Best Elna Sewing Machines in 2023 (Our Top 6 Picks)

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Elna sewing machines are a symbol of innovation and high standards of service. They are recognized for being innovative with the introduction of a variety of ground-breaking models featuring improved performance. 

With every new model, Elna can push the limits on what consumers expect from their sewing machine as well as how it can be used in different scenarios. It is also designed to meet demanding standards that require functionality and reliability, including design innovations that increase user comfort and ensure everlasting pleasure in sewing.

Elna’s history has been fruitful with numerous technological breakthroughs that have placed its products in a class apart from others. They continue to stay true to their heritage by providing elegant designs that extend beyond aesthetics into combining innovation with usability optimally, whether it’s a basic machine or an advanced one.

Elna can be proud of its products, which are quite innovative in the sewing machine market. The authenticity of their designs and the simplicity in their mechanisms are not merely the result of clever marketing from a company that has spent many years in this market but rather the result of an accumulation of experience and skills to provide solutions for customers.

In other words, these machines are designed and manufactured following well-established methods with their strengths and weaknesses, but above all for providing an optimal solution for its users.

Elna is one of the most recognized names in sewing machines, thanks to its innovative design and advanced technology. This brand is especially known for its ergonomic and simple sewing machines, which allow them to be used continuously by people with little or no prior experience.

Their models are also highly rated for their performance, reliability, low cost, and are generally easy to use. The brand has a solid reputation for advertising its products through TV commercials that have become well-known throughout the world.

Elna’s success has been built on an almost century of experience in the design and manufacture of knitting and embroidery machines that have experienced great growth during this time.

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Best Elna Sewing Machines

There is a list of top featured Elna sewing machines,

  1. Elna eXpressive 920
  2. Elna eXcellence 730 Pro
  3. Elna eXpressive 850
  4. Elna eXcellence 770
  5. Elna eXcellence 580+
  6. Elna Elnita EF72

Elna eXpressive 920

Elna eXpressive 920 Sewing Machine
Elna eXpressive 920 Sewing Machine

The eXpressive 920 is perfect for sewing and embroidery, So it’s suitable for both beginners and people that want to get into professional embroidery and quilting.

It has some great features like the built-in thread cutter, automatic thread cutter as well as a needle threader. It also has a lifter on the machine so you can raise the presser foot without having to reach down with your hand, which is great! It had very good stitching quality, and overall a really good product.

Elna eXpressive 920 is a good machine, very easy to use, and quite powerful. It has an intuitive menu so that you don’t need to look for the function you are looking for in the book. It also has a lot of stitches and processes that allow you to make different creative things. Moreover, this machine is very consistent, the stitches always look professional. I’ve never gotten thread breakage or other problems with it because it’s an excellent machine.

This sewing machine is featured with an LCD screen, and it’s very easy to use, and feature-rich. The LCD is very easy to use as well, it allows a precise view of the dials on the machine which makes your work easier and more manageable.

The eXpressive 920 is a good machine due to its speed and ability to do multiple designs. It also has a built-in bobbin winder and the thread cutter is automatic. It comes with an embroidery foot so you can use the machine for quilting as well which is great. It has some great features like the 3 embroidery fonts, auto thread cutter, needle threader, and stitch preview which are very helpful in sewing.

Features of Elna eXpressive 920

  • 400 Built-In Stitches
  • 13 Buttonholes 
  • 3 Alphabets
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 9 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • Maximum Adjustable Sewing Speed: 1,060 SPM
  • 91 Needle Positions
  • Long Arm With Large Work Space
  • Full-Colors Lcd Touch Screen
  • Automatic Foot Presser Control
  • Independent Bobbin Winding
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Upper Thread And Bobbin Thread Sensors
  • Automatic Thread Tension
  • Independent Upper Feed System
  • 10 Led Lamps In 5 Different Locations
  • Memory Capability Up To 4MB Of Storage
  • Connexion For Two USB Sticks
  • Free Arm


