Best Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine (Top 6 Picks)

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Sewing and embroidery machines are produced by companies around the world. There are many different brands available, ranging from entry-level to high-end. A sewing machine has a few parts that make it work including the needle and thread as well as extra parts to help protect the seam in a project such as zippers or buttons. Not all sewing machines are created equal, but all have one thing in common – they assist you in creating your creative projects.

But, Husqvarna Viking sewing machines go beyond and do more than just assist!

We can divide the Husqvarna Viking sewing machine into two categories: basic sewing machines and professional sewing machines. Both varieties have some distinct differences and it can be difficult to know which one you need in the specific category before purchasing a machine and setting out on a project.

Basic sewing models are designed to be lighter and portable, while professional sewing machines are designed with heavier use in mind. This can be quite a difference when it comes to choosing the right machine that will fit your needs.

Professional sewing machines by Husqvarna typically come in larger sizes than basic sewing machines and can be much more durable. Some might even have extra features such as being able to connect to an embroidery machine or serger. While some industrial machines trade portability for size, others still have the ability to be moved from place to place for those who need a durable model that is still portable.

Husqvarna Sewing Machine offers many different types of machines. There are several different types of industrial models designed for heavy-duty use. They come in a variety of sizes and some come with embroidery as well. The Industrial line is also able to be found at some home stores that only sell Husqvarna products, so you can find the machine that fits your needs easily if you do not have access to an official Husqvarna dealer.

If you are looking for a lighter model, then there are some basic models.

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List of Best Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines in 2022

There is a list of some best picks of Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines.

  1. Husqvarna Designer Epic 2
  2. Husqvarna Epic 980Q
  3. Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118
  4. Husqvarna Viking H Class E10
  5. Husqvarna Viking Jade 20
  6. Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade 35

Husqvarna Designer Epic 2

The Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 is a high-performing sewing machine with all of the features you want and need. The wonder of technology can help out as well, as it has an intuitive operating system that will guide you through your projects. It comes with several features, such as advanced embroidery features. This feature makes it possible to sew and embroider simultaneously.

Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 has an upgraded bobbin that is perfectly suited for your sewing needs. It also comes with mySewnet Library capabilities, allowing you to connect to online resources that will help you create a masterpiece in no time. It boasts an ultra-fast 1000 stitches per minute with over 750 built in embroidery designs, giving you the means to create the best projects possible. Its unique feature called the “Project Creator” allows you to access free downloadable patterns, articles, podcasts, and much more from the internet at any time.

Just like other machines from the manufacturer, the Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 provides a large working area, which allows you to easily handle multiple types of projects. Its 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen makes it easier for you to access your projects and design more effectively. It also comes with a 9mm stitch width to give your work professional look.

The machine boasts an integrated bobbin winder that allows for easy threading, as well as a digital needle up/down indicator that will ensure that you do not over or under-thread your sewing machine. It has a lot of other features such as an automatic threader, needle up/down indicator, 10.1-inch display as well as a firewall protection system. The machine can be easily handled with a wide range of accessories. Such accessories include quilting foot, bobbins, and more.

The sophisticated design of this machine makes it possible to handle your projects with ease. It is easy to set up when you are just learning how to sew, making it possible for you to complete much on your sewing projects in the shortest time possible. It also comes with an auto-winding feature that helps you save a lot of time in threading and has a lot other features that will make your embroidery experience fun and productive at the same time.

Features of Husqvarna Designer Epic 2

  • Embroidery Speed up to 1,000 SPM
  • Over 840 Stitches
  • 6 Sewing Alphabets
  • 37 Needle Positions
  • Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors
  • Bobbin Winding Through the Needle
  • Larger Bobbin
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader
  • 10.1” Capacitive Touch Tablet-Like Screen
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes
  • Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance
  • Large Working Area – More than 12” (310mm)
  • Wide, Decorative 9mm Stitches
  • Stitch Balance for Multi-Directional Stitches
  • Two USB Ports
  • On-Screen Embroidery Design Customizing
  • Complimentary Computer Software Download
  • Reads Multiple Design Formats
  • Advanced mySewnet Library
  • Connectivity with the mySewnet Cloud
  • Automatic Wireless Machine Update


  • Bobbin Winding Through the Needle – It is a very useful feature because it helps you save time and has been designed to be easy to use. Regular bobbin winding takes time that can be wasted by beginners.
  • Larger Bobbin – It has a larger bobbin that makes it easier for you to handle multiple sewing projects at the same time. You will also have plenty of thread with this machine as well, which you can use for different types of projects.
  • Automatic Needle Threader – This feature helps you save time because it automatically counts how many stitches are made per pull of the thread.
  • 10.1” Touch Screen – The touch screen allows you to be more creative in your designs. It also helps you to access your designs easier, as you can use the touch screen to retrieve them.
  • Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance – This feature is very useful in helping you improve your sewing skills because it will guide and direct you as you work on a creative project.
  • On-Screen Embroidery Design Customizing – This feature is useful because it allows users to view different patterns that are available for download at any given time.


