Best Baby Lock Sewing Machine (Top 6 Picks of 2023)

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This article will be analyzing what makes the best baby lock sewing machine and how it is easy to use. It’s also fairly inexpensive in comparison to other models of machines that are available, which is great for those who want a machine that doesn’t cost a tremendous amount of money. Plus, there is a wide range of different stitches available on the Best Baby Lock Sewing Machine, so you won’t have any problems if you need different types of patterns from time to time.

FeaturesBaby Lock JubilantBaby Lock AccomplishBaby Lock AccordBaby Lock VerveBaby Lock ZestBaby Lock Jazz 2
Sewing speed (SPM)8501,5008508501,000
Built-in Stitches80502501911528
Stitch Length (mm)575544
Stitch Width (mm)77777
Automatic Thread CutterNoYesYesYesNoYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYesYesYesNoYes
Thread Tension ControlManualManualManualManualManual
Sewing Speed ControlYesYesYesYesNoLimited
Extension Table (Included)NoYesYesYesNoYes
Free ArmYesNoYesNoYesYes
LED LightningYesYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty (Years)252525252525
Our rating (out of 5.0)

That is one of the best things about this brand because this is not something that you will find often in other brands. Sewing machines are usually fairly limited in their options, but this one includes a variety of patterns and stitches.

List of the Best Baby Lock Sewing Machines in 2023

There are many top-rated baby lock sewing machines available on the market, and it can be hard to choose one that suits your needs. Some of these factors include price, functionality, ease of use, efficiency, and more.

Some of the best baby lock sewing machines are listed below in this article. This is a good way to learn more about the different options. 

  1. Baby Lock Jubilant 
  2. Baby Lock Accomplish
  3. Baby Lock Accord
  4. Baby Lock Verve
  5. Baby Lock Zest
  6. Baby Lock Jazz II

Baby Lock Jubilant

Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine

The Baby Lock Jubilant is a new sewing machine that I am super excited to recommend. It’s an amazing sewing machine that lets me and every user make all kinds of projects while being easy on my budget.

Yes, I have used this sewing machine on various projects on Baby Lock Jubilant and it was just amazing. I was teaching sewing to my niece with this sewing machine and found it pretty solid in performance and stitching quality.

The Jubilant is the perfect machine for someone who wants to sew but doesn’t want to get too in-depth with a heavy-duty machine.

The Jubilant has all the features of other Baby Lock sewing machines but in a smaller package. The screen looks sharp and clean and has plenty of information about your changes at a glance.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own buttonholes, this machine makes it ridiculously easy.

The Jubilant comes with all the accessories you’ll need to get started, including a spool cap threader. it is also featured 8 one-step buttonholes, 80 stitches, and a built-in needle threader. 

The Jubilant has many great features that are not offered by other sewing machines in its class. The screen is bright and clear and has plenty of information for all your adjustments at a glance.

Recently, Baby Lock added a buyer protection program to their warranty. This means that if you have any issue less than one year after purchase, you can receive free repairs or replacements.

Features of Baby Lock Jubilant 

  • Sewing Speed: 850 SPM
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • Total Number Of Stitches: 80
  • Built-In Utility Stitches: 50
  • Number of One-Step Buttonholes: 8
  • Built-In Decorative Stitches: 30
  • Needle Threader: Automatic
  • Thread Cutter: Manual
  • Tension System: Manual
  • Free Arm: Yes
  • Variable Speed Control: Yes
  • LCD Screen Size: 2-3/8″ X 7/8″
  • Number Of Feet Included: 7
  • Weight: 14.4 lbs


  • Automatic Needle Threader – The automatic needle threader saves time by putting the needle through the fabric and tensioning the threads while you thread it. This is extremely helpful when doing quilting or intricate sewing.
  • Free-Arm – The free arm is great when it comes to sewing sleeves, cuffs, and pant legs. You can also turn it around to put in zippers and make button holes. Using the free arm is a lot more convenient than using the extension table that comes with many other machines. The Jubilant has a built-in accessory tray to store all the necessities for your project.
  • Speed Control – The speed control on this machine is perfect. You can set it anywhere between 0-850 stitches per minute with ease and precision. The speed control allows you to choose how quickly your machine goes as well as how slow it goes at a moment’s notice should you need it to slow down or speed up.
  • Light Weighted – The Jubilant is incredibly light-weighted, which means that you can sew without your wrists hurting from holding up the weight of the machine. The Jubilant is wonderful for beginners who are getting started with sewing or quilting.