  • Fast Sewing Speed – It’s very fast. It can sew through up to 1,060 stitches per minute! You can do a lot of things with its amazing speed without having to stop the machine or wait for the machine to stop.
  • Independent Bobbin Winding – You can wind your bobbins using the built-in bobbin winder. The bobbin winder is easy to use and it makes sewing a lot easier!
  • Automatic Needle Threader – This is helpful for people that are not experienced with sewing or embroidery because you don’t have to thread the needle every time you want to start sewing a design.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter – This is also really helpful for people that are not experienced with sewing or embroidery. It cuts the thread for you so it’s not necessary to cut the thread when you want to start a new project because it’s already done for you.
  • Upper Thread And Bobbin Thread Sensors – The machine automatically senses the upper and bobbin threads which is helpful if you’re not used to working with a machine because it’ll sense how much tension your threads need and makes the adjustments for you.
  • Automatic Thread Tension – It has an adjustable thread tension which allows the user to customize how tight or lose the tension of their sewing projects.


  • It’s a bit pricey – It’s expensive, but it’s worth it in the end
  • Thread Breakage – It sometimes has problems with thread breaking so you have to be careful when sewing, but if you pay attention to the recommended machine settings and use high-quality thread then you should be fine.

What is the stitch quality of Elna eXpressive 920 like?

It has been reported that the machine’s stitch quality is very consistent, and the stitches are very uniform and even. The quality of stitches is great and there have been no issues with thread breakage. They are also very neat and sharp. The stitches also come out at a steady pace without any issues or problems.

What accessories does Elna eXpressive 920 come with?

Elna eXpressive 920 comes with a lot of accessories, it comes with all the tools you need to get started immediately upon purchase. The accessories include an embroidery foot, a needle pack, an extension table, a buttonhole foot, a one-step buttonhole, etc.

What is the availability of parts on Elna eXpressive 920?

The availability of parts on Elna eXpressive 920 is very good. It’s pretty easy to get the parts you need and replacement parts are reasonably priced. The delivery of the replacement part takes about 3-4 working days which is not too bad either.

Elna eXcellence 730 Pro

Elna eXcellence 730 Pro Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 730 Pro Sewing Machine

This model is an excellent choice for beginners and the more advanced sewer. The stitching is beautiful and the machine is simple to operate. This model has all of the features you could want, easy threading, automatic tension control, one-step presser foot change, an automatic needle threader, an upper feed device, and a knee lifter. The machine is very cute and stylish. The handpiece and the LCD screen are bright and easy to read.

The needle threader makes threading a breeze. There are three stitching speeds and reverse sewing is also available. There is a built-in carrying handle and an accessory case that lies flush with the machine when closed. There are many decorative stitches, utility stitches, and 10 one-step buttonholes including stretch buttonholes.

The machine will sew through multiple layers of denim with no problem. This machine sews through all types of fabric including leather, suede, and even plastic! With this kind of performance, you can say that you are getting more than your money’s worth.

Easy bobbin winding, Bobbin winding with a thread cutter, knee lifter, and an LCD screen to name a few. These are great for sewing heavy materials, thick fabrics, and jeans.

When we put the machine through the paces we found out that it sewed beautifully on all types of fabrics.

There is a lot of space inside the machine because of its compact design. The sewing quality is excellent and the thread tension is accurate. The foot controller can be set up to perform this function without having to use manual controls.

Features of Elna eXcellence 730 Pro

  • 170 Stitches
  • 10 Buttonholes
  • Maximum Adjustable Sewing Speed: 1,000 SPM
  • 91 Needle Positions
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 9 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • Auto-Lock Button
  • Automatic Thread Cutter Button
  • 4 Direct Pattern Selection Button
  • Mirror Stitch Function
  • Twin Needle Function
  • Lock-Out Key
  • Large Sewing Space Of 11″ X 4.7″
  • Free Arm
  • LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
  • Integrated Thread Cutters
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Automatic Thread Tension
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Speed Control Slider
  • 3 Lighting Zones With 5 White Led