  • Expensive – This is one of the most expensive models that you can purchase. However, it is a very high-performing sewing machine that will be able to help you in a wide range of projects. The pricing is well worth it if you consider the fact that it will also help you save time, as well as other users, are pointing out.

What size is the embroidery area? Is it smaller than average?

The embroidery area of this machine is 12 inches, which is enough for home embroidery sewing projects. What you want to consider to make sure this machine fits your needs as well as your budget, is the type of fabric you use and the size of your sewing project.

What is the size of the screen on Husqvarna Designer Epic 2?

The screen of this sewing machine measures 10.1 inches and is a touch screen that makes it possible to access your designs and other information with ease.

Does Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 sewing machine come with a case?

This machine comes with a soft-sided case that you can easily carry around to your next embroidery project. It makes it easier for you to transport and protects your sewing machine as well as additional accessories such as a foot pedal. 

Husqvarna Epic 980Q

The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q has been a fantastic machine. I’ve been able to work on some very complicated and intricate projects with a variety of different fabrics, including knits. The electronic interface is super simple and the ability to see the measurements on the screen makes it easy for me to see exactly where to place my stitches without having to take my head away from the machine.

The bobbin winding feature is great, as well. I have had other machines where you have to pop the top to wind the bobbin and then you have to deal with keeping track of a tiny screwdriver. This is one of the biggest reasons I wanted a Husqvarna Viking because there are no extra parts involved in winding the bobbin. You simply slide open the door on the side and slide your bobbin in, close it and you’re ready to go.

The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q also has some really neat stitch options that make it really easy to work with knits, including appliqué. I have worked with quite a few different fabrics and I will say that it’s no problem to use any of those materials in your projects.

Overall, this is a fantastic machine, the kind of machine you want in your sewing studio whether you are a beginner or an expert seamstress. It really has everything you could want in a sewing machine, especially for those working with knits and other fabrics that are more difficult to work with using traditional sewing machines.

Features of Husqvarna Epic 980Q


  • 10.1” Touch Screen 
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • 30% Larger Bobbin
  • Ability to Use Large Thread Cones
  • Thread Path For Bobbin Winding
  • Two Reverse Buttons
  • Theme Stitches
  • Bobbin Winding Through Needle
  • Bobbin Cover is Now Inserted In Stitch Plate
  • Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot Included
  • Re-Designed Graphic User Interface
  • Two USB Ports
  • Largest Working Area 12.2” X 5.5”
  • Automatic Synchronization And Software
  • Updates Through Wifi
  • Thread Portioning/Thread Tension
  • Exclusive Sensor System Technology


  • Large Touch Screen – The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q has the largest touch screen on any sewing machine. The 10.1” screen is large enough for you to view all the extra features on the digital interface such as the Dimensional Stitches, Theme Stitches, and much more.
  • Automatic Needle Threader – The Automatic Needle Threader on the HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q is automatic and it’s a huge timesaver. You never have to worry about threading your machine again.
  • Larger Bobbin – The bobbin on the HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q is 30% larger than traditional bobbins, so you don’t have to keep rewinding your bobbin when you’re working on longer projects.
  • Two USB Ports – The two USB ports make it super easy to transfer designs directly from your computer or other electronic devices right onto your sewing machine. 
  • Largest Working Area – The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q has the largest working area of any sewing machine on the market at 12.2” x 5.5”. If you have a bulky project that needs to be worked on by yourself, the large working area makes it easy to get all your work done. 
  • Automatic Synchronization And Software Updates – The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q has the easiest way to automatically receive software updates, as well as automatic synchronization of designs. You can access software updates and synchronization features through the Husqvarna App which is available for download in the Husqvarna App Store.
  • Updates Through Wifi – The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q has the ability through Wifi to automatically receive and download software updates with ease.


  • No Automatic Thread Tension – The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q does not have the ability to automatically set the thread tension for you, which can make it difficult for users who are new to sewing.

Does HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q work with any computers as other machines?

Yes. The HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q will work with a Mac or PC. It does not come with a computer, but that is something you need to purchase separately.

Is it possible to set the speed of the HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q?

Yes, the HUSQVARNA VIKING Epic 980Q has an electronic speed control which easily allows you to set your speed.

