to expose another portion that has been treated in accordance with the description; it repeats this process until every portion has been covered with identical strokes.

Inside this mesh is a layer of emulsion that has been evenly brushed over the mesh below. When this mesh is placed on top of the inked fabric, the ink will pass through the mesh onto the fabric only where the emulsion has been applied. The result is that only those parts of the image exposed to light during exposure will be printed. 

The screen-printed fabric was initially created for use in theatrical scenery and theatre costumes.

Can you really Remove Screen Printing?

Besides the fact that screen printing removal can be challenging some of the time, the reality is that, yes, screen printing can really be removed. Screen printing removal can be done with a variety of methods. There are many different methods for removing screen printing. This depends on the printing type, the removal quality, and your procedure. What are the types of screen printing removal methods?

There are many techniques for removing different types of printing depending on the type of printing and ink used.

Top 8 Ways to Remove Screen Printing 

There are many ways to remove screen printing easily from any fabric. These include some of the household tips that are easy to follow and eliminate outdated screen printing. There are many ways to remove screen printing from clothes. Care should be taken when removing screen printing from any fabrics.

Different fabrics require a different type of care while removing screen printing. Screen Printing on cotton, Polyester, Nylon, and other synthetic fabrics can be removed easily, but not all kinds of fabrics can be removed easily. There are some techniques that you need to follow while removing screen printing from your favorite shirt or clothing. You can use any method that suits your needs. Some of the tips on how to remove screen printing are:

  1. Plastisol remover
  2. Acetone or Nail Polish remover
  3. Iron and peel
  4. Sugar scrub
  5. Spotting fluid
  6. Cloth dryer
  7. Wash more often 
  8. Remove Screen Printing by Using Cold Cashmere

Plastisol Remover: Method to Remove Screen Printing

plastisol is the very common ink used in screen printing. To remove this ink, you need to buy some good remover that can work best on your cloth fabric. The removal process should be done correctly, as the removers are strong and can cause severe skin issues and inhalation irritation if you don’t wear gloves and a mask. Try to carry out the process in a well-ventilated area where the airflow is good enough. 

To Remove the plastisol of screen printing you need to soak a soft piece of cloth and dip it in a remover, then lay the fabric on the screen and leave it for thirty minutes so that the remover is set down correctly. Then use a soft brush to brush out the design flakes from the fabric. Use a soft cloth to clean the fabric from any remaining plastisol removers. Wash your screen printing free item and enjoy your new article free from screen printing. 

Make sure to remove the chemical from the item by washing it properly with detergent; if it still smells like a strong chemical, avoid wearing it until the smell goes completely off by passing it again. This method is very safe and effective. However, it does not work with all kinds of ink.

Acetone or Nail Polish Remover: Method to Remove Screen Printing

If you are low on budget and have nothing to remove the costly screen printing, try this simple trick of removing screen printing with nail polish remover. It is effortless to remove your outdated screen printing with this method. You don’t need professional service or expensive removers to remove your obsolete screen printing. 

The easiest and most effective way is using the old nail polish remover. Just rub the screen printing with nail polish remover, wash it with cold water, and dry. In some cases, the old nail polish can leave traces of color on the cloth piece, but that is so easy to remove by rewashing it. It will remove all kinds of stains, ink, oils, and chemicals. This method is very easy, and one can do this process easily at home or anywhere. 

Iron or Peel Off: Method to Remove Screen Printing

When you see the screen printing on your old item, use the iron to remove it from your cloth fabric, but avoid using too much heat as it can ruin the garment, so use milder power for removing old ink stains from your warm fabric items.

You must sprinkle salt on the screen printing and iron the shirt to remove the ink. After that, wash your item with cold water, then dry it. 

Iron should not be used on very fragile fabrics and clothes as it can ruin your cloth items without any reason. Also, some kinds of fabric like silk must be handled carefully. 