  • No Extension Table – The absence of an extension table is not a major issue, but it limits your creativity in certain projects.
  • No Automatic Thread Tension – The machine does not have automatic thread tension, which means you always need to adjust your tension manually.

Why should I choose a Baby Lock Jubilant Sewing Machine? 

The Jubilant is a true sewing machine with all the features of Baby Lock and performs flawlessly. The Jubilant is a new sewing machine that offers a variety of stitch types and embroidery designs with an LCD screen to personalize your projects. You can adjust the speed on the machine with a dial, which allows you to personalize your projects. The stitch width on the machine can be adjusted up to 7mm, which gives you more design options and helps make your projects look more like store-bought items.

Is it easy to use?

Definitely yes. Baby Lock JUBILANT is the best one for beginners. You can use this from a very simple process to other complicated ones like making buttonholes and other intricate stitches. If you still have a bit of an issue, the machine comes with a manual to help you.

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Baby Lock Accomplish

Baby Lock Accomplish Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Accomplish Sewing Machine

The Baby Lock Accomplish is a sewing machine that is made to be modern. The brand is inexpensive and has a bunch of features that make it perfect for sewing projects. The Baby Lock Accomplish has a single stitch machine that can go up to 1500 stitches per minute, quick threading system, and an extension table. 

It also comes with an LED light which makes working with the machine easier on your eyes. This model comes standard with eight feet which allows you to sew different fabrics without any issues-including silk, denim, and wool.

The great feature of the Baby Lock Accomplish is that it is very durable and I have had it for a long time without any problems. It has a great number of features that make it easy to use and it is an easy machine to use. 

For the price of this model, you get a lot of features that you would normally find in more expensive sewing machines. The casing on this sewing machine is brass which makes it modern looking. It also comes with a telescoping threading stand which makes it easy to hold the large spool.

Features of Baby Lock Accomplish

  • Sewing Speed: 1500 SPM
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 7 mm
  • Total Number Of Stitches: 50
  • Needle Threader: Built-in
  • Thread Cutter: Automatic
  • Tension System: Manual
  • Extension Table: Yes
  • Knee Lifter: Yes
  • Built-In Telescoping Thread Stand
  • LED Lighting
  • Number Of Feet Included: 8
  • Warranty: 25 Years


  • High Speed – A sewing machine with a 1500 stitch per minute means it has a lot of speed for a beginner. This makes it an easy machine to use if you are just starting out.
  • Built-in Needle Threader – The Baby Lock Accomplish comes with a built-in needle threader which is great for beginners who are just getting into sewing. Without the needle threader, it would be hard to sew without threading your needle.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter – The Accomplish comes with an automatic thread cutter which allows you to cut the end of your thread and leave both hands free to sew.
  • Interchangeable Feet – The Accomplish comes with eight interchangeable feet which allows you to sew different types of fabric without any issues.
  • Extension table – The extension table on the Accomplish is perfect for sewing projects that are bigger than normal. This is great if you want to make a quilt.


  • No LCD – The Accomplish does not have an LCD screen to show you the different stitches.
  • No Free Arm – The Accomplish does not have a free arm which means it is hard to sew with certain fabrics.

How long is the extension table?

The extension table on the Accomplish is 23″ inches long. the extension table on the Accomplish is detachable. This makes it easier to store.

Can you replace parts of this sewing machine? 

Yes, you can replace parts of this sewing machine if they break. It is recommended that you have an expert do this for you if your machine needs replacement parts.

Baby Lock Accord

Baby Lock Accord Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Accord Sewing Machine

Baby Lock Accord is an easy-to-use, heavy-duty sewing and embroidery machine. With a maximum stitch width of 7mm and a maximum stitch length of 5mm, it can handle almost any home sewing project. This machine has 250 built-in stitches, included are 5 alphabets as well as decorative stitches, straight stitching, and utility stitches.

This is an easy machine to use with one-touch buttons that make it easy to select the perfect stitch for your project. The included LCD touchscreen makes the selection process simple to understand and follow. The LCD color touch screen displays the machine’s status and more. The machine also has helpful features including an automatic thread cutter that cuts the twisted thread when you’re sewed with it.

Embroidery hoops are another convenient accessory available. Designed with a new shape and foot, these are compact and compact size and are perfect for projects that require small stitches. The feet of these hoops can move and rotate the needle, making it easier to stitch on small patterns and designs.

The USB interface is also available as an alternative to the traditional methods of transferring embroidery designs. Simply connect your embroidery designs to your machine using a flash drive.