  • LCD Touch Screen Display – The machine has a window touch screen display that shows vital information including the stitch pattern. This screen is capable of showing the needle position, stitch speed, stitch length, stitch width, and bobbin status.
  • Auto Thread Cutter – In Elna’s line of machines they have come up with an auto thread cutter that does just that. It cuts the bobbin thread as you sew and places a safety pin to keep the thread in place. The automatic thread cutter also helps to free up your time by preventing you from having to deal with an errant bobbin.
  • Bobbin Winder – The machine has an auto bobbin winding system that is designed to handle any type of bobbin. There are three different wind speeds, automatic bobbin winding, automatic thread cutting, and reverse sewing available through this feature.
  • Built-In Needle Threader – The automatic needle threader on the 730 PRO is designed to make using this feature a breeze. All you have to do is pull the lever on the left-hand side and the machine will take care of the rest.
  • Auto Thread Tension – All of this amazing technology comes together for outstanding stitch quality. Many stitch quality settings are obtainable because of this feature. The automatic tension system allows you to easily switch between one style of fabric and another without having to make any changes.


  • No Extension Table – The machine does not have an extension table which is not needed for Large projects. The results of this are that you must have some other sort of support to hold the fabric while sewing.

Which seam allowance do I use on Elna eXcellence 730 Pro?

You can sew any type of seam you wish, as long as the weave matches the project you’re making. If the piece is just for a quilt, choose a specialty needle for denim, upholstery, or leather. If it’s for a garment, choose an ordinary sewing foot with regular needles. The choice is up to you.

Is it difficult to thread the Elna eXcellence 730 Pro?

Not at all! This sewing machine has a large color touch screen and the threading sequence is indicated. The threading directions are very detailed and easy to follow.

Is the bobbin easy to wind?

Yes, Elna eXcellence 730 Pro Sewing machine comes with an automatic bobbin winder with thread cutters. Once you have threaded the needle, you simply turn the dial and let the machine automatically wind your bobbin until it is perfect and ready.

Elna eXpressive 850

Elna eXpressive 850 Sewing Machine
Elna eXpressive 850 Sewing Machine

If you’re looking for a reliable machine that can handle piping and darning and sewing leather or anything else for that matter, then Elna is the one for you. What’s more, they are reasonably priced. These machines are made to last and they sew in every stitch to perfection.

The Elna eXpressive 850 features an innovative design with a multi-functional function. Automatic buttonholes, automatic threading, and an embroidery unit can be attached or removed from the bottom of the machine. Also, it comes with a case for easy storage.

The stitch quality is outstanding and the Elna eXpressive 850 is ideal for sewing any type of fabric like leather and even denim because of its sturdy frame and extra-high presser foot position (manual). It also has a free arm which makes sewing cuffs, sleeves, and shirt backs easier.

Beginning with the bobbin winding mechanism of the Elna eXpressive 850, The bobbin winder is one of the best in terms of strength and it winds the bobbin with ease and without any problems. You don’t have to worry about the bobbin becoming tangled because of its winding mechanism as it only winds one at a time. I had a good experience sewing leather, cuffs, and collars with this machine because of its bobbin winder.

One handy feature of this model is the needle threader, when you have to thread it each time it saves so much time. Like most embroidery machines, the eXpressive 850 takes the standard spools that are available in department and craft stores. Elna recommends purchasing extra spools to save space.

Also, the storage on this model is amazing because it comes with a case and an embroidery unit itself. The stitch quality and accuracy of this machine are excellent but I thought it would be better than what it is.

Features of Elna eXpressive 850

  • Maximum Sewing Speed 1000 Spm
  • 200 Stitches
  • 6 Automatic Buttonholes
  • 9 mm Stitch Width
  • 171 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • Large Working Space
  • Automatic And Programmable Thread Cutter
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Bobbin And Upper Thread Sensors
  • Automatic Thread Tension
  • USB Port For Design Transfer
  • Removable Embroidery Unit 
  • Free-arm
  • Full-Color LCD Touch Screen 
  • Easy and Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
  • 5 LED Lights in 3 Places
  • Machine Weight 10.4 kg