Sugar Scrub: Method to Remove Screen Printing

You can use a sugar scrub for removing screen printing from shirts, but before using this method, make sure you have nothing in the shirt pockets and avoid putting this on the back of the shirt, where you might end up making a hole in the shirt or jacket. The process is very easy. First, you will need a small amount of sugar scrub and add it in your hand, then apply it on the screen printing and scrub it in a circular motion for 15-20 minutes, then wash it with cold water. So you have a new item without unwanted screen printing.

Spotting Fluid: Method to Remove Screen Printing

This is the easiest way to remove screen printing from your articles. For this method spot removal, guns are used which use air compressors to aim the fluid on the spot where the screen printing has been done. You just need to fill spotting guns or pistols with the chemical fluids. Aim the spotting fluid to the screen printing where the chemical solvents will work together in association with the pressure and will remove the screen printing from your fabric.

But be sure to aim it exactly where the screen printing ink has been used as the chemical solvents will be dangerous for the plan fabric. Try to keep some water-absorbing soft cloth or towel beneath the screen-printed layer of fabric so that it absorbs chemical solvents and doesn’t damage the underlying cloth layer. Wash the article and enjoy a new look after the screen printing removal.  

Cloth Dryer: Method to Remove Screen Printing

You can use this method to remove unwanted screen printing from any fabric item. You need to put the fabric piece with the screen printing in the cloth dryer for about 20 minutes so that the letters or design become softer with consistent heat. By heating them to a certain temperature in the cloth dryer the letters or design can be easily peeled off by the fingertips.

If the screen printing is still hard to be removed, put it again in the cloth dryer for another round. After two to three rounds the screen printing will be removed completely. 

Washing More: Method to Remove Screen Printing

If you are in a rush and you don’t want to buy a remover or not, you can wash the old cloth piece with cold water and washing powder. The clothes will appear perfect, but the ink traces will disappear from your fabric. So, when you design new clothes, then use this method. Just remember to use white color for the first time as it helps in removing ink from any fabric piece quickly.

This method works on a white shirt or T-shirt but not for other colors as color extraction takes longer than on white clothing or a T-shirt.

Cold Cashmere: Method to Remove Screen Printing

You can use cold cashmere as it works great on all unwanted stains. Just put some cold cashmere on the ink, then rub it gently. Be sure to do this away from your eyes and avoid using wet cashmere if you have sensitive skin. 

You can also try any household remedy for removing ink stains. Just read online, gather all needed items, follow instructions carefully, and don’t forget to test the method on a small area before going full throttle with it.

Best Screen Printing Ink Remover

There are many different types of Screen Printing Ink (Inkjet, Washer, Screenprinting, and Transfer) and Fabric/Cloth (shirts, T-Shirts, etc.). This means you can use different products to remove each of them. However, there is one type that works best.

The ink remover that is best for old and used ink is a gallon of White Distilled Vinegar. Just pour some into the old shirt or garment and wash it with cold water. After 1 hour, rewash it with cold water. It will easily remove ink from your clothes and make them look new. You can also try other solutions like; Hand Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, and Soda Water.

How to Remove Screen Printing from a Shirt?

If you got the screen printing on your shirt and you have no idea how to remove it from the shirt, then don’t worry; I am here to help you. There are many ways to remove the screen printing from your shirt, but in this article, I will only tell you about four methods that can be performed at home without using any chemicals or expensive removers which can damage your shirt.

You should first identify precisely what type of screen printing on your shirt, dress, and jacket using a sharp object such as a pin or a non-abrasive pencil. If it is a screen print, use the eraser end of your favorite pencil to scrub away any visible ink.

If it is a diazo transfer, you will see that it involves silicon particles in the water, which are loosely bonded onto the fabric before being washed with soap and water (with the eventual removal of this silicon).

For this kind of ink, you should use a soap meant for textile use. These soaps will remove the most stubborn diazo transfer without any danger of removing the fabric fibres.