Can you use it as a quilting machine?

Yes! This is one of the easiest sewing machines out there for quilting fabrics, especially with its automatic needle threader and adjustable depth settings for pressing seams open. It also has some great stitch options like the “Dimensional Stitches” that makes working with heavier fabrics easier to work with and sew down into place.

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118

The Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 is a modern sewing machine “. It is sturdy, reliable, and has many added features such as an easy-to-read Sewing Guide Reference Chart, needle threader, and more. Such features make the machine easy to use and perfect for beginners and avid sewers alike. The machine functions are user-friendly and not over complicated, making the sewing process simple and enjoyable.

With 70 stitch functions, the Emerald 118 will allow you to create a beautiful and unique garment that is completely personalized by only you. Even if you have never sewed before, the machine has a one-step buttonhole as well as various attachments for quilting, dressmaking, and other sewing needs.

The Emerald 118 has a variety of snap-on/off presser feet and is capable of adjusting the stitch length and width. The presser foot pressure can be adjusted manually with a dial control or automatically by sensing the fabric weight which is extremely helpful for different fabrics such as multiple layers of thick fabric or dragging your foot while walking.

For easy threading, the machine has a built-in needle threader – an extremely helpful feature as it allows you to have 2 hands-frees so that you can focus on your sewing task without fretting about running out of material. Perfect for beginners or avid sewers alike, the Emerald 118 features numerous accessories that are available if your sewing style changes or is developed.

Features of Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118

  • 70 Stitch Functions
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width
  • Max 5 mm Stitch Width
  • Max 4 mm Stitch Length
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
  • One-step Buttonhole
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Built-in Ruler
  • Hard Cover
  • Rotary Hook System
  • Needle Stop up/down
  • Electric Speed Control


  • 70 Stitch Functions – The Emerald 118 has a variety of stitch functions for a variety of styles. From stretchy stitches to flat-felled seams, this sewing machine offers stitch options for an endless amount of designs.
  • Electric Speed Control – The Electric Speed Control allows you to adjust the speed of your sewing machine in order to sew at a steady pace and help prevent excessive stitching or fraying, both of which can lead to rips and tears in your sewing projects.
  • Built-in Needle Threader – The Built-in Needle Threader allows you to thread your sewing needle with ease and rest assured that there is no need to get out of the chair or stand on a stool.
  • Hard Cover – The hard cover protects your sewing machine from dust as well as other external factors, making it more damage-resistant. 
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width – To help give your sewing projects a professional look, this machine is capable of performing stitch lengths ranging from 1 to 4 mm and widths ranging from 0 to 5 mm.


  • Heavy – The sewing machine is a bit heavy at 16 pounds, so it can be challenging for some to move or use.

How does the Emerald 118 Sewing Machine work?

The Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 is an electric machine, it functions in a very simple way. you push the button that says “Start/Stop” after which it is ready to work on your project.

Is Emerald 18 the best sewing machine for beginners?

The Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118 sewing machine is good for beginners as it has an easy-to-read Sewing Guide reference chart, needle threader, and built-in needle stop. These features make the machine easier to use, making your stitching experience more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Husqvarna Viking H Class E10

The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 is a reliable sewing machine with a multitude of features and accessories. The stitches are nice and neat and the cover that comes with it will protect the machine from being touched by other people which can cause damage. It is also very easy to thread and has a stitch selection for every occasion whether you want to create clothing, gifts, or home decor. This sewing machine will provide years of enjoyment for anyone looking for an easy way to improve their crafty skills.

The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 features 21 fun and practical stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches,  and an easy 4-step buttonhole. The machine also comes with 5 extra accessories to ensure you can continue to improve your sewing abilities. It is great for beginners or for people who already sew and want something to enhance their sewing skills. This sewing machine will provide you with years of sewing enjoyment.

The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 is a nice basic sewing machine to get anyone started as it has all the features that are needed in a standard sewing machine. This sewing machine would make a great gift for someone who wants to start learning how to sew or even just someone who enjoys doing arts and crafts.

Features of Husqvarna Viking H Class E10

  • 21 Decorative and Practical Stitches
  • Easy Stitch Selection
  • 1 Four-Step Buttonhole
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Maximum Stitch Length 4mm
  • 5 Extra Accessories Included
  • Soft Cover Included


  • Easy to Use – The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 is a great beginner sewing machine for anyone who wants to get started. The features include 19 built-in stitches, a 4-step buttonhole, and a simple stitch selection that allows you to select the right stitch for any occasion.
  • Portable – This easy-to-use sewing machine can be easily carried around to sew at home or anywhere else. It comes with an easy carry handle and is lightweight so that you can take it anywhere and still be able to use it with ease.
  • Built-in Needle Threader – The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 also comes with a built-in needle threader which makes it even easier for someone to be able to easily thread the machine.
  • Easy Stitch Selection – This easy-to-use sewing machine has a simple stitch selection so you won’t have to go searching for the correct stitch.


