What Color Shirt Goes With Your Blue Shorts? (25 Best Ideas)

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Happy summer! The season of sunshine, beaches, and having fun in the swimming pool. What better time to find out what color shirt you should wear with your new blue shorts? And also to figure out what color shirt to wear with your navy blue shorts and your baby blue shorts. Right?

Cute little shirts which make you look like a little kid. Good for sleepwear, pajamas, bedtime, and that special occasion when you really need to look cute.

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Types Of Shorts For Men

There are many different kinds of shorts for men. Shorts have been around for centuries and are used on different occasions. The most common use of shorts is for sports, however, shorts are also great for casual wear. Shorts have a variety of uses depending on the occasion and the wearer’s personality. There are many different styles of shorts such as athletic shorts, board shorts, cargo shorts, and swim trunks.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are the type of short that is worn when surfing and other extreme sports. They are also called swim trunks, surf trunks or resort wear. These shorts are very baggy and meant to be worn in the water and not just to show off on the beach. 

These shorts have a button fly (the button and zipper fly option) which helps you get in and out of these pants easily over wet skin or heavy wetsuits. They also keep you from getting your hands dirty when trying to get the shorts off after getting out of the water. 

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are the shorts that you will see younger kids wearing. They are a little more baggy than board shorts but still have the same look. They are made from cotton or polyester and usually have an elasticized waistband which helps them snugly fit your body, especially around the waist. 

Most cargo shorts have pockets on the front of them, which is great for carrying small objects around with you. These shorts are loose fitting in order to allow you to be more active when wearing them. Cargo shorts come in a variety of different colors and patterns, as well as being able to purchase them in different materials depending on your preference.

Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts, also called track pants or sweatpants, are the type of shorts that you will see people wearing when they’re going to the gym or out for a jog.

Athletic shorts are usually made from nylon or spandex, making them lightweight and breathable. There is an elasticized waistband that helps keep them in place and keeps you comfortable on your run, bike ride, hike or other sports activity.

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are the type of shorts that you would wear at the beach or in a pool. They are usually made out of a polyester and spandex mixture, making them lightweight as well as flexible and comfortable. 

They have an elasticized waistband and some have drawstring waists, which allows you to adjust the size and keep them secure on your body. The design is similar to board shorts but they sometimes have an opening on the bottom of the leg to allow your legs to move freely in the water.

What Color Shirt Goes With Your Blue Shorts?

I wanted to see what color shirt went best with my blue shorts, so I went through my closet, my sewing fabric stash, the store, and finally the internet.

In this article, we will discuss a few colors of shirts that go well with the color blue. We will also discuss how you can carry them off and what tops go best with your new blue shorts.

We will also discuss some ideas for wearing a shirt with blue shorts that I hope you may not know yet. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Blue Shorts Outfit

A blue shirt can be paired with any type of shorts. However, a sky blue shirt makes a good combination with sky blue shorts for an easy-going summer outfit as it looks coolly trendy. A navy blue shirt complements navy and baby blue shorts by making them look dark and regal, while a baby blue shirt makes the baby blue shorts look fresh and simple.

  1. Blue Swim Trunks Or Swim Briefs

A white shirt or a sky blue shirt is the perfect outfit for wearing at the beach. If you want to make your look more daring, go for a black or red shirt that has a touch of blue in it.

  1. Light Blue Shorts

A white shirt in a soft, sheer fabric not only looks good with white pants or denim shorts, but also complements blue swim trunks or swim briefs. An all-black outfit also goes well with navy blue shorts and works well for both short men and slim women. 

  1. Navy Shorts Men

A dark red shirt contrasts well with navy and baby blue shorts, giving them a sophisticated appearance. If you want to give off a more youthful and relaxed vibe, go for a light red shirt instead.

  1. With Black Shorts

Black shorts work well with almost every shirt color. If you want to add a little zing to your outfit, go for a yellow or orange shirt for some contrast. You can also pair a blue striped shirt with black shorts for a slightly daring look.

  1. Blue Athletic Shorts

A light blue shirt is the best choice for wearing with your blue athletic shorts, as it gives you a fresh and relaxed look. A white shirt can also be paired with blue athletic shorts for a trendy summer look.

  1. Light Blue Shorts

Wear a dark red shirt like the one above with light purple shorts for a look that is structured and not overly delicate. A sky blue shirt goes well with denim, baby, or sky blue shorts for an easy-going summer ensemble that resembles the coolness of winter.