Features of Baby Lock Accord

  • Sewing Speed: 850 SPM
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • Total Number Of Stitches: 250
  • Built-In Utility Stitches: 91
  • Number of One-Step Buttonholes: 10
  • Built-In Decorative Stitches: 50
  • LCD: Color Touch Screen
  • Needle Threader: Automatic
  • Thread Cutter: Automatic
  • Tension System: Manual
  • Extension Table: Yes
  • Knee Lifter: Yes
  • LED Lighting: 2 LED
  • Variable Speed Control: Yes
  • USB Interface: Type A


  • Touch Screen LCD – Touch Screen LCD has many features that make it easier to operate. This feature allows you to easily follow instructions that are very easy to understand. The LCD color touch screen allows you to view all of your embroidery designs, and your settings, and it has a memory for the storage of embroidery designs.
  • Automatic Needle Threader – This feature makes the process of threading the needle automatically.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter – When you are done sewing, this feature cuts the thread automatically to prevent running thread and tangled thread.
  • USB – USB is a great feature that allows you to transfer your embroidery designs on a machine.
  • Mirror Imaging – Mirror imaging allows you to flip the image that you are embroidering so that it looks like a mirror image.


  • No Automatic Tension – The lack of a built-in automatic tension is inconvenient because if there is too much tension the thread will not be the proper tension and the stitches will be very tight. This can lead to skipped stitches and distorting of your project.

What kind of thread can I use with this machine?

You may use almost any kind of thread you would normally use with a regular sewing machine, but the most common are cotton, polyester, and nylon. 

Does this machine have an embroidery hoop?

Yes, the Baby Lock Accord sewing and embroidery machine comes with multiple hoops to suit your project. This machine offers a convenient hoop size Small 1″ x 2-1/2″ (20mm x 60mm) and Medium 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm)

Is there automatic tension in this machine?

No, there is no automatic tension in this machine, but you may adjust your tension by hand for more control over your stitches.

Baby Lock Verve

Baby Lock Verve Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Verve Sewing Machine

Baby Lock Verve has changed the way we think about sewing and embroidery. This machine is smaller, more compact, easier to use, and – most importantly – creates a stunningly beautiful project. The LCD screen is bright and clear, and the touch screen is responsive. There have been no instances at all of the machine freezing or locking up. It runs quietly, sews well, and has an awesome touchscreen feature to easily customize your sewing and embroidery projects.

Baby Lock Verve featured embroidery designs of various kinds. You can have multiple designs stored in the machine and use them as you wish, or if you are a beginner with sewing, you can select one of the many templates that include simple patterns for straight stitching. Most importantly, though, is the built-in embroidery library Baby Lock Verve comes equipped with 95 embroidery designs stocked on the machine.

This includes a variety of different stitchers and sewing styles. For example, they have t-shirt and shirt patterns so you can make matching shirts or baby clothes that match your outfit. You can even make your designs using their easy-to-use software interface and save them as an embroidery design to be used at a later time. Not to mention, they also have a big variety of patterns to choose from, as well as a variety of fonts.

Features of Baby Lock Verve

  • Sewing Speed: 850 SPM
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7 mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • Total Number Of Stitches: 191
  • Built-In Utility Stitches: 72
  • Number of One-Step Buttonholes: 10
  • Built-In Decorative Stitches: 41
  • LCD: 3.2” x 1.8” Color Touch Screen
  • Bobbin Winder: Built-in
  • Needle Threader: Built-in
  • Thread Cutter: Built-in
  • Tension System: Manual
  • Extension Table: Yes
  • LED Lighting
  • Variable Speed Control: Yes
  • USB Interface: Type A
  • Warranty: 25 Years


  • Large LCD – The touchscreen on this model is a whopping 3.2″ x 1.8″. Yes, it’s LARGE and CLEAR, just like the more expensive models! But at less than half the cost of similar machines, 
  • Embroidery Hoop – The Verve comes equipped with an embroidery hoop that allows the user to create larger designs using their machine and fabric combination of choice.
  • Extension Table – This machine has an extension table, a feature not often found on machines of this size. It allows the user to add an extension piece to their machine for increased efficiency and ease of use.
  • USB Interface – Although this machine is equipped with a very useful USB interface feature, allowing the user to connect their machine directly to a computer for easy transfer of files and other files. Thus, if you have saved embroidery designs on your computer, you can easily transfer them to your machine and start working on them right away.
  • 140 Frame Pattern – This model has an impressive 140 frame patterns built-in. This allows users to create more complex and intricate designs than prior models without having to rely on templates or sample images that contain smaller patterns.