  • No LCD – The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 does not have an LCD screen which makes it difficult to see.
  • No Automatic Thread Cutter – The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 is missing the automatic thread cutter so you will have to manually cut the thread before you can re-thread the machine.

Is this machine easy to use?

Yes, the HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 is a really simple sewing machine to use. The instructions that come with it are clear and easy to follow along, and it only takes minutes to get started using the machine. You can be up and sewing your own clothes or gifts in no time!

Is this machine durable?

The HUSQVARNA VIKING H CLASS E10 is a very durable sewing machine. It has a sturdy frame and all the parts are made to last a long time. The machine is also covered by an extra protective casing so it won’t get damaged if it gets knocked around or touched by other people who don’t know how to properly use a sewing machine. It will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Husqvarna Viking Jade 20

The HUSQVARNA VIKING JADE 20 sewing machine is a great addition to any crafters’ studio. It has all the basic features that one needs in order to get started sewing and it also includes many convenient features like the start/stop feature, speed control, and 7 snap-on presser feet.

The JADE20 is available with 82 built-in stitches so that there are more than enough stitch patterns for beginners and for people who have more experience. The sewing machine also has a needle threader, an automatic bobbin winder, the ability to sew without using the foot pedal, and much more.

The accessories of the machine are nice and have a variety of styles, designs, and colors to choose from. The machine comes with 7 snap-on presser feet to use with different sewing techniques, including but not limited to decorative stitching, buttonhole stitching, and zipper stitching. The machine also has an accessory compartment in the lid where you can keep all the other accessories that you might need.

Although the sewing machine looks modern and sleek it is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly design and it really does not take much time for most sewers to become familiar with it because there are so many features.

Features of Husqvarna Viking Jade 20

  • 200mm Sewing Space
  • 82 Beautiful 7mm Wide Stitches
  • One-Step Buttonholes
  • Free Motion With Any Stitch
  • Mirror Image Side-To-Side
  • 29 Needle Positions
  • 7 Husqvarna Viking Original Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Speed Control
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • View Presser Foot Recommendation
  • LED Display
  • Bobbin Winds From The Needle
  • LED Lights


  • Extension Table – Allows for sewing longer sizes without the need to purchase an extra accessory.
  • Free Motion Stitch – Creates a variety of decorative stitches including X-stitch, French Knots, and cording.
  • Mirror Image – This allows for a much better view of what your sewing machine is doing, especially when sewing tricky fabrics such as knits or cotton.
  • Speed Control – Allows for easily adjusting the speed of your sewing machine based on your skill level and personal preference.


  • No Automatic Thread Cutter – This machine does not have an automatic thread cutter.
  • No LCD – This sewing machine does not have an LCD screen that shows information such as the number of stitches, stitch settings, and stitch length settings.

Where can I purchase the HUSQVARNA VIKING JADE 20?

You can purchase the machine at local stores, such as Walmart and Target, or online. You can also order one cheaper at Amazon and have it shipped to your home. The parts are cheap though, so you might want to find a local dealer and buy them there instead of online.

What do the different buttons on the sewing machine do?

The functions on these buttons vary from one model to another but in general, they are., stitch size, stitch length and width, adjustable presser foot pressure, speed control, and a button that lets you choose between different stitches.

Who is the machine best suited for?

The machine is great for practicing seamstresses and newcomers to sewing. It has most of the basic features, making it perfect for those who want to learn how to sew without spending too much money on an expensive model. The machine is also great as a backup in case your main sewing machine goes out of order. All in all this machine works well with kids and adults alike.

Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade 35

The DESIGNER JADE 35 sewing and embroidery machine. It has a beautiful, sleek, and modern design while also being powerful and efficient. The LED screen is crystal clear, with the stitches displayed in real-time. It’s so easy to set up, the Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR will set the embroidery unit up for you.  with the Embroidery Edit function, one click and you’ll have access to backgrounds, lettering,  and borders.

The machine works really quickly. If you want to go faster, the machine has a high-speed function, which will make it go even quicker. The availability of accessories is also very important to me and the DESIGNER JADE 35 sewing and embroidery machine comes with lots of extra plates so that you can easily change between different models. 