The next step is to consider custom clothing cleaning services. This requires investing in a unique handheld applicator or in a machine that can be rented from any garment printing company that can temporarily remove the ink while you wash your shirt at home.

Then, you simply need to wash the shirt at home using soapy water and cold water until all traces of ink are removed. Never use hot water to wash your shirt because it can damage the fabric and colour.

Finally, after you are satisfied with the results, iron your shirt using a low heat setting or turn it inside out when placing it in a clothes dryer. This should ensure that you can save your custom garment and wear it as soon as possible.

Likewise, a screen printing kit is available in the market that you can use at home to remove screen printing easily from your clothes. It is easy to use; follow the screen printing removal kit instructions while using the tool.

Basically, you will need the following items to remove screen printing ink stains off of your shirt;

  • White Vinegar – you will need white distilled vinegar to remove screen printing ink from a shirt. White vinegar is an excellent natural eraser that can easily remove old stains and stick to all surfaces thoroughly without leaving behind any trace. Just pour some white vinegar on the ink, rubbing it gently over the ink mark until it is completely gone.
  • Hand Washing Soap – You can also use a bar of hand soap found at home or nearby in order to get rid of the stain and help you begin again after removing the old print from the shirt.
  • Rubbing Alcohol – You can also remove the ink stain with the help of rubbing alcohol. Just pour some rubbing alcohol into a bowl of warm water and dip your shirt or fabric in that water for 5 minutes. After that, rub gently over the ink stain until you see it completely gone.
  • Dryer Sheets – In addition to these methods, you can also use dryer sheets to easily remove old ink from your shirt/garment/clothes. You just have to put some dryer sheets on top of the ink and rub them gently over it from top to bottom until they pick up all the ink from your shirt.

You can get rid of the old ink by following the earlier steps. Try them at home and tell us which method works best for you.

How to remove screen printing from Polyester?

You can always try using a wet cloth and rubbing it gently. The link will then get removed from your shirt. However, once the ink is rubbed off, check to see if there are any other ink stains on your shirt.

Since you have tried many methods, the ink is still not eradicated, so you should use solvent to remove the hard-to-remove ink stain from your clothes.

If you can’t use solvent at home to remove screen printing from Polyester, I suggest leaving it with a professional dry cleaner or visiting any nearby laundry shop with your shirt and asking them if they can remove this mark from your clothes easily.

If you want to remove screen printing from Polyester, then I suggest using one of the below-mentioned methods:

  • Rubbing Alcohol: You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove screen printing from Polyester. It is better than using ethanol.
  • Sodium Carbonate: It is better than using salt to remove the ink from your shirt. Sodium Carbonate is a cleaner and bleaches the clothes.
  • Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheets are also great for removing screen printing from Polyester.
  • Towel: You can also use a towel and gently rub the ink until you obliterate it. This method is suitable when removing small/light ink stains in shirts or clothes. Hot Iron – If there are still some ink stains after using all the above methods, you can use a hot iron to blot the ink from your shirt.

How to Remove Silk Screen Printing?

You can try using other methods for removing ink from silk or tulle like sodium carbonate, salt, and rubbing alcohol. However, this method of removing screen printing is better and safer for removing stubborn ink stains in your clothes.

  • Remove Button – If you have any buttons on your silk and the ink is on that button, then your first is to remove the button from the silk.
  • Clean The Area – There are other ways of cleaning this area, like with the help of rubbing alcohol or any strong soap. Afterward, you can wet a towel in rubbing alcohol or warm water and then wipe off all the ink from your shirt/dress/tulle or cloth.
  • Use Sodium Carbonate – To remove silk screen printing, you can mix sodium carbonate with water in a bowl. After that, dip a piece of towel in this mixture and blot out the ink on your shirt.
  • Use Salt – Another good way is to remove the ink from your silk shirt/dress/tulle or cloth. Mix salt and alcohol and then rub it gently over the ink stain to blot out all the ink. 

FAQ about Removing Screen Printing

How to Remove Haze Screen Printing?