  • Large Working Space – Elna eXpressive 850 features a large and spacious working area that measures 210mm x 120mm which is more than enough of an area for you to handle sewing large projects.
  • Automatic And Programmable Thread Cutter – This model comes with an automatic thread cutter which is located on the bobbin winder and a thread tension dial which ensures the thread for a smooth and straight stitch. The Elna eXpressive 850 also comes with a programmable thread cutter, that trims your threads automatically. These two features will ensure that your project has neat feet and legs.
  • Built-in Needle Threader – The built-in needle threader is ideal for beginners because of its ease of use and the fact that it doesn’t come with a manual. These features make this machine ideal for sewing leather, denim, or any other material that has a super fine thread.
  • Automatic Thread Tension – The Elna eXpressive 850 comes with automatic thread tension control which helps to ensure that your projects are always perfectly even and smooth. Besides, the tension dial ensures that you won’t find yourself using any extra effort to sew your project with proper tension.
  • USB Port For Design Transfer – One of the features that I liked about this machine is the USB port which allows you to transfer designs to this machine using your computer or tablet.


  • No Extension Table – the sewing part of this machine is not the best for those ironing an extension table. I think this kind of machine would be a better pick for someone who’s going to be very much involved in embroidery work.

Can anyone use this machine?

Because this embroidery machine is designed for a home environment, it is only a great solution for people who are interested in embroidery but do not have the budget for a full home machine. If you can sew with a simple machine, then you can use the Elna eXpressive 850.

Is Elna eXpressive 850 compact and portable?

The Elna eXpressive 850 is small, light weighted, and compact with a built-in design. Because of its size and storage, it’s a great choice for people who live in apartments or even dorms and cannot afford a full-size machine.

What’s the difference with other machines?

Like most machines, this embroidery machine lacks some features such as having limited computer connectivity and no ability to convert embroidery designs from one format to the other. On top of that, the expansion options are limited. But, this intricate machine has superb stitch quality, particularly in embroidery, and it sews at a steady pace with a reliable and sturdy frame.

Elna eXcellence 770

Elna eXcellence 770 Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 770 Sewing Machine

Elna is a renowned and trusted brand. I feel confident in recommending their product, the Elna eXcellence 770, to sewers of every level. This machine is a workhorse; it cranks out a very high-quality stitch with all the features you could want.

The Elna 770 is a long arm, so it gives much more workspace than most home sewing machines. There are enough settings on this machine that one could sew in different patterns, sizes, and colors without having to make adjustments to the sewing machine each time. This is great if you are making clothes or blankets or quilts. The Elna 770 has automatic buttonholes so you don’t have to worry about making those. 

This is a full-sized sewing machine that has an embroidery stitch feature. It comes with a big arm and extension table that helps you when larger projects need to be done.

Elna eXcellence 770 boasts 350 built-in stitches from classic to contemporary and decorative, which are easily accessed via the LCD touchscreen menus. There are 11 one-step automatic buttonholes, four styles of monograms, programmable lettering, and special hemming stitches for all kinds of uses including blanket edging.

The top drop-in bobbin makes threading the machine very easy and quick for the novice sewer. With its strong and sturdy frame, the Elna eXcellence 770 is built to last. Elna sewing machines are known for their quality and durability. They have amazing features that make it easy to sew your projects quickly, accurately, and without errors.

The Elna 770 is a perfect choice if you want to sew professionally with a machine that will bring out the quality and details in your sewing projects such as embroidery, appliqué, pattern making, or decorative stitching.

Features of Elna eXcellence 770

  • 1100 SPM Maximum Sewing Speed
  • 350 Titches
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 9 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • 11 One-Step Automatic Buttonhole
  • Variable Needle Positions: 91
  • Sewing Space 280 X 120 mm
  • Extra-Long Free Arm (150 mm)
  • Large Color HD-LCD Touchscreen
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Easy And Guided Bobbin Threader 
  • Built-In Thread Cutter
  • Easy And Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
  • Automatic Thread Tension Control
  • 9 Led Lights In 4 Areas + 1 Retractable Front Light
  • Built-In Accessory Storage In 2 Areas
  • Machine Weight 13.2 Kg
  • USB Port