  1. Olive-Colored Shorts

Olive-colored shirts like the one above will match any type of shorts and give you a classic, smart look that stands out in a crowd. A redshirt also looks good with olive or khaki shorts, while a blue shirt goes well with denim shorts.

  1. With Denim Shorts

Denim shirts are best suited for wearing with denim shorts, although they also go well with beige, khaki, and olive shorts.

  1. Sky Blue Shorts

A sky blue shirt goes well with sky blue swim trunks or swim briefs, giving you the ultimate beach look. Also, a white shirt gives you a neat and refreshing summer look that is perfect for any type of shorts, including khaki and light green ones.

  1. Blue Chino Shorts

A white shirt that is crisp and fresh-looking works well with blue chino shorts on both men and women. If you have olive shorts, a khaki shirt will look great with it. A yellow shirt looks trendy when paired with jeans or denim shorts for women.

  1. Baby Blue Shorts

While a light gray shirt is a perfect match for denim shorts, it also works well with baby blue shorts to infuse them with an air of refinement and elegance. A black shirt also creates a sophisticated look when paired with baby blue shorts.

  1. With Dark Blue Shorts

If you have dark blue athletic or workout shorts, an all-black outfit is the best option to wear it with. If you want to wear your dark blue shorts with a colored shirt, choose a shirt in a lighter shade than the shorts.

  1. With Blue Plaid Shorts

Blue plaid shirts provide the contrast required to compliment blue plaid shorts. It is also best suited for denim shorts and light-colored athletic shorts. A white shirt with vertical stripes works well with both denim and blue denim shorts, while a light blue shirt looks good with both khaki shorts and light-colored athletic shorts.

  1. With Blue High Waisted Shorts

A light blue shirt that is slightly bluish in color gives off a casual, yet stylish vibe. A medium-dark blue shirt will look good with your sky blue swim trunks or briefs such as light green shorts. A white shirt will look fresh and cool when worn with a pair of khaki shorts for women.

  1.  Blue Shorts For Girls

A white shirt or blue shirt goes well with denim shorts for girls. You can also wear white or blue shorts with a yellow shirt for a summery look. As for khaki swim trunks or swim briefs, a gray shirt works well with them.

  1. Turquoise Blue Shorts with White Shirt

A light-blue shirt with white polka dots looks good when worn with turquoise blue swim trunks or swim briefs for a cool, fresh look. The same goes for a light-blue shirt that is paired with white short denim shorts and has a pair of dark blue shoes on it.

  1. With Denim Shorts and Swim Trunks

A white shirt can also be paired with green shorts and gives you an easygoing, laidback look that works in any season.

  1. Blue Cargo Shorts

A light blue shirt with a hint of yellow is perfect for wearing with white shorts or denim shorts. A dark blue shirt will work well with denim shorts, khaki shorts and beige and olive swim trunks or swim briefs.

  1. Blue Pleated Shorts

A white shirt is the most versatile choice for wearing with turquoise blue swim trunks and turquoise blue swim briefs. You can also wear a turquoise shirt, as long as it’s not too bright or flashy.

  1. With Blue Swim Trunks and Swim Briefs

A white shirt that is matched with light green shorts gives you a casual look that is perfect for wearing at the beach. Also, a grey shirt looks cool when worn with navy blue shorts or denim shorts.

  1. Khaki Short

A white shirt is the best choice if you have khaki shorts, as it gives off an energetic and sporty vibe. You can also wear a sky blue shirt with khaki shorts for a relaxed and comfortable look.

  1. Light Blue Jean Shorts

A white shirt is the most versatile option for wearing with denim shorts for both young and mature men. A blue shirt with vertical stripes or a striped shirt of another color creates a classic and timeless look that is perfect for spring and summer, no matter what your age is.

  1. With Light Blue Shorts

A white shirt or a light blue shirt is best for wearing with your light blue swim trunks or swim briefs. A dark blue shirt that is of a darker shade than your shorts will pair well with them, as will a dark gray shirt that has a touch of blue to it.

  1. Blue Female Shorts

A black shirt with a touch of blue will look good with your navy blue shorts. It also works well with denim shorts and light green fabric swim trunks or swims briefs. 