  • No Free-Arm – If you’re looking for a free-arm, this model does not come equipped with a free-arm feature. 
  • No Knee Lifter – Baby Lock is not the only company that offers a knee lifter and it would have been nice to have included one on this model as well.

How do you wind the bobbin?

Instead of having an automatic winder, the Baby Lock Verve has a built-in winder to help avoid tangles. You can turn the winder knob by hand or the machine will automatically turn it for you when you begin sewing. This is incredibly helpful to reduce or eliminate tangles and keep your project moving along quickly and smoothly.

What is the maximum hoop size?

The Baby Lock Verve can stitch in a 4×4 hoop. It also comes with several built-in frames you can use if you are only looking to embroider a very small area.

Can I make my embroidery designs?

Yes, the Baby Lock Verve can import and export text and design files from your computer. You can make your designs for use on this machine. Be aware that since this machine does not have an automatic threader you will need to manually thread the machine for your designs.

Baby Lock Zest

Baby Lock Zest Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Zest Sewing Machine

I have researched many sewing machines that are appropriate for beginners and the Baby Lock Zest is the best one. This machine is perfect for any child who wants to begin the tedious work of sewing.

This model has a maximum stitch length of 4 mm and it has a four-step buttonhole which makes making buttonholes easy. Furthermore, this machine also has a built-in thread cutter which makes your life easier when threading as well as a tension system that is manual to make using it very easy.

It has a total of fifteen stitches that you can select from and the machine can sew on a variety of different fabrics. It also comes with four feet and it also comes with a built-in light which is perfect for working during the night.

This sewing machine is highly recommended by beginners as a starter machine. It has all the features that they need without being too confusing and difficult to use making it perfect for them. This sewing machine will make any child feel like they are learning how to sew when using it.

Features of Baby Lock Zest

  • Total Number Of Stitches: 15
  • Max Stitch Length: 4 mm
  • Number of Buttonholes: 1 Four-steps buttonhole
  • Needle Threader: Manual
  • Thread Cutter: Built-in
  • Tension System: Manual
  • Free Arm: Yes
  • Number Of Feet Included: 4
  • Weight: 13 lbs


  • Portable – The Baby Lock Zest is a portable sewing machine that you can take with you when traveling. Many other sewing machines are very heavy and difficult to transport so the fact that this one is easy to carry around is a great feature.
  • Easy to Use – Having an easy-to-use machine is very important when you buy a machine. This sewing machine makes it easy to use, it has a lot of features that even an adult can follow.
  • Free Arm – The Baby Lock Zest comes standard with the free arm so there are no extra costs for this feature and the fact that this is still a starter sewing machine is amazing.
  • Built-in Thread Cutter – The Baby Lock Zest has a built-in thread cutter which allows you to cut the thread in no time at all.


  • No Automatic Needle Threader – The Baby Lock Zest does not come with an automatic needle threader which makes it difficult for beginners to sewing.
  • No LCD – Another con that I have found on this sewing machine is that it does not come with an LCD screen. This is a very important feature to have as you can learn how to use the machine more easily when you have an LCD screen.

What fabric is this machine good at sewing?

The best fabrics for this machine are ones that are of medium weight. It can handle fabrics that are as thick as denim but it also does well with thinner ones like chiffon.

How many feet does it come with?

It comes with four feet which include an extension table, overcasting foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot. These feet will allow you to do a variety of different tasks with ease.

Baby Lock Jazz II

Baby Lock Jazz II Sewing Machine
Baby Lock Jazz II Sewing Machine

The Baby Lock Jazz II is a mid-priced sewing machine that’s perfect for any level of quilter – from beginner to experienced. It comes with all the features you’d expect to find on a more expensive machine, but without the high price tag. The removable, adjustable table is great for quilters who are working on larger projects. The built-in threader and bobbin winder are very helpful. 

Baby Lock Jazz II also featured a variety of different stitches and it produces precise, even stitches easily. The machine is lightweight and easy to operate, and the needles are adjustable. This makes it perfect for quilting or sewing. 

Baby Lock Jazz II is a sturdy machine with a long 25-year warranty and a large workspace that’s great if you have big projects to complete. It comes loaded with helpful features, and one of the best parts is that you don’t have to worry about the quality of your stitches. This sewing machine can handle everything from household repairs to quilting and other craft projects.