  • Extra-Long Free Arm – The super-long free arm is great for sewing projects such as pants, drapes, curtains, and even quilting.
  • HD-LCD Touchscreen – The sewing machine comes with a touchscreen that makes navigating through its many features very easy. It has a long list of stitches you can choose from.
  • Built-In Needle Threader – The needle threader is so easy to use, especially for beginner sewers. The machine will automatically thread the needle for you. It is never hard to do since it does it effortlessly and flawlessly every time.
  • Built-In Thread Cutter – This feature comes in handy when you don’t have scissors at hand to cut your materials and threads. The Built-in Thread Cutter is located on the front of the machine. It just needs a light touch and your material will be snipped with precision and accuracy every time.
  • Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder – It is lightweight and easy to use and more importantly, it works like a charm. The bobbin winding takes only a few seconds to complete.
  • USB Port – The USB port is located on the machine, just under where you put your sewing materials or supplies and accessories. You can easily connect your computer for downloading pattern designs and edit pictures. You can also use it as storage for your memories when you are done with the sewing project.


  • Heavy Wight – The machine is not light on your hands, which can be problematic if you are just starting out with your sewing career.

Can I use this sewing machine on a light table?

The Elna 770 works great with a light table too. Elna machines are known for their quality and durability. They have amazing features that make it easy to sew your projects quickly, accurately, and without errors. The eXcellence 770 comes with an accessory storage system so you can keep your accessories organized and easy to find. It has both a large arm and an extension table which is great for those larger projects where you might need the extra space.

How many stitches can I get on a single bobbin?

There are 11 one-step automatic buttonholes for a total of 360 individual stitches. Elna’s One-Step Buttonhole feature makes needle threading a snap and more convenient than ever on this machine. There is also the ability to change the stitch length in increments of 1 mm, which means you can be creative and make larger or smaller buttonholes as needed.

What is the stitch width on Elna eXcellence 770?

The stitch width on the Elna eXcellence 770 is 9mm. A wider stitch will be useful for making garments and other projects where you are trying to create a more decorative look. A wider stitch will also give your sewing more stability and make it easier to handle when working with heavier-weight fabrics.

Elna eXcellence 580+

Elna eXcellence 580+ Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 580+ Sewing Machine

The Elna eXcellence 580+ is a beginner and hobby sewing machine. It is lightweight, simple to use, and durable. The stitching quality is excellent in light of the price. I tried it on a few different stitched projects and I must say it did a great job.

The Elna eXcellence 680+ sewing machine is computerized. It has 120 built-in stitches, a free arm feature, and comes with an automatic needle threader. This sewing machine can be used in commercial implementation as well as for home use. The large screen makes it easier to see details such as buttonholes, your desired stitch length and width, stitch type, and more. The automatic needle threader will thread the needles for you which means that you can get started on your project sooner.

By connecting the embroidery programs with the computerized sewing machine, you can save time and effort. You can preset the sizes of patterns and set up your stitch table to use all the necessary stitches.

Elna eXcellence 580+ featured over 120 utility and decorative stitches, acrylic needle plates, and easy threading. The one-step buttonhole makes it very easy to create buttonholes with zero hesitation. The free arm design is another great feature for easy pattern matching and sleeve hemming.

This machine is best for light to medium-weight fabrics. However, I tried a denim fabric and it worked well for heavier fabric too. The built-in needle threader allows you to sew the topstitching without hassle. On top of that, the semi-automatic thread tension controller enables you to have a perfectly even stitch every time.

The other unique functions are an automatic lockstitch, automatic thread cutter, and 4 built-in white LEDs. I found the size of the machine to be very convenient for its ease in handling.

Overall review of the machine is very good. It works great in day-to-day small projects, or when you don’t want to bog down your larger sewing machines with small jobs. The stitch quality is excellent in light of the price. This machine will come in handy as an everyday sewing companion while not being used on larger projects.