Haze is the term used in screen printing when the stains from the printing ink or emulsion are left. For the removal of haze in screen printing, try these tips.

  • Try to screen print on a damp cloth, not on the fabric.
  • Use a top coat over it after printing, which will cure into an emulsion; heat is required for drying. that is heat from a hairdryer or from the sun or if you are in a rush to finish your job then why don’t you try heating with the help of your hands or from the electric heater or a regular bulb can also be used for curing.
  • Clean the fabric by washing it with pressure water, and then if you want to use any other type of cleaning, you can try using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Hang the garment in sunlight so that the haze can be removed with the help of light pressure.
  • Lastly, try to use a solvent for removing haze from your clothing materials like hydrogen peroxide or some other mildew remover in case that too fails.

Will Acetone Remove Screen Printing?

As acetone can remove screen printing ink, it’s not advisable; you are better off avoiding using acetone for removing screen printing from your clothes. Use soaps that are available in the market and are made especially to remove stubborn ink stains from your clothes.

Acetone is known to soften the fabric fibers, which will damage the fabric and its color. Acetone is also very harsh and can easily cause skin irritation if you don’t use proper safety equipment like gloves, masks, and eye protection shields.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Hoodies?

First, ensure you do not use the screen printing ink on the hoodies. The screen printing ink might have either been used for the design, or even after washing from the hoodie, it might have left its residue on the hoodie. If you still think it has been used, it would be wise not to buy a worn-out hoodie without washing properly.

The next thing you must do is wash the cloth using soap and water, removing all the ink stains. If you are confident that the hoodie could be adequately cleaned and possibly remove all the ink stain from it, you can then choose to wash it by machine. Having a significant weight on screen printing, most people often forget to wash garments properly because of sheer laziness.

Do not let your inactivity make you do anything wrong with your clothes, and trust me, having a bulky hoodie stained from screen printing is embarrassing for anyone who will see it.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Jerseys?

It is primarily a polyester fabric, and it is mainly used for the wear of sports jerseys. These materials are usually made of polyester/spandex, a stiff fabric. First of all, you must remove the body from your shirts. Then you can remove the sleeves if they have anything printed on it.

Then you can wash any stains easily with hot water and soap or use a mild detergent to clean them. If your shirt has been damaged at all because of screen printing ink, then you can use bleach to remove this ink altogether from your shirt but do not use bleach if it’s an everyday garment that you have to wear like a hoodie or pajamas for sleeping in last nights after work.

How to Remove Screen Printing from a Backpack?

Every screen printing cloth comes with its own set of instructions. Some would be put on the tag, and some would be written on the box you might have brought. First, check whether any ink has got into your backpack that you are trying to wash/clean.

Next, if it is light to medium ink, you can easily scrub off the ink by wetting a cloth and rubbing it gently. Also, get help from a friend or family member to do this. If you have more extensive ink stains, then you may need more help.

First, you may need a brush and then a razor to remove the ink. Also, some materials can be washed by hand, but some are best washed in the machine, and your washing machine is labeled explicitly for ink stains.

Some of the other options are to remove screen printing from a backpack; you might have to stain-proof it or wax it, making it bearable for other uses in the future.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Sweatshirts?

You will have to follow the same procedure as washing your clothes. That includes soaping the cloth and then rinsing it off with water. You can also use bleach to wash the clothes if you want, but do not forget to mix it with water before applying it to your sweatshirt.

But still, if the screen printing ink is not coming out of your sweatshirt, leave it for some time and then use a stiff brush to scrub off all the remaining ink from your shirt. After this, rinse off your shirt with warm water and dry it in the shade.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Swimsuits?

For this, you might need a little help from your friends. First, you will have to get rid of the hard rubber bands that secure your swimsuit together. Then you can use soap and water and rub the swimsuit gently with a soapy cloth to wash off all the ink stains. If you are confident that it is immaculate, put on a dark-colored undershirt and start washing it.