A plain white shirt looks great if paired with denim shorts, light green swim trunks, or swim briefs. A striped shirt that is black and white will complement your navy blue long johns and beige swimming trunks very well.

The Most Popular Colors For Men’s Shirts: White & Blue

For summer wear, white shirts and white shorts are not a good combination. Men’s white clothes aren’t very comfortable to wear because they are not breathable.

Shorts come in a variety of fabrics, weights, and styles. The most popular fabric is cotton, especially for swimming and beach shorts.

This means that blue shirts, worn with blue shorts, will often either clash or look too formal, depending on the style of the shirt you choose. In some cases, the blue may be only slightly different from your swimsuit, which can be challenging to match. As for girls, usually, only white or black shorts are worn. However, girls often wear colors like blue, but this is very rare. The same applies to guys too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a Black Shirt and Blue Shorts match?

It all depends on the blue or black color of your shirt. If you have a deep, rich navy blue shirt and your blue shorts are just one color, such as royal sky blue, then it will work.

On the contrary, if your shirt is closer to a light navy or sky blue and your shorts are a deeper shade of navy or sky blue, then the two colors will clash.

Is it okay to wear Brown Shoes with Blue Pants?

Brown shoes go well with any color of pants, but they can clash if the pants are too close to the same color. If you wear the pants and match them with brown shoes, then your pants will not clash with your shoes.

What is the Best Type of Shirt to wear with Blue Shorts?

The best way to wear a shirt is by matching it with your shorts. For instance, if you have light blue shorts, then choose a light blue shirt to match it up.

What to wear with Black Shorts?

Now that you have the black and white picture of the day, the best thing to look at is what to wear with black shorts. Remember that your fashion choices are crucial if you want to look great. Thus, it’s important to know what not to wear with black shorts.

Shirts: polo shirts, button-down shirts and polos will sometimes be worn as a top layer on a casual day out with friends. However, as a general rule, t-shirts are better for layering than dressy shirts.

Should I wear Shorts or Pants every day?

The answer to that question depends on the weather. In general, pants are more appropriate if the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius.

Is it okay to wear Black Shoes with Black Pants?

The best colors for shoes to go with black pants are brown, white, and tan. Wearing any of these colors will ensure that your shoes and pants match as well as they can.

Shortest shorts ever worn?

A person’s height and the styles in fashion determine whether a clothing item is appropriate or not. So, it’s okay to wear short shorts if you are under 5’10” and they are currently in fashion.

Although some people don’t wear shorts any shorter than 3/4 inches below their knees, others choose to go as far as mid-thigh. Again, this depends on the person and his or her comfort level.

What matches with gray shorts?

The best colors to match with gray shorts are black, white, or khaki. These colors go with everything and complete any outfit a man wears beautifully.

What is the Best Way to Match Shorts with Socks?

There isn’t a rule that says you have to wear socks when wearing shorts, but it is a look that isn’t very common in the mainstream fashion world at the moment. Some people think it looks odd, while others think it looks fashionable and cool.

What to wear with Khaki Shorts?

Khaki shorts are a staple for spring and summer wardrobes, so what can you wear with khaki shorts? The answer depends on the occasion, but luckily there are many options that go well with khaki shorts. As a general rule, lighter colored clothing looks best when paired with darker-colored clothing while darker colors should be used to tone down light or very colorful clothing pieces.

Why can’t I wear Shorts and a T-Shirt?

The answer to that question is simple. Shorts were not originally designed to be worn with shirts. However, the style has become popular in some parts of the world, but it is still not widely accepted.

What is the Best Way to Match Shorts with a Pendant?

There are some types of pendants that go best with shorts and others that don’t work as well with them. Remember to choose a pendant that won’t look strange or out of place when you wear it with your shorts.

What is the Best Way to Match Shorts with a Tank Top?

There are many ways to match shorts with a tank top. Tank tops can be matched with shorts as long as they aren’t too casual or revealing. Also, the shorts should fit in well with the rest of your outfit.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best way to match shorts with a shirt is by choosing a shirt that is not too bold or big and selecting shorts that are in the same color family. The tighter the fit of both pieces, the more likely they will match wonderfully.

Hopefully, the guide about shorts and shirts will help you choose your outfit on a day-to-day basis. It is better to wear buttoned-up shirts than shorts, as it keeps you from displaying all your skin. Also, blue and green colors are quite a popular choice for short men to wear.



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