Features of Elna eXcellence 580+

  • 120 Number Of Stitches
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm
  • 7 One-Step Buttonhole
  • Maximum Sewing Speed 820MPS
  • Free Arm 
  • Touch Screen LCD
  • Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
  • Bobbin Threader With Built-In Thread Cutter
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Semi-Automatic Thread Tension
  • 4 Built-In White Led Lamps In 2 Areas
  • Automatic Lock Stitch
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Speed Control Slider
  • Stitch Mirror Image


  • Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder – For the convenience of the user, the eXcellence 580+ features an auto declutch bobbin winder. You can keep your hands free from your work and move them freely.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter – The eXcellence 580+ features an automatic thread cutter for your convenience.
  • Speed Control Slider – The speed control slider changes the sewing speed from one to eight steps to suit your style of sewing. From slow to fast and back again, you can wind up your fabrics in the way that you like.
  • Stitch Mirror Image – The eXcellence 580+ comes with a Stitch Mirror Image function which helps you achieve straight stitches on all fabrics without thinking about it too much. This keeps the fabric more uniform and adds more security because perfect stitches reduce fraying and bad ends.
  • Touch Screen LCD – The eXcellence 580+ features a touch screen LCD that makes it easy to select your desired stitch and adjust the settings.


  • Slow Speed – Some users have complained about the slow speed of the machine, but it is a washable machine and we recommend sewing at a slower speed.
  • Loud – Some users have complained about the loud noise of the machine.

Does it have an emergency stop option?

Yes, it has an emergency stop option which is very helpful in case of any emergencies. You can lock the presser foot when you don’t need to use your hand on the foot pedal while sewing. This way you can push the foot pedal with both your hands safely. It was one of my favorite features.

How many weight fabrics this sewing machine can sew on?

This sewing machine can sew on lightweight, medium, and heavy-weight fabric without any problem. It has been used to sew on denim also. It might work well on extra heavy fabrics too but I have not tried it myself so I’m not sure about it.

Does this machine have an automatic thread trimmer?

Yes, it does. The built-in automatic thread trimmer will trim the trailing threads of your fabric and the needle thread whenever you do a sewing job.

Is this machine has a built-in bobbin tension control?

Yes, it does. The bobbin tension control enables you to adjust the tension of your Bobbin thread easily and effortlessly and get perfectly even stitches anyway. It has an automatic needle threader that will do the work for you when sewing on the topstitching.

Elna Elnita EF72

Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing Machine
Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing Machine

The Elna EF72 is the sort of sewing machine that will make all your sewing dreams come true. The 10-inch flatbed provides a workspace for projects large and small, making it perfect for quilters everywhere. 

The Elna EF72 sewing machine is the perfect sewing machine for all types of fabrics. It is durable and versatile, and it has a range of accessories that make it easy to whip up any sort of project. 

Bright LED screen with easy navigation keys, This fantastic machine even has a 1000 max stitch per minute speed, which means you’ll be done with your project in no time at all. Excellent workspace In addition to the great stitch speed, the EF72 also has an amazing 10″ maximum sewing gear width. This means you can sew plenty of projects and manage them with ease. 

The EF72 has a needle up and down system that makes it easy to adjust your stitch length and width. The feed system is excellent as well and can change your needle easily. An automatic bobbin winder is another handy feature that will make all of your projects go by super fast so you don’t get overwhelmed by any leftovers when you’re done with a project.

When looking for a new machine to add to your arsenal of tools, don’t hesitate to give the Elna EF72 serious consideration. Not only is it capable of completing all your sewing endeavors, but it looks great too.

Features of Elna Elnita EF72

  • 172 Number Of Stitches
  • 1,000 Stitches Per Minute
  • Max. Stitch Width: 9mm
  • Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Bright LCD Screen
  • 7-Piece Feed Dog
  • Auto Bobbin Winder
  • Adjustable Thread Tension
  • Needle Up/Down
  • Reverse Button


  • Automatic Thread Cutter – This machine features an automatic thread cutter, which is a great tool that every sewer needs to have. You avoid having to do it yourself when you own this machine. 
  • Auto Bobbin Winder – The auto bobbin winder makes your job so much easier and less time-consuming than if you had to wind it yourself with the manual wheel on the wheelbase of most machines. Auto bobbin winder will make all of your projects go so much faster. 
  • Built-In Needle Threader – This means that you don’t have to figure out how to thread your machine, it takes care of it.
  • Adjustable Thread Tension – The adjustable tension ensures that you have the perfect setting for your project. You can change it to adjust to your stitch and get the perfectly flat stitch of your dreams.
  • Bright LCD Screen – The bright LCD screen is a great way to keep things in order while looking at your project. The bright screen also makes it easy to see what you are doing.