Next step, if the swimming suit has been washed in hot water, let it drip dry. If not, fold it in a cool place for drying and iron it as soon as possible so as not to spoil its color too much.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Metal?

There are different ways to remove ink from metal. If the ink is such that it cannot be removed with any solvent-based methods, then you can try rubbing the metal with a hard brush but do not forget to wear safety equipment like gloves.

Also, if some of your clothes are made of hard materials, you can try other methods like oven cleaning and scraping off the ink. If your clothes are made up of metals, you can use some paint remover to see if it works. If the metal part of your clothes is not oxidized, you can rub it with a hard brush or even a hard cloth to remove any ink still on it.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Clothing?

For this, you need to ensure that you do not use the home washing machine, which has a rotating drum to wash any ink. The preferred method would be using soft clothing detergent to wash the clothes and let them drip dry in the shade.

One can go for many other options if your clothes have been damaged because of screen printing ink, including bleaching, oven cleaning, and scraping off the ink. Also, if your clothes are made of hard materials like metals, you can try other methods like oven cleaning and scraping off the ink.

How to Remove Screen Printing from Nylon?

The best way to remove ink from Nylon is by using household detergents or even commercial cleaning agents that are made to remove ink stains. But do not forget to clean Nylon under running water while doing this. Also, check the color of your Nylon before you start washing them with soaps.

If the colors are light, you can try it by hand, but if the colors are dark, you will have to try out other methods like bleaching or scraping off the ink. 

How to Remove Screen Printing from Plastic?

There are different methods to remove ink from plastic. If your clothes and objects are made up of Polyester, then you can scrap the ink off by rubbing with a soft brush or even a sponge. But for some Polyesters, you will have to use some detergents or fabric cleaning agents and let it drip dry in the shade. 

For PET (PETE), you can try out different methods like baking soda, vinegar, or some household detergents and let it drip dry in the shade. 

Or, if your clothes or objects are made up of EVA, then you can try out methods like baking soda and vinegar or use household detergents and let them drip dry in the shade.

What is the best Chemical to Remove Screen Printing?

There are different products by different companies for removing certain types of ink stains. But do not forget to check the instructions on the box and the website for which product is suitable for your clothing. Another thing that you have to remember is that not all types of ink can be removed using the same chemical product. Some inks are permanent, and some can be removed by solvent-based chemicals.

Is there any Spray for Screen Printing removal?

Some companies have come up with spray products that can remove the ink. The best thing is to test it on a small area before applying it to your entire clothing. Also, these products are very expensive, so people have to make sure of their work before applying them to their clothes. 

How to Remove Screen Printing from Jeans?

To remove the ink, you can try some soaps and detergents on spot-free jeans. After this, you can leave them in the shade and wait for some time before testing. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can use some other chemicals like Soda Ash or household detergents, but do not forget to rinse it off thoroughly using clean water after drying in the shade.

For Polyester, if you are wearing white jeans, you can try some household detergents and spray them with one of these liquids. If the color of your jeans is not fading and the ink has been removed, then you can wear a dark-colored shirt to cover up the white area.

However, if the ink is still there after trying any chemical to remove ink from jeans, you can contact a qualified person for proper cleaning.

Final Thoughts

If you are the owner of any clothes made up of fabrics like Polyester and vinyl, then you must know that it might take some time for the ink to be removed. Also, if you have used printing methods like screen printing, you need to ensure that the ink has been removed from the clothes by applying a chemical product. 

Basically, the best way to remove ink from clothes is by using a solvent-based chemical. You will have to use it at least three times to get complete results on your clothes.

Also, do not forget to check out the instructions on the box before applying it to your entire clothing. If your clothes are made up of Polyester, then you will also have to try out other methods like baking soda and vinegar or household detergents and let them drip dry in the shade. 

Even if you have removed the ink from some objects, the ink might still be there, and you can use more chemical solutions to remove it from them.



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