The SEWING ADVISOR is an excellent feature. It’s so easy to get any project started. the built-in buttonhole cutting feature on this machine works by creating a buttonhole stitch pattern on the hoop, once you have the design where you want it. 

The DESIGNER JADE 35 sewing and embroidery machine truly is the designer’s machine. From stitches to quilts, this sewing and embroidery machine can sew large areas with amazing speed! This machine is truly ideal for all decorating enthusiasts who need a fast, comfortable and efficient sewing and embroidery solution for their home décor projects.

Features of Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade 35

  • Large Sewing Surface 200mm (Almost 8″)
  • 120 Beautiful 7mm Wide Stitches
  • One-Step Buttonholes
  • 2 Sewing Fonts
  • Free Motion With Any Stitch
  • Top Thread Sensor
  • 29 Needle Positions
  • Large Embroidery Area 240x150mm (9½″x6″)
  • 70 Embroidery Designs
  • 1 Embroidery Font In Three Different Sizes
  • USB Embroidery Stick
  • Rotate Design 90º
  • Automatic Thread Tension
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Speed Control
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Graphic Display
  • Twin Needle Safety
  • Bobbin Winds From The Needle
  • LED Lights
  • Designer Jewel Hoop 240x150mm


  • Automatic Thread Tension – Keeps track of the amount of thread you’re using. When you start a new project, it will automatically adjust to the correct tension for that project.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter – This feature will make sure your threads are always cut exactly where you want them.
  • Graphic Display – Shows how many stitches have not been embroidered and also how many stitches have been embroidered. There is a button at the side with a load of different symbols so you can see what has been embroidered without having to turn the machine off and on again. It gives you the option of seeing how long it’s going to take to embroider a particular design or project.
  • Bobbin Winds From The Needle – Makes filling bobbins quick and easy. without breaking the flow of sewing.
  • USB Embroidery Stick – You can put your embroidery designs onto a USB stick, which means you can take them from your home computer to the machine. Press the button and away you go.


  • Little Loud – the only downside is, this sewing machine is quite loud while stitching.

How does DESIGNER JADE 35 compare to other sewing machines?

In the same price range, the DESIGNER JADE 35 sewing and embroidery machine is faster than most other embroidery machines on the market. It can stitch up to 30 stitches per second, which is better than most of its competitors. Not only that, but it can also reach a maximum stitch width of 7mm.

How much fabric can DESIGNER JADE 35 sew?

The DESIGNER JADE 35 sewing and embroidery machine has a 200mm (almost 8 inches) wide fabric area, which makes it ideal for large jobs. This makes it different from most other embroidery machines, which usually seem to have smaller fabric areas.

How easy is it to learn on this model?

This sewing and embroidery machine has many useful features that make it easy for beginners to learn. Firstly, the machine has a built-in needle threader, which takes the stress out of threading the needle – great for beginners! It also has a one-step buttonhole feature, which cuts out the hard work of creating buttonholes.

What is its functionality like with this sewing machine? 

The DESIGNER JADE 35 sewing and embroidery machine can sew up to 120 built-in stitches at 7mm wide, whilst all needles come with 29 positions. It comes with a unique recommended sewing surface of 200mm, which makes it perfect for quilting and large projects.

Are Husqvarna Sewing Machines Good?

You will not find a more efficient or productive machine for your home and professional use which is not manufactured in China or any other Asian country. But You will be amazed at how easy it is to sew a straight line and how even the most difficult fabrics are handled, including those with tight weaves.

With the Sewing Advisor, easy set-up and effective use are just a turn of the dial away. and the Info display you’ll have all the tools available at your fingertips when you need them—and you’ll never miss one again.

Are Husqvarna Sewing Machines Still Made in Sweden?

Yes, all products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sweden. This means that we have the ability to control each step from development to production and from delivery to installation through our global network of partners, distributors, and service outlets. Husqvarna Viking sewing machines are not manufactured in China but are still made 100% with Swedish quality parts and materials. Husqvarna stands behind its products wherever they’re purchased.

Final Thoughts

Husqvarna sewing machines are made in Sweden with great quality and reliable performance. They are a good investment if you got the money but good quality sewing machines last for a long time. Husqvarna models are made with high precision, and they have been voted as one of the best on the internet. We have mentioned some of the great sewing machines of Husqvarna above, so if you are in search of the best sewing machines, then go through the detailed reviews and make your decision.

But, still, if you want to have a clear option then you can consider Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 2 as an ultimate option for sewing, quilting, and embroidery. And, Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade 35 is the best home sewing machine by Husqvarna Viking.

Thank you for making this to an end. Comment below, why do you love your Husqvarna?



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