  • No Free Arm – The Elna EF72 sewing machine does not have a free arm, which means you cannot work on cuffs and trouser legs, cause they cannot be slipped into the base of the machine. 
  • No Extension Table – The Elna EF72 sewing machine does not have an extension table cause it focuses on sewing and nothing else. Besides, you don’t need it as it is built in.

Is the Elna EF72 sewing machine easy to use?

The Elna EF72 is an advanced yet user-friendly computerized sewing machine. It comes with a bright LED display and simple navigation keys for easy operation. The Elna EF72 has a maximum stitch width of 9mm, which is to suit most types of projects and fabrics. It is also capable of 1000 maximum stitches per minute and has a reverse button for added convenience.

Is the Elna ef72 reliable? 

Yes, this is a very durable machine that can be relied on for years of quality work. this is a very user-friendly sewing machine that is easy to repair and maintain. It comes with a warranty of 25 years.

What accessories come with the Elna ef72?

The Elna Ef72 is a great value-for-money machine that will give you years of service at an affordable price. The Elna EF72 comes with an automatic needle threader and needle up/down systems, 1 accessory package, a soft cover, a power cord, an extra spool pin, and a user manual.

Is Elna a Good Brand of Sewing Machines?

Yes, Elna is one of the best brands of sewing machines. Elna as a brand name has been working for more than 50 years in the field of sewing machines and other small appliances. In this way, it has managed to acquire a very good reputation in the market. The company offers its customers high-quality products at a reasonable price that is easy to use and go hand in hand with all household tasks.

Elna is one of the most famous names in sewing machines. The brand offers its customers high-quality sewing machines at relatively low prices that are easy to use and go hand-in-hand with all household tasks. The brand has a solid reputation throughout the world due to its long history in the field of sewing machines and small appliances. This gives it an excellent reputation that is mentioned above all for high-quality products and great prices.

How Much Does an Elna Sewing Machine Cost?

The price of Elna sewing machines is relatively low. Elna sewing machines can thus be found in stores of more modest budgets and also in expensive stores. The brand is a very popular choice among many people, whether they are looking for a basic machine or a complex one. If your budget allows, then you can find everything ranging from a simple model to an extensive product that includes all the modules needed to use it.

The prices of these machines range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. For some models, special offers can be found when purchasing multiple units together, so it is important to check the terms and conditions carefully before buying such packages.

How do I Clean My Elna Sewing Machine?

Elna sewing machines are of good quality and have a very long life, so they can last you for several years. To maintain their quality and performance, it is necessary to care for them properly. lubrication is the best way to increase your machine’s life.

If you want your sewing machine to last, then you should follow a few basic rules:

Always keep your sewing machine in a safe place where it does not get knocked over. This is for safety reasons so that the needle does not break and injure someone who touches it.

It is also important to keep the machine well away from dust so that the moving parts do not get stuck due to lack of use. For this reason, you should keep your Elna sewing machine in a dry place.

If you notice any malfunctioning in your Elna sewing machine, you have several options to get it repaired or replaced. You can contact the shop where you bought it or contact Elna directly through its customer service department.

If you have a problem with your Elna sewing machine, you should first consult the user manual and follow the troubleshooting procedures recommended to solve your problem. If this does not work, then you can seek support from the sales stores where you bought it or directly from Elna. As a last resort, you can contact Elna customer service. This is very easy since there is a support department for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Elna sewing machines are workhorses and are also beautiful. Elna sewing machines have superior performance and low maintenance. They are very reliable and have a long life span and can be used for different purposes. These machines offer varied functionalities in a single machine, making them the best buy for any household. 

One can easily learn to stitch with the right Elna sewing machine as it is designed with simple features that allow for optimum learning for new beginners in this field of needlework. Hope this article was really helpful for you.



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