The Baby Lock Jazz II Sewing Machine is easy to use and has great features. It’s easy to navigate through the different dials, buttons, and settings so you can create your designs or simply follow a pre-set pattern. Overall, this is a very high-quality sewing machine that produces impressive results.

Features of Baby Lock Jazz II

  • Sewing Speed; 1,000 SPM
  • Max. stitch Width: 7 mm
  • Max. Stitch Length: 4 mm
  • Number of Stitches: 28
  • Thread Tension: Dial
  • Needle Threader: Built-in
  • Lightening: 6 LED lights
  • Pattern Selection: Dial
  • Bobbin Winder: Built-in
  • Reverse Sewing: Lever
  • Free arm: Yes
  • Extension Table: Yes
  • Warranty: 25 Years


  • Built-in Needle Threader – With the Baby Lock Jazz II, the built-in needle threader is a great feature that permanently attaches to the machine so you don’t have to search for a separate one.  
  • Thread Tension Dial – This dial allows you to adjust how tight or loose your machine’s tension is. This is vital when you are sewing different types of fabrics and the results may vary. 
  • Pattern Selection Dial – This allows you to choose one of the 28 built-in stitches and stitch it to the desired setting. It’s super easy to use, simply turn it around until the needle is snug against your fabric.
  • Extension Table and Free-Arm – With this machine, you have one additional option for holding your fabric. You can turn it into a free arm by removing the extension table and the machine will still sew with the same stitch settings. 
  • Stitch Length Adjustment Dial – You can change the stitch length from 0.0mm – 4.0mm with this dial on your sewing machine. 


  • No LCD – The LCD monitor is one of the main features you will want to consider when purchasing a sewing machine. This makes it easier to read your stitch patterns and colors without having to rely on the light on your machine. Without this, you’ll have to rely solely on your eyesight.

Can I use this for making quilts?

Yes, you can use this for quilting as well. It’s a great machine if you want to make a large quilt or want to do your piercing. It’s easy to work with and has a lot of features.

What is Baby Lock Jazz II unique selling point?

At its core, the Baby Lock Jazz II is an affordable sewing machine capable of producing high-quality results from a wide range of stitches, including buttonholes and quilting designs. The additional features are nice perks for quilters who sew for a living or enjoy home quilting projects more often.

Why Baby Lock is so famous?

There are many reasons why Baby Lock is such a popular brand, which we’ll break down here: 

Superior sewing quality -Baby Lock machines are built for superior quality sewing and offer a variety of stitches to suit any project or style.

Wide selection of models and features -Depending on your needs, there’s a model to fit from simple manual models to advanced computerized ones. Ones with all the bells and whistles will provide you with years of sewing enjoyment. 

Portability -If you’re looking for a machine that can easily be taken along to workshops or classes, Baby Lock can accommodate you.

Service and support -The Baby Lock service center is located in the USA, so you can be rest assured you’re dealing with a reputable company. 

Baby Lock has been around for over 50 years (since 1964), so when you purchase one of their machines, know that you are buying into a well-established brand. So whether it’s for a new hobby or to quilt your next masterpiece, we have the right machine at the right price.

FAQ about Baby Lock Sewing Machines

How Much Does Baby Lock Sewing Machines Cost?

Although sewing machines vary greatly in price, there is generally a minimum amount you should spend on your new machine. In general, you can expect to pay between $100 and $400 for a simple manual model that will only be used on light to medium-weight fabrics. Moving up to a computerized or variations of those models will cost more money, usually for a minimum of $600 per machine.

Are Baby Lock Sewing Machines Good?

Baby Lock machines are one of the most trusted brands in the sewing industry. They have a long history of building solid and dependable machines, and their products are well-known in quilting, embroidery, and more. Baby Lock is the first brand under the “Baby Lock” name to have machines made outside of North America. The different lines all retain many of the same features and provide excellent sewing performance at a reasonable price.

Are Baby Lock Sewing Machines Made By Brother?

Baby Lock Sewing Machines are not manufactured by Baby Lock. Baby Lock used to manufacture their sewing machine in history but currently, they do not have any production plant. They get their sewing machines manufactured by Brother while they have an agreement with some other companies also who manufacture Baby Lock Quilting, Embroidery Machines, and Sergers. So yes, we can say that Baby Lock Sewing Machines are made by Brother.

Final Thoughts

They are cheap and good at the same time. They are good for those people who want to do some sewing without spending a lot of money on a sewing machine. These sewing machines come with all the features that you will ever need to give your sewing projects a look that is professionally done.

So after reading through this article we hope you found the perfect machine for your needs. But just to make sure you didn’t miss any details.



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